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It is always a pleasure to find some yummy Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Edinburgh during your trip to the United Kingdom. As much as exploring foreign cuisines are exciting and fun, nothing beats the joy of eating comfort food. Now comfort food comes in different varieties, depends on what a person loves to eat. But for all the vegetarians and vegans out there, I’m sure you would always want to pre-prepare the list of restaurants you can get some comfort food from. You would be surprised to discover that this city came second in a list of the most vegan populated areas in the United Kingdom. The Scottish food trend is all about steak pies and Angus beef but that does not mean you can’t find some wonderful vegan and vegetarian options here. Here is a list of few restaurants in Edinburgh curated for you:

Victoria's street in Edinburgh: attractions to cover
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Henderson’s Salad Table:

Ever since 1962, this restaurant has two cafes and a deli in the city. Has always been serving lip-smacking contemporary vegan and vegetarian dishes that are the by-products of organic produce. This restaurant is a self-service basement salad bar with live music. Back then, the entire idea of this restaurant was known to super innovative as there were no vegan restaurants back then in Edinburgh. But now, the entire scene here has evolved. If you are here then try out their most famous signature dish- the vegan haggis, neeps and tatties. 


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This your vegan gastropub on Henderson Street in Leith which was established in 2017. This restaurant was given birth by its sister restaurant of Stereo & Co that is currently in Glasgow. The interior of this restaurant is filled with muted colour schemes. This restaurant is one of the best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants you can find in Edinburgh that serves you delicious vegan versions of burgers, fish & chips and, mac n cheese. 

A picture of baked scones: Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants
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Holy Cow:

Simplicity at its peak – this is one thing that comes to our mind when we see this cafe. The holy cow is an independent cafe located just a few minutes past the Edinburgh bus station and is at the heart of the city centre. Holy cow is the simplest cafe with the strongest of concepts- they are known to use the locally-sourced seasonal ingredients for every vegan meal made there. One of their speciality is the  ‘Muu burgers’ that come in various flavours, and their vegan desserts are to die for. It’s impressive what a small white-walled, wooden furniture cafe can offer. This cafe deserves a soft spot on your list of Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Edinburgh.


An Italian restaurant that is located close to Stockbridge that gives you the yummiest vegan pizzas ever made! Novapizza makes it vegan and vegetarian pizzas with locally-sourced ingredients. If you are craving for pepperoni or a mozzarella pizza, then Novapizza is where you should come. Novapizza is a small, family-run restaurant that has a very cosy atmosphere. Luckily they also have a very wide range of pizzas and white pizzas for you! 

Paradise Palms:

This place is certainly as a paradise for the youngsters as it serves Vegetarian American diner-style. Be aware of this restaurant as they play hip-hop and electronica music inside and have an amazing menu of drinks as well. What more do you need? The paradise palms are generally very crowded in the evenings and have a vegan ‘Lucky Pig’ menu. This restaurant easily makes it to the top of the Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants list that also serves drinks as a bonus. 

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David Bann:

This is not your typical cafe or restaurant when you can just expect only good food, this restaurant takes it up a notch and gives you a fine dining experience. Located off the Royal Mile, this restaurant offers you classic vegetarian and vegan dishes that will fill your heart and soul. This restaurant also happens to take inspiration for its dishes from all around the world and presents to you various trendy yet wholesome dishes and desserts. 

the royal mile: Edinbrugh's attraction
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Thrive Cafe: Bar:

It’s actually believed that vegan food options are quite boring, but this bar has turned that thought around. With fresh, vibrant vegan dishes that are delicious, this restaurant has broken the stigma once and for all. Their entire mission was to remove this stigma with their bowls and plant-based dishes. Apart from these yummy vegan bowls, there are vegan wines, craft brews and other drinks as well.

A bowl of vegan salad: Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants
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Kalpna Restaurant:

This is my comfort food! Out of all the Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants on this list, this one is my favourite. Why? They serve Indian vegan and vegetarian dishes here and that’s where my heart is. It is also one of Edinburgh’s most established institutions for their food. Ever since 1975, they have been using local produce where they could. Fun fact: their base menu remains standard as they build up new dishes they keep adding to their menu. 

Annakut Restaurant:

this is every Indian’s haven where you can get food based out of South India, Gujarat and Punjab. This restaurant is known for its plant-based dishes as well. But the main part is you being able to taste dishes like spicy keema, paneer bhurji and panipuri. How yummy would that be after a week or more of bland continental food? Annakut serves wonderful food that has good value with a lot of options like Thali, buffets and even a wide variety of ala-carte. For us, Indians visiting Edinburgh Annakut should be on top of the Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants list for sure.

The chirstmas market in Edinburgh
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Apart from the list above you can also explore- Roseleaf, film house cafe and bar, seeds for the soul and forest cafe as well. Hoping this list of restaurants gives you many reasons to celebrate Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Edinburgh. For more queries, you can contact us through WhatsApp. Be sure to book your personalised and customised trip to the united kingdom and pick out the packages that are best suited for you from Pickyourtrail.

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