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Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh
Written by Rhea Alex on July 30, 2020 Share on

The Best Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh

Edinburgh as a city is known for a great number of things and has attracted tourists from across the world. Travellers are seen making their way to the city, in the hope to truly experience the charm and aura of this very region. 

if there’s one thing that the city is famous for, it’s got to be the cocktail revolution that has begun.

What most tourists do not know remains the fact that Edinburgh runs on its, craft beer and exquisite history of whiskey.

Tourists who are visiting the city for the very first time, are sure to be shocked and left in wonder. There are also a great number of cocktail festivals that tourists can witness in the region.

Whether it’s the ‘Tales of the Cocktails,’ or any of the other world-renowned festivals, Edinburgh has everything cocktail for you. 

Best Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh

The entire region of Edinburgh is filled with a great number of cocktail bars, that can be explored and investigated.

We’ve listed out some of the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh, just for you. Make sure to read through the blog, to find out all that you may need. 


Located right at the corner of the famous ‘Barony Street,’ tourists can most definitely find themselves missing this amazing hideout.

The ‘Kin,’ bar is easily one of the largest and most talked-about cocktail bars in Edinburgh.

Tourists who would love a little exploration, are most definitely going to fall in love with the ambience and vibe of the place.

The bar in itself is hosted by, ‘Sam Baxendale,’ and ‘Jody Buchan,’ the two-man team of kin, that cannot be looked over. Tourists are sure to have the time of their lives at this unique and distinct cocktail bar of their choice. 

The Last Word Saloon

The Last Word Saloon
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Last Word Saloon,’ is yet another one of the cocktail bars in Edinburgh and is located much further away from the actual city. Tourists making their way to the bar are in for a pleasant treat when it comes to what awaits them. 

The very setting of the bar is themed around, rugs and fireplaces, which in turn gives you a home away from home kind of feel.

This is truly one of the best things about the bar and has remained the sole reason behind the bar’s success, even today. 

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The Lucky Liquor Co.

The Lucky Liquor Co.
Image Credit – Pixabay

The ‘ Lucky Liquor Co,’ has continued to attract tourists from far and wide, owing to the balance it has managed to strike. Well, what could possibly be better than an ice cream shop, soda parlour and ofcourse a cocktail bar, all in one? 

That’s just a tiny bit of what tourists are in for at one of the most amazing cocktail bars in Edinburgh.

When it comes to the menu, there are a plethora of drinks that tourists can choose from. The most interesting part of these drinks remains that, the bar features about thirteen drinks – all of which are subject to change ever thirteen weeks. 

To take it a step further, the bar also ensures some of the best of the best ingredients are used when it comes to its products.

Whether it’s the mulled spiced hen’s eggs, coconut vinegar and so much more, a special touch is definitely obvious. 


Image Credit – Pixabay

Undoubtedly one of the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh, the ‘Nightcap,’ is a must-visit for tourists who are in the region for the first time. The bar is a rather deceptive drinking paradise, with its comparatively smaller entrance. 

Tourists enter through the entrance and are then greeted with a whole load of alcoves and snugs, that lie much below.

The bar remains open till the early hours of the morning and is considered to be a rare treat for the locals in the region. 

When it comes to the menu and the stunning spread that Edinburgh has to offer, tourists find themselves praising the wide array of concoctions available.

You could either head towards the top of the bar and enjoy some of Edinburgh’s bar history, or you could just grab a table in the lower section.

The Bon Vivant

The cocktail bars in Edinburgh cannot be talked about, without a mention of the ‘Bon Vivant.’

Popularly known to be a great place for one to enjoy good meal and drinks, the bar serves as a hotspot for a large number of tourists. 

Located on the ‘Thistle Street,’ the bar has attracted a number of locals and international tourists, over the years.

If there’s one thing that the owners of the bar have succeeded at, it’s got to be the innovative cocktail menu on the lists.

Travellers are blessed with some amazing and perfected classics, that are sure to leave you craving for more. 


Image Credit – Pixabay

This is one of the cocktail bars in Edinburgh, that can’t exactly be reached quite easily. Tourists will have to make their way through some irregular sights, in order to finally reach the bar.

The tailor’s shop is just one of the brass plaque’s that denote your closeness to the bar.

The ‘New Town,’ has been part of the to-do lists in Edinburgh for years together and remains a basement bar even today.

Panda and Sons

Panda and Sons
Image Credit – Pixabay

The ‘Panda and Sons,’ remains one amongst the deceptive cocktail bars in Edinburgh, that cant easily is located.

The bar most definitely carries the appearance of a vintage barbershop and thus, remains unknown for most tourists during their first visit.

The old school mystery to this bar is what makes it unique and distinct in nature.

Tourists are in for a treat and will genuinely enjoy the sheer ambience that this amazing bar has on its cards. 

Though the entrance of the bar isn’t exact;y a great sight, the charm and menu are what leaves one coming back for more!

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