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Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

The jaw-dropping locals, the mesmerizing sunrise, the spectacular landscapes of the hills, the old-world charisma of the modern era, and the pleasant smiles of the locals all combine to make Darjeeling one of the most picturesque hill stations in the eastern region of the country. Stretched over a steep mountain range, snuggled amid acres of lush green tea fields, Darjeeling stands at 2,050 meters above sea level, boasting cool climates throughout the year. This scenic station on the hill is the ideal getaway for a romantic honeymoon and is just about 700 kilometres from Kolkata. Through this article let’s understand the best time to visit Darjeeling.

Darjeeling, the former summer capital of India under it’s British Raj, has become one of the most looked-after hill resorts in India. Popular for its magnificent tea estates and the quality of Darjeeling tea, Darjeeling is a joy for all kinds of tourists. The toy train, which was founded back in 1881, still operates in this region and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beautiful colonial architecture, such as palaces and churches, is the place of this beautiful little town. Filled with people from Tibet, Nepal, neighbouring Indian states and the Gorkhas, Darjeeling is full of multiculturalism. The third highest summit in the world and the highest peak in India, the Kanchenjunga mountain, is visible. 

Weather in Darjeeling

April to June is the perfect time to visit Darjeeling. Even then, many people do choose to visit the place even during the colder period of October to December. In the period from October to March, there will be an abrupt change in the weather, as by the end of October there will be a barely noticeable cold in the area. Winter is at its peak from mid-November to January and the mean temperature is from 7 degrees to 5 degrees Celsius. 

Weather in Darjeeling
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The summers in the city are split between April to June. Darjeeling is peaceful and not very hot throughout these months. The temperature is at a high of 25 degrees. The gushing bright sunshine makes it perfect for experiencing the sights of visitors. 

In the periods of July to August, with severe flooding, a lot of blockades are observed in the hill station. So it is not very advisable to visit Darjeeling during such months. September is another perfect time to visit because there is less precipitation and the greenery is at its peak at this time of year. 

Seasons in Darjeeling

  • Winter (November – February)
  • Spring (March-May)
  • Autumn (September – October)
  • Monsoon (June – September)
  • Summer (June – July)

Winter (November – February)

If you’re searching for a colder climate, Darjeeling is great for you. December is one of the least moist months of the year, while temperatures fall between 2-7 ° C in winter. It is the ideal off-season time to visit hill station since there is no chance of avalanches or flooding. 

Christmas and New Year festivities are popular in Darjeeling, and merriment is guaranteed. The fog and mist give an ethereal aura to the air, and the cosy climate is perfect for snuggling with your loved one. This makes winter the perfect time for couples? plan a romantic getaway or a honeymoon with your significant other and watch sparks fly.

winter in darjeeling
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Things to know before the visit 

While the weather is fairly constant, there is a possibility that heavy winds and windstorms may occur during this period. So, take care of the shift in temperature. Apart from that, this is a good time to visit Darjeeling. Spring to early summer is known as the peak season, so expect a great deal of a hurry.

Monsoon (June – September)

Monsoon sees 93-96 per cent moisture and 700 mm of precipitation in four months, making visiting Darjeeling the less favourable period of the year. Landslides are also possible, but this is limited to those passes. The climate is comfortable, with temperatures ranging between 15 ° C and 20 ° C. Do rainstorms bring a stop to some of the tourist activities? Toy train and cable car rides may be suspended briefly, but the town looks beautiful in the showers.

Darjeeling monsoon
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If you’re re a person of scenery and delightful views, Darjeeling in the monsoon is really tempting. The lush, green fields in the rain look enigmatic, and the town derives romantic beauty from the old days. The nebulous roads and cloudy streets make the town look directly out of a painting that is ideal for photographers in the making   Check your photography capabilities in this picturesque place!

Things to know before the visit

During this period there is a significant risk of avalanches, as a result of which roads get jammed and contact is cut off. If you are considering visiting the hill station at this time please take this into consideration. The fog, mist and rain also make it difficult to see the mountain tops and the landscapes. On a positive note, it could be obvious to say that prices are going to be easy as offseason is. 

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Summer (June – July)

Start your trip on the UNESCO-famed Darjeeling Himalayan Railway to Darjeeling, and start exploring the hills as never before! Many tourists come to Darjeeling during the summer season, while June and July get more rainfall than during the spring months. Should not let that, stop you as there aren’t showers through August. Appropriate clothing and rain gear should be taken. In summer Darjeeling is satisfying with temperatures ranging between 18 ° C to 25 ° C, encouraging travellers from all over India and overseas.

summer in Darjeeling
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Move into the Japanese Peace Pagoda and ponder life in Darjeeling Chowrasta, or move among the residents and observe local culture. The Ghoom Monastery provides serenity and tranquillity and is the ideal place to relax and recreate. The sky is fairly bright, giving you spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga peak which is covered with snow. Tourist intake reduces as you reach July, and rates begin too down.   This is ideal for budget travellers. 

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Things to know before the visit 

By June, the weather appears to become highly nebulous, as the rain begins to find its way. Remember the fact that if you are going to drive this period, it can be challenging to explore. On a positive note, this marks the offseason’s start. As such, there will be fewer lines and more competitive rates because of which this is considered to be a good time to visit Darjeeling for Solo travellers and budget travellers.

As you can see, you could get a pretty unique experience across the months. With proper planning and understanding, the needs would be more than helpful to a wholesome Darjeeling vacation. We at Pickyourtrail, insist travellers customize their plans according to their needs and help them customise as well. Check out our guides page to get more info on the destination or eave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options

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