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Attractions to Cover In Lviv

It surely does come off as a surprise to most people that Lviv’s flag flew up high way before Kyiv, it’s the capital city. Adding more facts, Lviv is the only city in Ukraine where the Ukrainian language is most frequently and commonly spoken in. Located in western Ukraine, this old city is undoubtedly its cultural capital. To make it more clear, Lviv is equivalent to Saint Petersburg in Russia. The most lively city in Ukraine although during medieval times it had a wide mixture of cultures and people living here while it was the capital of the Galicia region. Let’s find out more about the attractions to cover here in Lviv that will make your visit a memorable one.

Top Attractions to Cover In Lviv

Climb Up The High Castle During Sunset:

Located on top of the Castle Hill is a gorgeous Lviv castle dating back to 1250. Your walk to the top may look easy but surely won’t seem that way when you’re heading up. Roughly takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the top and the top is crested at 413 meters. Lviv High Castle is known to be the highest point of the city that will give you stunning panoramic views. Do wear comfortable shoes as you start reaching the top the slop gets very sharp making it hard to climb, but otherwise it’s perfectly walkable. And without a doubt is the top attraction that should be visited when in Lviv.

A snippet of Lviv palace: Attractions to cover in Lviv.
Image credits: Unsplash

Ploshcha Rynok:

This place is the heart of the city, the old market square was originally redone after the dramatic fires during the 16th century. This square is essentially where you will fall in love with the city of Lviv. with a lot of things to offer like churches, cathedrals, and vibrant European buildings that will sweep you off your feet. Two major cultural attractions are found in this square, namely Lviv Latin Cathedral and Dominican Cathedral, and since Lviv is more on the religious side if you are lucky you may witness photoshoots for weddings outside the Dominican cathedral. This entire square has its magic of wooing everyone who visits, you’ll find out if you decide to visit Lviv.

Aerial view of Rynok square: Attractions to cover in Lviv.
Image credits: Unsplash

Marvel At The House Of Scientists:

This spot will surely crawl up its way to become one of the best instagramable spots, and once you take a look inside you will understand why. Known to have one of the most photogenic interiors brought to life by the famous duo Fellner & Helmer with its unique oak staircase and detailed carved railings amidst the center of the hall. It is known to be a casino during 1939 among the Nazis. The interiors are highly influenced by Neo-Baroque style and are most commonly known for pre-wedding photoshoots. This iconic beauty is located a little far off the Old Town area, to be exact would take you 15 minutes from the old town.

Explore The Medieval Pharmacy Museum ka Apteka Museum:

This is not your typical drugstore turned into a museum, who even does that right? But this place is stunning and can surprise you in ways you cant imagine. All you have to do is walk in this drugstore and ask the pharmacist to take your around the museum – and voila! You have to pay for the entrance, doesn’t come free of cost. This pharmacy is one of the oldest pharmacies in Ukraine which takes you back to when it was made – the 1735s. You will find 13 rooms, an old laboratory, a library, and an apothecary once you take the tour inside. Once named as “Under the Black Eagle”, today will take you back to the old days and their medical histories. The best part is that this pharmacy museum is still a functioning chemist’s shop now and that’s why this is one of the top attractions to cover in Lviv!

Armenian Street:

History says that few of the Mongols who were forcefully fled have known to settle here around the 13th century. The Armenian remains seemed to have stuck around this street from then till today out of which the wide portals of the houses significantly remain. This street is full of cute chic cafes, stone buildings, galleries, and of course restaurants. An enchanting beauty by itself will make you stay here longer than you intend to and that’s why it’s a great attraction to cover in Lviv for tourists.

The cobbled street of Lviv with trams
Image credits: Unsplash

Visit A Folk Village at a museum:

For all the history buffs, you would want to take an entire day to explore this place. On the eastern outskirts of the city is where you would find this open-air museum that consists of 124 buildings scattered throughout the area. This open-air museum will take about 40 minutes from Rynok Square, you can travel through trams which would be the most affordable way. The most iconic attraction inside is the wooden Church located in the Carpathian village of Oriavchyk, built-in 1763- St.Nicholaus and a fun fact about this church is that its height is equal to its length. This village is one of the most interesting attractions to cover in Lviv without a doubt.

St George’s Cathedral:

Situated on the west side of the city, this cathedral was built over the course of 15 years and came to existence in 1760 with a very lavish exterior. This church is a typical symbol of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic and you can find a lot of fascinating sculptures, icons, and statues inside as well as outside the church. Two of the main dominant and well-recognized statues above the portal are of St Leo and St Athanasius which were finely made by the Johann Georg Pinsel- the Czech sculptor.

Climb Up Lviv Town Hall Observation Deck:

One of the oldest buildings dating back to the 14th century is where you can follow your typical European trend of climbing a tower easily about 400 steps to get to the top. Lifes a view but the climbs worth it is what comes to my mind when I think of this city hall. Dating back to the 14th century, this observation deck lets you see the beautiful city of Lviv and its attractions from far as well.

View from the City Hall: Attractions to cover in Lviv.
Image credits: Unsplash

To add a few more attractions to explore here in Lviv, you can visit the Armenian Cathedral which is 1,000 year -strong and the oldest church in the city, pay your respects to the infamous icons in the Lychakiv Cemetery, engage in some live Opera and Ballet in the Lviv Theatre and finally for some thrill you could pay a visit to the Lviv Arsenal.

There’s a lot more than can keep you on your feet here in Lviv and there are plenty of activities you can engage is as well. Go ahead and plan your customized Ukraine Tour with Pickyourtrail and be sure to add Lviv for a couple of days to take a trip down Ukraine’s memory lane. You could Whatsapp us for more queries as well!

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