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Drop-dead gorgeous places in Norway to fall in love with

Just when you are ready to blink an eye after hiking the majestic Preikestolen and strolling the blindingly colorful Bergen streets, Norway teases you with the intriguing traces of Viking history from the faraway Lofoten. In fact, Norwegian getaway is similar to a beautiful interrupted dream that you wish could’ve prolonged. But if you plan well enough you can come back with memories to keep dreaming on for days to come.

Where the sun stays wide awake till midnight and flashy colors light up the night sky, Norway seems straight out of a fairy tale. And here’s how you do your vacation to Norway right.

11. Reine Village

♥︎ Reine is countryside charm..

Must-do: Unusually attractive, this beautiful fishing village is where you relish the aurora paint the sky at its most dramatic. Every beautiful hike, every idyllic mountain chain ever in Norway is accessible from Reine, ensuring you will never run out of things to do here.

10. Trondheim

♥︎ Trondheim is cathedrals, museums and everything historic..

Must-do: Stroll through the neighborhood of Bakklandet, so vibrant to make you go blind! Trondheim with a bounty of historic significance and nature scenes is Norway’s most beautiful and certainly the most envied.

9. Hamnoy

♥︎ Hamnoy is heaven in disguise..

Must-do: Ascend to the top of the Tjeldbergtinden mountain to revel in the idyllic vistas of the Lofoten islands. Reinebringen mountain views are sure breath-taking, but the trail is too dangerous and is under closure for construction.

8. Lillehammer

♥︎ Lillehammer is where you sit back and observe as life in Norway unravels..

Must-do: This stunning ski resort town flung in the southernmost corner of Norway is a winter wonderland. The Hunderfossen amusement park, the picturesque alpine stretch, the Maihaugen open-air museum, the shopping town centre are among the many attractions in Lillehammer that compete in catering to a perfect family outing.

7. Flam

♥︎ Flam is tranquility personified..

Must-do: The stunning train ride you will ever take is in Norway and is along the lush landscapes of the Flamsbana route. Not just that, the Rallarvegan route reading to Myrdal is where the cyclist enthusiasts are losing their hearts for long.

6. Norwegian Fjords – Geiranger

♥︎ Geiranger is the most beautiful Fjord of all Fjords.

Must-do: The most gorgeous of Fjords chain is in Geiranger. Ornated by altitudinous mountains above the skyline and dramatic valleys down under, it’s comfortable to say Geiranger is Norway at its most surreal.

5. Alesund

♥︎ Alesund is Art Nouveau illustrated in style..

Must-do: The lovely Sunnmore alps, the quirky floating homes, the artsy buildings reflecting classy Art Nouveau in every inch are what you ought to expect in Alesund.

4. Tramso

♥︎ Tramso is where the Aurora flaunts itself to its fullest..

PC: Gaurav Rana

Must-do: Spend a good week trying to figure out which is more beautiful. The snowcapped Floya mountains, the dazzling lit-up town at night or the subtle buzz the whole place carries.

3. Stavanger

♥︎ Stavanger is ethnicity with a modern twist..

Must-do: Hike to the top of Kjeragbolten and pose for a selfie with the most famous boulder of Kjerag. Or the Pulpit rock. You need to revise your whole itinerary if this place hasn’t secured the top place on your bucket-list.

2. Bergen

♥︎ Bergen is child’s lego canvas..

Must-do: Visit the Pepperkakebyen, the largest gingerbread city in the world. It’s a seasonal attraction that opens up only during Winter. But wait! Bergen is one of those places that never stops being perfect all-year round!

1. Oslo

♥︎ The only audible buzz in the whole of Norway..

Must-do: Tour Scandinavia’s largest and liveliest city to get the best of its ancient museums, iconic cathedrals, and quintessential neighborhoods.

Sounds too good to be true isn’t it? It’s Norway for you. It’s so a real thing. Book Norway tour packages of your lifetime with Pickyourtrail, and come back with experiences you had never imagined to have.

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