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Colour palettes of 10 awe-striking destinations in the world revealed!

Colours. Colours are under-rated. They blend with nature and we often forget to realize that they are a separate entity by itself. So, what if we pause and look closer at an attraction than we normally do? See with all your heart and you will soon realize, colours do come to life.

Thanks to Expedia, we now get a peek into the different layers of colours in an attraction.

1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Spread over an incredible 10,582 square kilometres, Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat. Exceptionally flat, the landscape shimmers with shades of crimson and offers a striking reflection of the clear skies.

How to reach: Take a tour from one of these three places – Uyuni, San Pedro de Atacama, Tupiza.
Best time to visit: December to April
Price: The tour charges vary depending on the operator

2. Okavango Delta, Botswana

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Adorned with papyrus reed beds, lilies, lagoons, and rivers, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Okavango Delta is a wonderland set right in the laps of nature. Home to a wide range of species, the wilderness wetland is a peek into nature’s best.

How to reach: Ride from Maun on your own car or hop on a charter plane.
Best time to visit: July to September
Price: Okavango Delta is free to visit but you have to pay for camping

3. Lake Louise, Canada

At the epicentre of the Banff National Park is the tranquil turquoise lake of Louise. A crown jewel of Canada, Lake Louise is tantalizingly blue and just being in the aura is refreshing enough.

How to reach: Drive from the Calgary International airport or hop on a Greyhound shuttle from the airport.
Best time to visit: June to August
Price: Adults – $ 9.80

4. Provence, France

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As you tour along France, you will come in face with the lyrical landscapes of Provence blooming with rolling fields of lavender. Trace your way along the fields and you will be overwhelmed with joy.

How to reach: Make use of the TGV fast train or use the Eurostar service
Best time to visit: June to August
Price: Free

5. Halong Bay, Vietnam

One among the many natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay is a spectacular world heritage site. Go on a cruise along the bay during the sunset to soak in the perfect blend of colours. A mix of the emerald waters and the forest greenery is a perfect way to end the day.

How to reach: Take the bus from Hanoi to Halong City or ride on a seaplane from International Noi Bai airport.
Best time to visit: March to May & September to October
Price: You will be charged for cruising along the bay and it varies depending on the type of the cruise.

6. Vatnajökull, Iceland

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The largest glacier in Iceland and the third largest in Europe, the famous glacier of Vatnajökull is where time stands still. Painted in various shades of blue and white, the sight gives you a magical experience and you immediately feel being teleported to a whole different era.

How to reach: There are scheduled flights and buses from Reykjavik. Further, you can also hire a taxi.
Best time to visit: June to August
Price: Free

7. Arashiyama, Japan

Camouflaged with bamboo groves that soar into the sky, a stroll across Arashiyama is a class on different shades of green. In the company of the greenery, blooms an intimacy that is inexplicably perfect.

How to reach: There are regular buses and trains operating from Kyoto.
Best time to visit: March to May & September to November
Price: Free

8. Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Soaring into the skies at a spectacular 3,724 metres, the snowy white and blue natural escapade is a popular tourist destination. Bask in the purity of Mt. Cook and be awestruck by the serene Lake Pukaki which just elevates the whole atmosphere.

How to reach: There are frequent tours from Christchurch, Queenstown, and Wanaka.
Best time to visit: September to November
Price: The tour charges vary depending on the operator.

9. Benagil Cave, Portugal

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If you are okay to be trapped in one cave forever in your life, then it had to be the Benagil Cave. Carved by the thrashing of the waves, Benagil Sea Cave is an idyllic masterpiece and the ever-changing array of colours is pleasing to the eyes.

How to reach: Drive or hire a taxi till Benagil Village. From there, you have to enroll in a boat tour.
Best time to visit: June to September
Price: The tour charges vary depending on the operator.

10. Bryce Canyon, United States

Decorated with a series of natural amphitheatres, the crimson-coloured Bryce Canyon is an otherworldly landmark. Visit the attraction during sunrise or sunset and you will be overwhelmed with the splash of colours.

How to reach: Bryan Canyon Airport and Mac Carran International Airport are the closest to the canyon. There are buses available from Zion and Las Vegas.
Best time to visit: March to October
Price: Adults – $ 15, the parking charges are extra

What do you think about these colourful destinations? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, make use of these iconic itineraries to plan your vacation.

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*All the pictures in the article were originally published at Expedia.


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