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Things to do while walking around the streets of Manhattan

Surrounded by the Hudson, East and Harlem rivers, Manhattan is the most populated of New York city’s five boroughs. And it is also one of the largest city in the USA. This is the city where your dreams come true. It is the home to Wall Street, where most of the world’s famous financial centres are present. When you are in Manhattan, there are various landmarks, bars, hotels, stores and other activities that you wouldn’t have dreamed of before visiting the city. So here we are to help you out in doing the best things when you are visiting Manhattan. 

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Interesting things to do in Manhattan

1. Taste the modern pasta at the Little Italy Of Manhattan

If you are a pasta lover, you need not travel all the way to Italy to find the best pasta ever made. When you just are walking by the hawkers of Mulberry Street you can spot Aunt Jake’s. This spot happens to be one among the neighbourhood’s new addition and their approach towards pasta is more modern.

Noodle bar
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The place is owned by an Italian-American Staten Islander named Carmine Di Giovanni. At this restaurant, the diners can make the decision by creating their own dish by mixing noodles and sauces. Chef Di Giovanni also conducts a pasta-making class at the restaurant named as the “Pasta Lab” where you can truly indulge in a hands-on experience.

2. Burn calories by sweating at the Russian & Turkish Baths

If you are looking for an ultimate detox, then you don’t have to search for fancy social media-friendly spas. Head to the Russian and Turkish Baths which are old school fashion. 

Founded in the year 1892, it is present on East 10th Street of the City. The bathhouse consists of various steam rooms and saunas. These rooms are meant for traditional seaweed salt scrubs and also platza. You can also get their signature massage where you will be beaten with a bushel of oak branches. 

3. Grab a late-night meal if you are still hungry after a drink

Pub in Manhattan
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If you feel hungry in the late-night during your travel and you are looking for a place, head to The Harlem. Made with chopped cheese, sandwiches are their specialities. Every dish from their menu has a special place in the heart of New Yorkers. You definitely need to try their bodega sandwich to let go of your late-night hunger. The sandwich involves griddled ground beef, cheese, onions, peppers and your choice of fixings. 

Hajj’s also known as the Blue Sky Deli is the place where the original chopped cheese slinger is made. If you are lucky, you will also find various numbers of other bodegas all over Harlem and the Bronx.

4. Enjoy the Car Wash Donut

When you are in the midtown and want to give your dirty car for a wash? Head to the Westside Highway Car Wash. If your car seems to be super dirty but you are also in need of some yum food? Well, drive to the Westside Highway Car Wash. This is a one-of-a-kind place where you can find amazing things happening. The Car wash area seems to hide a quirky and small doughnut joint. Called as the Underwest Donuts, the place serves some flavoursome doughnuts. 

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Hog nicely with some comfort snack while your car is being cleaned. Take a look at Scott Levine who is busy slinging the best cake rounds. Some of the unique flavours they sell are the halva, maple waffle and lavender-vanilla. Though a little out the way, the doughnut is quite worth it. 

5. Visit Harlem and Washington Heights

Filled with sights and sounds the upper half of Manhattan is a place that shouldn’t be missed to visit. Start your journey by first visiting Harlem, where you can find some classic food at Amy Ruth’s or Minton’s Jazz show to revive some fond memories. 

After finishing your peaceful time at Harlem, head to Washington Heights. A place where medieval art can be explored inside the Cloister. Not interested in history? Climb up to the most beautiful Little Red House from where you can get a beautiful view of the City.

6. Explore outdoors of Manhattan

The Meatpacking District is a place where there used to be an industrial freight rail. The place was once used to transport goods in and out of the District to other places is now home to new stuff. Walk by the high line that has made the place one of the most unique outdoor spaces of Manhattan. 

Enjoy the sunset that has a beautiful view of the Hudson River which is worth watching. View the urban playground that consists of lush greenery and installations of art by the local artists. The playground is said to be one of the famous attractions in the city. Don’t like heavy crowds? Visit the place early in the morning.

7. Enjoy a stunning view

Manhattan City is the home to the famous Wall Street, where most of the world’s famous financial centres are present. It is also known as the Financial District of the USA. 

If you want to get an amazing and a stunning view of the city then head to the spire’s observation deck. The observation deck is the place that you need to visit to get the best aerial view of the City. Climb all the way up to 1,776 feet to reach the spire’s observation deck which is the 100th floor of the building. From there, view the stunning skyline of Manhattan.

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