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Day Trip from Dubrovnik for a Perfect Dubrovnik Holiday

Dubrovnik, regarded as one of the best cities in south Croatia is nothing short of a paradise. The cobblestone lanes, ancient baroque churches, sweeping views of Adriatic Sea, sophisticated city walls and forts, vibrant nightlife and alluring beachside properties will make you fall in love with this city. Another interesting aspect of this city is, there are plenty of options available for a day trip from Dubrovnik. This includes islands like Lokrum, Places with rich histories like Montenegro and colourful and quaint villages. In this article, we explore these assorted destinations that are suitable for a day trip from Dubrovnik.

Day Trip from Dubrovnik

  • Mostar
  • Montenegro
  • Cavtat
  • The Island of Lokrum
  • Korčula
  • Mljet National Park


Mostar is a quaint historical town that gives you a sneak peek of another international destination, Bosnia Herzegovina. You will be amazed at the cultural diversity and fascinating history the town boasts. The west end of the town is major catholic comprising of neoclassic cathedrals while the eastern end is predominantly Arab culture with ancient mosques and masjids. The ionic river Neretva bisects the town and historical old bridge, Stari Most connects the two parts of the town. Other highpoints of the city include the old Bazaar, perfect for souvenir shopping and local gifts and the famous Mosque of Mostar.

Credits: Pixabay

The UNESCO heritage site is 130 kilometres away from Dubrovnik and there are more than 4 buses available costing in the range of 8 – 14 Euros. Alternatively, you can opt for a train journey that is relatively faster and takes around 2 hours to reach Mostar.


To visit this hidden gem you need to cross international boundaries and step into the Balkan country of Montenegro. This tiny magical country is less than two hours drive from Dubrovnik. Rocky cliffs facing the Adriatic sea, a cluster of red-roofed houses, sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters, Pristine forests combine to form jaw-dropping sceneries. Few major towns in the country include the medieval town of Budva that is known to have a great nightlife as well, Durmitor known as the adventure capital where you can try hiking, swimming, rafting and other adventures.

Credits: Pixabay

The best way to explore Montenegro is through a guided tour from Dubrovnik that includes to and fro transportation as well. Though you may lose the luxury of exploring at your pace, guided tour ensures the most important attractions are covered and the entire day is properly planned.


If you are looking for a relaxing day without much travel, then Cavtat town to the south of Croatia is the town you should be in. Regular ferries and buses are available and can be reached in less than an hour. Nestled between mountains and harbour, it forms a perfect setting to relax in the laps of nature. however, if you are feeling adventurous, you can try your hand at paddleboarding, biking and kayaking. if you are history buff, fret not, you have Rector’s Palace and Racic Mausoleum, artworks of famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. There are a couple of beaches within the city where you can relax and sunbathe.

Credits: Pixabay

The Island of Lokrum

The Island of Lokrum is a tiny island at a short distance of 600 Meters from Dubrovnik. It takes 15 mins short ferry ride, costing a nominal fee of 5 euros to reach the island. Few enthusiasts even paddle across and reach this island. Island is full of olive trees giving it a lush green appearance. The famous TV series game of thrones was partly filmed here and hence the recent surge in popularity.

The Island of Lokrum
Credits: Pixabay

There is no provision to stay here overnight. Hence, keep an eye on the last ferry to ensure you don’t miss it. Though the island is known for bachelor friendly places like nude beaches, smoking is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence. A day trip from Dubrovnik is perfect to the Island of Lokrum as you get to explore different aspects of nature in a small island.


The 20 miles long and 4 -5-mile narrow island is the sixth-largest island in Croatia. Korcula could be a perfect day trip from Dubrovnik for people looking for a secluded getaway. Locals call it mini-Dubrovnik due similarity in appearance of both the cities. There are many interesting stories that made Korcula popular, most exciting of those being it was the birthplace of the great explorer Marco Polo. Hence, you find in numerous monuments and structures named after him.

The old town is the centre of attraction in Korcula, charming stone houses and pretty red-roofs with Adriatic sea in the back-drop makes it a perfectly picturesque location. You can catch a catamaran and reach Korcula in less than two hours from Dubrovnik. Alternatively, you can self-drive or hop on a daily bus to Korcula that takes the same time as the catamaran.

Mljet National Park

Mljet National park came into existence in the 1960s and since then has been must-visit attraction flocking millions of people who visit Dubrovnik. It is one of eight national parks in Croatia and also at the southernmost tip of Adriatic sea. The central part of the park is the touristy region of the park. It houses the famous Isle of St.Mary and the villages of Polače and Pomena.

Mljet national park is full of adventure, you can explore the park by cycling around it. In summers, you have the opportunity to scuba dive explore the aquatic life in the park. Cave exploring can be an intriguing activity in this national park.

There are at least 3 ferries that operate between Dubrovnik and Mljet national park, hence accessibility shouldn’t be an issue. However, you can rent a vehicle and drive to the park but you need to find an appropriate public garage to park your vehicle as the national park doesn’t permit the vehicles.

You still have plenty of options for a day trip from Dubrovnik and it depends on your length of stay on how much you can explore. If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik anytime hope on to Pickyourtrail and check out our Croatia packages page. You can also drop an inquiry on Whatsapp for more info about an international destination or Alternatively you can refer to our guides page too.

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