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Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on July 28, 2020 Share on

Experience a Fun Bath in Beer at Beer Spa in Granada Spain

Have you ever had a body spa massage or a relaxing oil massage? If yes, you know how calming it can be. If not, well, we suggest you try it out. Apart from these regular spas, there is something unique that happens in the country of Spain. Known as the Beer Spa Grande is a huge spa in Spain letting the public, drink, bathe and relax in a beer. Made out yeast, barley, cinnamon and other natural enhancers, the beer spa is something your body definitely needs.

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Beer Spa Grande

The Beer Spa Grande is the first of its kind. A spa or massage centre in the city of Granada located in Spain specialises in massages using beer as its main component.

There are several packages and beauty services offered by the spa, like:

1. Beer Spa & Tasting

Under this service, the participant is allowed to bathe in beer and have hot beer sauna at the barrel room and also taste over 50 different beers that have been brewed.

2. Beer Spa & Pairing

If you avail this service, you are allowed to bathe in the beer for over an hour and enjoy the hot beer sauna. Apart from the basics, you are can also taste the different beers that are brewed and try pairing them some yummy sides.

Beer Barrel
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3. Beer Spa Beauty Circuit

A private room with barley beds for napping along with a good steam sauna and beer massage is included in this service. Apart from the usual, you will also have an exclusive beauty treatment like the beer face mask, beer facial cream to enhance your beauty.

4. Beer Spa Beauty Plus Circuit

The plus circuit refers to the spa treatment done in a group. If you are visiting your close-knit circle, enjoy a warm beer bath with barley beds as your resting spot. While at it, also enjoy beauty regimens like a beer face mask, beer facial cream, skull and cervical massages.

Price range and Offers:

The cost of service ranges from 60 Euros per person to 75 Euros per person. There are several offers available for students and tourists based on the number and the package chosen.

Location: Calle Párraga, 9, 18002 Granada, Spain

Open hours: The beer spa grande is open on all seven days of the week between 11 AM – 2 PM and 5 PM – 10 PM.

How beneficial is getting a beer spa treatment?

Beer is an amazing ingredient for your body if consumed in the right quantity. There are many health benefits of beer as follows,

  • Beer relatively reduces stress than what chocolate does.
  • The ingredients used to produce beer helps in blood circulation inside the human body.
  • The yeast used in beers helps in treating various skin conditions and keeps your skin flawless.
  • Beer provides the right amount of vitamin needed for your skin and body.

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