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Marlow bridge across River Thames
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Best things to do in Marlow – A charming old town in Buckinghamshire

There’s just something about Marlow that gives an old-world charm. It must definitely be because of its lovely location on the River Thames, the historic streets lined with boutique shops, cafes and pubs, the stunning countryside and of course the town’s main landmark, the suspension bridge. 

We all know the immensity of England’s history and Marlow, without doubt, contributes to it. This small town started off as a river crossing and then as an inland port and later became a riverside resort attracting famous people to live there. All you literary lovers out there, you will surely fall in love with the place. Now, don’t get me wrong. History is not the only thing that’s famous here. There’s so much more to see and explore in Marlow. So, why don’t I walk you through some of the best things that Marlow has in store for you? 

River Thames, Marlow, Buckinghamshire
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Best things to see in Marlow

1. Marlow Bridge

Marlow was initially put on the map as a crossing point on the River Thames, since 1227. However, in the 19th century, the town became a famous riverside resort. This led to an increase in traffic, which resulted in the building of a new bridge. 

Marlow Bridge
Image source: Google Images

This magnificent suspension bridge, designed by the civil engineer William Tierney Clark, is balanced by two arches with cables and railings painted in white.  Visiting this age-old architecture is definitely one of the best things to do in Marlow. 

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2. Thames Path

I know some of us might not like the idea of walking, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind when you see the Thames Path. The Thames Path is a long-distance walking trail following England’s famous river, the River Thames, for 184 miles. I know 184 miles sounds scary, but the entire trail promises captivating scenery, no matter which direction you head to. 

Thames Path
Image source: Google Images

Not just that, as you walk on the trail, you pass through relaxing water meadows rich in wildlife, historic towns and pretty villages, and then finish at the Thames Barrier in Woolwich a few miles from the sea. Don’t you think this should be one of the best things to do while you’re in Marlow?

3. Chiltern Hills

The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or, as they are known locally and historically, the Chilterns, are a range of chalk hills in England. If you’re looking to visit an uncrowded and calm countryside which offers stunning scenery, lively pubs and restaurants, tucked-away villages and towns, then Chiltern hills are the right place for you. There’s always something that you can discover in here. 

Chiltern Hills
Image source: Wikimedia

The best part about visiting Chilterns from Marlow is that you don’t need a car to enter this area. There are two circular walks that start right in the town, which lure you into this picturesque region. 

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4. Higginson Park

Another one to add to your list of best things to do in Marlow is exploring Higginson Park. You might be wondering what’s so different about this park, unlike the other ones. While this park has the usual large expanses of lawns, huge trees, flowerbeds and children’s playground, there are several other unique things that you can explore in this 23 acres park. 

Higginson park at Marlow
Image source: Google Images

For nature lovers, you’ll find an area of protected wetlands, where you can see kingfishers. For art lovers out there, you can spend time at Shelley’s theatre, where you can watch artists perform for their local community.  On the western side of the park, one can find the cricket pitch which hosts matches during the summertime. And for those of you, who do not want to miss out on your fitness, you have a leisure centre with a pool, gym and a tennis court for your use. When you’re in Marlow, make sure you visit the Higginson Park during your leisure time. 

5. Marlow Common

While in Marlow, you’re not going to miss out on any experience. From history, nature, dining, everything can be seen and done in Marlow. A slice of the Chilterns, the Marlow Common is for all you nature seekers. This local nature reserve is shaded by century-old English oaks, beeches and silver birches. 

Marlow Common
Image source: Wikimedia

Besides this, you can also witness a unique species, the Green Tortrix Moth in these ancient oak trees. The Green Tortrix is a vital source of food for endangered birds like Woodpecker, Treecreepers and the Nuthatch that are found at the Marlow common. Exploring the flora and fauna at the Marlow Common is definitely one of the best things to do in Marlow. 

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6. All Saints’ Church

When you’re in a foreign land, visiting historical sites is a given. So, when in Marlow, visiting the All Saints’ Church or, as it’s known famously, the church by the bridge is a given. Located on the banks of River Thames, just before the Marlow bridge, the All Saints’ Church has been an iconic image for Marlow for nearly two centuries. All Saints’ Church was built after the tower of old Church collapsed in 1831. Although this Parish church was built during the 1830s, it was reworked entirely during the 1870s and 80s. 

All Saints' Church, Marlow
Image source: Google Images

The church now is beautifully designed with limestone and flint patterns exteriors, reredos carved out of marble and scenes from crucifixion made with tiles. Besides this stunning architecture, the location of the church makes it worth visiting. 

7. Marlow Museum

If you want to know more about this pretty little historic town, then you should head to the Marlow museum. Located by the main entrance to the leisure centre in Higginson Park, the Marlow museum represents the long history and the life of the people in the Marlow town. Although the museum opened not long ago, members of The Marlow Society had been planning for this for almost 15 years. 

Marlow museum
Image source: Google Images

When in the Marlow museum, you will definitely find yourself captivated by their curated collections of artefacts. Not just that, Marlow museum also shines a light on local trades like lacemaking and brewing. This place is definitely worth visiting for all you history lovers out there. 

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8. Boat Trips

When there’s a beautiful river right there, why would anyone miss out on a boat ride, right? Taking a boat ride down the River Thames is hands down one of the best things to do in Marlow, at least personally for me. I mean, just imagine yourself floating past the old-fashioned country houses, age-old locks, historic bridges and of course the stunning scenery in pleasant weather. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Marlow boat trips
Image source: Google Images

You can choose from a variety of boat tours available. On Mondays, you can go on a boat trip from Marlow to Windsor. You can enjoy the views of the picturesque villages at Temple Medmenham and Bisham Abbey during your boat trip upriver to Henley, from Tuesdays till Fridays. 

9. Dining

Fine dining, cafes and restaurants, pubs, no matter what you’re looking for, you can certainly find it in Marlow. If you’re looking for a fancy place to dine at, you must definitely visit the Hand and Flowers. This gastropub run by a celebrity is the first pub in Marlow to be awarded two Michelin stars. And, if you’re just looking for local places to eat, then you have plenty of options for that too. 

Image source: Wikimedia

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are definitely some of the best things to do in Marlow. When you’re in England, be sure to visit the beautiful little town of Marlow and explore its history, culture, and countryside. 

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