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UEFA champions league final 2018,places to visit in Kiev
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on April 2, 2018 Share on

UEFA Champions League 2018 – Best places to visit in Kiev

Heading to Kiev to catch the ever-amusing Champions League Finale 2018? How about you take some time out exploring the best parts of the city like the Caves Monastery, Andriyivski Uzviz, Saint Sophia Cathedral and the famous Independence square of Maidan Nezalezhnosti? Fascinated much? Read our list of the best places to visit in Kiev to explore this Western European and Russian culture blended city.

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1. Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum

Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- thebohemianblog

The Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum houses the details related to the Chernobyl nuclear incident which happened on 26th April 1986. The slogan of the museum is in Latin and it means ‘there is a limit of sadness, anxiety has no limits’. Once inside the museum, check out the main stairs where you can find street signs featuring the names of the villages affected by the disaster.

2.  Kachalka Outdoor Gym

Kachalka Outdoor Gym,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- rferl

If you are a fitness freak who wants to get in shape even during your vacations, waste no more time and march your way to the free outdoor gym, Kachalka. You can find this European styled gym behind the beach on Hydropark, where most of the locals work-out. The punching bags are made of tractor tyres and WWII tanks are the core materials for the cardio machines. Opened on all days, the Kachalka Outdoor Gym is one of the best places to visit in Kiev to relax and workout in the best way.

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3. Nicolaï Syadristy’s Micro Miniature Museum

Nicolaï Syadristy’s Micro Miniature Museum,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- pinterest

The famous micro-miniaturist, Nicolaï Siadristy’s miniature displays can be checked out in the Nicolaï Syadristy’s Micro Miniature Museum. Nicolaï took 6 months for every miniature he crafted. However, Nicolaï’s best work would be the camels lumbering towards a pyramid. The miniature items can be viewed only with a microscope and you’ll have to be extra cautious whilst checking these out.

4. Pejzazna Alley

Pejzazna Alley,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- drustvoputnikasrbije

If you are fans of life-size mosaic animals, head to this quirky alleyway in Kyiv! The Pejzazna Alley which was started in the year 2009, is a mini zoo which has multiple mosaic animal sculptures, the famous of which are – elephant fountains, mosaic of a cat and a giant cat-shaped playground. Take a stroll in the alley after a good lunching session and enjoy the panoramic views of Castle Hill, Dnieper River and Podil.

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5. Kurazh Bazar

Kurazh Bazar,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- destinations

Who wouldn’t love a bustling street market? YES! The Kurazh Bazar is a monthly weekend market which is held on the eastern bank side of Kyiv. Close to 450 vendors here sell clothes, antique pieces of stuff, street food and so on. This bazaar also has street performers, music sessions and multiple fun activities for kids. Housing a silk factory, gallery house, music studios, cafes, the arena of Art-Zavod Platforma is another attraction inside the Kurazh Bazar. The place is also famous for hosting ‘White Nights’ music festival and Stolichnaya Eda street-food festival making it one of the best places to visit in Kiev.

6. St. Andrew Church

St. Andrew Church,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- deviantart

Built in the honour of St. Andrew, the church has a “Ukrainian Baroque” style to it, architected by Bartolomeo Rastrelli – a Russian artist who was born in Italy. With its romantic tales and elegant looks, St. Andrew’s Church is a vital part of Kiev’s architectural history and is definitely one of the best places to visit in Kiev.

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7. Rodina Mat Statue

Rodina Mat Statue,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- kiev-ukraine

The Rodina Mat Statue is 102m tall and is fondly known as the “Nation’s Mother”. What’s amusing about this statue is how it can be viewed from almost all the points of Kiev. Interested to know a quirky fact about Rodina Mat Statue? You can actually get inside her head using an inbuilt elevator ride and reach the top of her head and check out the beautiful city of Kiev via her very eyes. Amused yet?

8. Tatiana Pick’s Psychedelic Hallway

Tatiana Pick's Psychedelic Hallway,places to visit in Kiev
Image credit- pineappleexplorer

Get some Psychedelic action at the 13th-floor hallway in Radunska Street. Tatiana Pick, an artist who resided in this hallway spent years together to transform every bit of her residence into a psychedelic spot. Once inside this hallway, check out the multiple animal figurines, plants, mirror and religious souvenirs painted and sketched in a trippy manner.

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