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Best time to visit Roing
Written by Rahul on August 1, 2020 Share on

Best time to visit Roing – Visiting a Beautiful snowcapped mountain region

India is a land of uniqueness. It has many diverse locations with varied geographical locations. Not only that but it is also home to much distinctive wildlife and various species of flora. Snowcapped mountains, Dry deserts, Tropical regions, coastal regions, what does this incredible land does not have. With so many things available for the tourists, this land is an absolute delight for the tourists across the globe. Not only that, but it is a treat to the nature lovers owing to its many beautiful landscapes and natural phenomenon. A never to be missed beautiful town in that place is Roing. This absolutely blissful city in Arunachal Pradesh is a snowcapped beauty. But even to cities like this, there is a certain time to visit to enjoy the beauty at the most. So let us look at the best time to visit Roing.

The entrance of Roing, Arunachal Pradesh
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Best time to visit Roing

Roing, being one of the most beautiful cities in India, is known for its most popular snow-capped mountains, deep gorges and strongly flowing rivers. The beauty of the place is originally seen in the hills pouring down the rivers, the enormous waterfalls that present the eye of nature and some very interesting archaeological sites. These are all very presentable due to the very fun and friendly locals of Roing. In a place like this is a confusion as to when to visit this to capture the whole beauty of the place. This strikes for anyone travelling to any place. So this article will insight you on the best time to visit Roing in Arunachal Pradesh

The beautiful hills of Roing
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January – February

These are the best and the ideal months to travel to Roing, owing to its pleasant weather. The temperature at this month averages from 42 degrees – 84 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the best times to actually explore the beauty of Roing without any disturbance. there is only a slight chance of rainfalls during these months, but even the few drizzles will give you a pleasant experience.

March – April

With warmest beating 91 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest being 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this is also one of the best times to visit this place. Contemplating between the first and the second choice, both will be an ideal situation for you to travel to Roing. The humidity of this region is at a good level for you to go ahead and explore the natural marvel of this town. You will receive average rainfall between these months.

The entrance of Roing
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May – June

This is one of the excellent times to visit Roing, as the average temperature during this period will be 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The air being mostly humid, you will enjoy any outdoor activities that you do in these months. Most likely the best time to visit Roing as the volume of tourists entering this land at this time will be high. You will receive a good amount of rainfall during these said months.


You will experience pleasant weather if you are visiting Roing in the month of July. The average temperature during this month will be somewhere around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Although there is humidity mostly, you will never feel drained or exhausted much easy and you will certainly enjoy the outdoor activities. So to sum it up this time is also a good time to visit Roing. There will be good rainfall during this season too.

August – October

This is the time when there will be the highest temperature recorded. The temperature averages around 97 degrees celsius. This will surely make you enter any shops with AC and to cool down yourself. You will not prefer roaming outdoors if you choose to travel during these months. But many people prefer this too due to the humidity factor. There will certainly be a dip in Rainfalls compared to the month of July.

Roing in Arunachal Pradesh
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The weather during this month is balmy making it one of the best times to visit Roing. 86 degrees Fahrenheit will be the maximum recorded temperature during this month and the humidity level is also much pleasing to the tourists. This is also considered the ideal time to visit Roing for a pleasant experience and to equally enjoy all the outdoor activities. The rainfall will restrict itself to slight drizzles.


With the average temperature averaging at 68 degrees Fahrenheit will make December a great time to visit Roing. With almost no rainfalls during this month, there will be air filled with dampness and you will also feel a certain amount of warmth making this a beat time to explore what you like in the vast lands of Roing. You will not need to restrict yourself from the fun outdoor activities during this season.

Iphipani Rivers, Roing
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Roing being an all-round destination, we hope that this article will help you plan your perfect vacation at the right time. Pickyourtrail will create you a memorable trip with great Arunachal Pradesh holiday packages. Do visit the website to customize your own packages and also get fresh content on domestic and international travel.Feel free to browse through the various International tour packages on our website.

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