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Oslo Panormic View
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Best things to do in Oslo – Your Most Awaited Trip of the Year!

Nestled between mountains and oceans, Oslo is one of the greenest capitals of Europe with a wide range of best things to do in Oslo. The city’s ancient rusty docks have been beautifully transformed into architectural wonders, and its less popular parts of industrial past have been renovated to house lively food halls, happening bars and art galleries with famous pieces of art, including the work of Edvard Munch, Oslo’s most celebrated painter. With the Hip Grünerløkka district, world-class museums, fine restaurants serving Nordic and International cuisine, a burgeoning coffee culture, there are numerous best things to do in Oslo for anyone who visits the vibrant city of Norway

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National Gallery

The largest public collection of art in Norway was established in 1837. The highlights of the gallery include The Scream by Edvard Munch, Mother and Child sculpture by Gustav Vigeland and art depicting fairy tales filled by another entire room.  The Munch Museum is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Oslo located right in the city centre. A  gallery that anyone who visits Oslo wouldn’t want to miss!

Oslo Fjord

Oslo Fjord
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One of the best things to do in Oslo ever is to visit the Oslo Fjord. In the summers, the waters are buzzing with sailboats and the islands around the inner Oslo Fjord – which includes Hovedøya and Gressholmen – are perfectly ideal for beach picnics, swimming and even hiking. The short duration of the ferry makes this place rather fun and easily accessible for anyone. It takes only five minutes by ferry to arrive at Hovedøya, the main island which looks marvellous with its lush forests, monastery ruins and beaches. The ferry costs only 35 NOK ( same cost as a bus). There are many ways to visit the majestic fjord. Common ways include purchasing a day pass to jump from island to island on your own pace or take a guided tour.


The Olympic ski jump is definitely one of the best things to do in Oslo. With a viewing platform and a museum that talks in detail about the polar exploration and skiing history, modern skiing and snowboarding, the Olympic ski jump in Oslo is huge. Easily accessible from the city by metro, Holmenkollen, is a place that you wouldn’t regret even if you’re not a ski lover. We say no trip to Oslo is ever complete without soaking in the panoramic views of the city from the top of the tall tower – the views you would get to see is undoubtedly the best of the city. We suggest you book a full-day tour which includes a ski jump. 

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House
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Scandinavia’s most iconic building rests in Oslo, the Opera House, as it celebrates the 12th anniversary, is one of the best things to do in Oslo. This modern building is designed to resemble a glacier which rises out of the fjord. The prime role of the building is to run opera and ballet performances but the modern building acts as an amazing evening hall for pedestrians to skate and relax. We believe that this building marks the beginning of a new era in Oslo and the regeneration of Oslo’s waterfront. One of the best views of the city is known to be from the rooftop of this architectural wonder of Oslo.


Vippa is the new food court of Oslo, located within an old industrial building. We say this is one of the best things to do in Oslo because of the variety of cuisine you witness here is out of the world! The stalls in Vippa serve international cuisine which is affordable and delicious. A few famous delicacies to not miss at Vippa are pulled pork tacos and crab sandwiches. While the location of Vippa makes it difficult for tourists to visit as its located at the tip of the city, but we feel a visit to this place would definitely be something you won’t regret. Another main reason to visit the Vippa is to get a closer look at the food culture of Oslo. Vippa is popular amongst the locals for the laid-back atmosphere and amazing sea views the food court provides while one can enjoy their food.

Ekeburg Sculpture Park

Ekeburg Sculpture Park
Image Source: Unsplash

Interesting trivia – Did you know Munch found his inspiration for The Scream from this park! Ekeburg Sculpture Park is a 30-minute walk from central Oslo featuring 31 wooden sculptures. We call it under the best things to do in Oslo because it’s always open and provides free entry to one and all. The park features the work done by famous artists like Salvador Dali and Damien Hirst and also houses a top-notch restaurant, Ekebergrestauranten. Don’t forget to try out the mussels there!

Akerselva River

Akerselva River is a 5.1-mile long river starting at Lake Maridalsvannet and flows through the downtown of Oslo. This river divides the city into east and west sides. One of the best things to do in Oslo is to visit the trails along the river which is perfect for cycling and hiking. Our travellers have felt that strolling along the river is a perfect way to explore the multiple kinds of neighbourhoods, including the hipster area, Grünerløkka, to explore vintage boutiques and quirky cafes and pubs by the riverbanks. Our favourites are Nedre Foss Gard for al-fresco dining and hit Ingensteds to party through the night. It is one of the most beautiful places in Norway.

Urban sauna

Urban sauna in Oslo
Image Source: Unsplash

One of the coolest and the best things to do in Oslo is to chill and sizzle in an urban sauna. The city has numerous places when you can heat up besides the coals in the harbour right before a plunge in the fjord. Health benefits of saunas are underrated. Urban saunas are a great way of embracing the local life of the Oslo. Our favourites are the SALT, a nomadic art project to relax in water-filled barrels and KOK which is a floating sauna set with marvellous fjord views.

Now that we have listed down the top best things to do in Oslo for you, whats next? Get planning and book away from your tickets for the best early bird deals! Get in touch with Pickyourtrail to help you with more suggestions for your trip to Norway. Enjoy travels!

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