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an aerial view of the coastal side of Odese
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Top attractions to cover in Odesa: Ukraine’s Untold trails.

One of the various cities in Ukraine that is most sought after due to its black sea, beaches and architecture, is the city of Odesa located in southern Ukraine. Odesa is the 3rd most populated city in Ukraine and is famously also called ‘the pearl of the Black Sea’ or ‘even the South Capital’. Odessa is known to offer a lot of culture facades, quirky beaches and even happening nightlife. Once upon a time, this city used to be the land of greeks but now it has somehow transformed into Ukraine’s favourite holiday spot. Let us see the top attractions to cover in Odesa for a beautiful getaway? Keep reading. 

Top attractions to cover in Odessa:

Visit the Odessa Opera House:

Odessa is the best place to find the finest and spellbinding opera houses and is known to be one of Europe’s finest as well. This opera house came alive because of Fellner and Helmer in the 1880s and this was always looked back to as one of their masterpieces in all of their contribution. The best way to learn more about this masterpiece would be to take a morning tour, but while you’re here you can also attend an opera or ballet performance if you fancy them. The insides of the theatre are hugely influenced by French and Italian Baroque styles and will take you into a very magical atmosphere once you set foot inside. Once you take s step inside you will find out why this is one of the top attractions to cover in Odesa.

The interior of the opera house of odesa: Attractions to see in Odesa.
Image credits: Google Images

Potemkin Stairs:

This is a direct connection that connects Odessa from the port and is the most iconic symbol here in Odessa. Originally, this staircase was ordered by Prince Vorontsov during the 1840s as a gift for his wife. This staircase is paved with granite and has 192 steps, stretches over 142 meters with ten equal spans. What makes this the top attraction to cover in Odesa? here is why – This staircase was designed in a way that causes the illusion that makes it look larger than what it is when you’re viewing it from the bottom. And similarly, you can only see the landings from the top and steps from the bottom! How cool is that?

Explore the Odessa Catacombs:

Located in Nerubayskoye Village are the longest catacombs in the world! A well-guided tour to these underground tunnels will show you how well networked these tunnels are. Taking a huge part in the cities history, these catacombs were also a refuge for many smuggles and soviets during world war II. Real fact: you can easily get lost here and do not attempt to go in here alone or without a guide. Exciting isn’t it? no wonder it’s one of the top attractions to cover in Odesa.

Walk by the harbour:

Odesses harbour is one of the biggest and the most significant ports in Ukraine, that being said you will understand how important this harbour is. You will be able to witness the hustle and bustle through ships and the sailing crews. And yes, this would be the perfect place for you to catch the most picturesque views of the black sea either during sunset or sunrise.

an aerial view of the harbour of odesa: Attractions to see in Odesa.
Image credits: Unsplash

Deribasivska Street:

This street proves to be the most dynamic one after all. Why? Name anything, this street has it! Stretching for almost a kilometre along with the city, this street has a wide range of shops, cafes, and fine dining and sightseeing. You will find the iconic statue of Odessa’s founder on the eastern end of this street – the Neapolitan José de Ribas, the street was named after him as well. You might not want to visit this street during the summers as its bound to be super crowded throughout the day and night quite literally as it is the top attractions to cover in Odesa for tourists.

Visit the Odessa Passage:

A shopping passage that came alive in the late-19th-century can be found very close to Deribasivska Street, this passage is made of metal and glass canopy which makes it gothic to look at. you will find very extravagant sculptures everywhere inside made with a touch of lavish Academic style. All of these sculptures and mouldings are a standing testament of Tsarist Russias last years’.  This passage can make your evening very eventful and relaxed at the same time, you can shop at various boutiques, souvenir shops, and grab bites in cafes.

Party at Arcadia:

The nightlife is the most interesting one, the arcadia that is just half an hour from the city just transforms into the best party hotspot. This place is often referred to as ‘the Ibiza of Ukraine’ because of how wild parties get here. This historical district is visited by a lot of families in the morning for its magnificent seaside as well. Overall Arcadia is known to host rave parties all night long and is very ‘lit’ during the summers with over-crowded clubs and bars. No trip is complete without the nightlife and this place surely tops the list top attractions to cover in Odesa.

Sunbathe at Lanzheron beach:

Stretching to the south along the coast from the port located in the heart of the city is the Lanzheron beach. It became super famous due to its accessibility and the Nemo Dolphinarium, duh! Being a coastal city, sunbathing with a colourful umbrella over your head. Apart from swimming, you could also go down to one of the many bars and restaurants on the side as well. As a tourist, you will surely want to just sit back and relax at this beachy attraction in Odesa.

a woman walking into the sunset in the odese beaches.
Image credits: Unsplash

Take a fun ride at Shevchenko Park:

Long before this city came to existence, there was an Ottoman fortress on the same spot as this park that is currently thriving on. And later during the 19th century, this area became the port’s quarantine. Finally, this area was turned into a park named after Tsar Alexander II in 1875. On the entrance, you can find the monuments of Shevchenko and Tsar Alexander II which was restored after the Soviet period.

Learn about the illegal trade in Odessa:

Known historically for smugglers under the tunnels, you can dig deep to the roots and find out more about this by visiting the Museum of Smuggling. The exhibit here has over 150 items showcased and the illustrations that take you a step closer to the smuggling practices back then. Fascinating, isn’t it? and that is why this is one of the top attractions to cover in Odesa.

The black sea frozen during the winters: Attractions to see in Odesa.
Image credits: Unsplash

Well, we have barely scratched the surface of Odessa. Some of the attractions you can further consider are the Vorontsov Palace that will be sure to delight you, for the artist in you visit the museum of modern art, and take a trip down the memory lane by visiting the oldest Archaeological Museum with over 170,000 exhibits, Transfiguration Cathedral which is a church that appears younger than it is. Surprisingly, This city in Ukraine has a lot more to offer than you think. So go ahead and plan your customized vacation to the city of Odesa along with other cities in Ukraine for the most memorable experiences with Pickyourtrail. You could also reach us on Whatsapp to know more!

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