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Nightlife in Croatia
Written by Krishna Teja on June 4, 2020 Share on

Nightlife in Croatia: 9 Best Places to Party like None!

Croatia is the hot new destination for every traveller’s bucket list. It is undoubtedly the best place to party on nature’s lap. With glorious Adriatic Coastline, scenic National Parks and dazzling cities with architectural wonders, this great nation is a gem. While you roam around UNESCO sites during the day, the Nightlife in Croatia won’t bore you either. The Lively cities of Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, wake up with buzz and energy once the sun sets down. Apart from the best things in Croatia, here are the best places where the Nightlife in Croatia is filled with parties that never end and fun that never stops!


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9 Best Places to Party in Croatia

  • Deep Makarska: Party On Another Level
  • Noa Beach Club, Pag Island: Where All The Action Is 
  • Boogaloo, Zagreb: A Live Music Venue
  • Aquarius, Zagreb: A Picturesque Backdrop 
  • Alcatraz, Zagreb: For the Cozy you
  • Academia Club Ghetto, Split: With Bohemian Room Decor
  • Banje Beach Restaurant and Nightclub, Dubrovnik: A Chilled Out Club
  • Kiva Bar: For A Great Experience
  • Carpe Diem: For Fantastic Outdoor Seating

1. Deep Makarska: Party On Another Level 

Deep Makarska on the Dalmatian Coast
Image Credits: Unsplash

The only port town of Makarska is on the Dalmatian coast is all of the surprising beaches. On the other side, as the sun goes down, it takes ‘party throughout the night’ to a different level. This is a secret party in a natural cave and is one of the best Nightlife clubs. Famously known as the Rave Cave, the place is always throbbing with the latest beats and stunning visuals. The cave also serves extraordinary beverages, marvellous music and views that can’t be beaten. This is where the best nightlife in Croatia is seen and has taken top rankings as of date. 

Where is it? Šetalište fra Jure Radića 5a, 21300, Makarska, Croatia 

When? 9 am-5 am 


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2. Noa Beach Club, Pag Island: Where All The Action Is 

One of the most sultry Croatia beaches, Zrce seashore, is known the world over for the best clubs and diversion choices throughout the day. During the sizzling summer months, the beach has a variety of music parties like Croatia Rocks and Electro Beach. Sitting right next to the ocean, this fantastic club redefines Croatia nightlife like no other place. Spread across 11 bars with exceptional beverages, dance-worthy music and the shining beach of Croatia below. This is the best places to party in Croatia and is also light on your pockets.

Where is it? Zrce Beach, Novalja, Island of Pag 53291, Croatia 
When? 10 am-6 am 

3. Boogaloo, Zagreb: A Live Music Venue 

Nightlife in Zagreb, Boogaloo
Image Credits: Unsplash

An astounding place with a peculiar name, popularly known for the Nightlife scenes in Zagreb. A movie theatre now turned to a party featuring the top Local Bands. Boogaloo offers everything from hard rock to punk and techno music. There are themed evenings where the DJ appears with tracklist making this one blistering destination with incredible music and drinks. 

Where is it? Ul. Grada Vukovara 68, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia 

4. Aquarius, Zagreb: A Picturesque Backdrop 

With its pleasant ambience along Jarun Lake, this two-story party house that can accommodate 2000 individuals on the weekends. It is here that you get the opportunity to observe the various and phenomenal scope of music that keeps up the Croatian nightlife. Be it DJ set by universal stars that set the stage ablaze with Rock music keeps your feet kicking. Undoubtedly, the best party places in Croatia and Sundays are not to be missed here. 

Where is it? Aleja Matije Ljubeka, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia 
When? 9AM-11PM (Mon-Thurs); 9AM-6AM (Fri-Sat); Sunday shut 

5. Alcatraz, Zagreb: For the Cozy you

Party life in Alcatraz, Zagreb
Image Credits: Unsplash

This cosy bar is more than three stories which offer you a vibe and experience on each level. With a stylistic theme, lovely staff, energetic crowd and inexpensive drinks, this is similar to what Croatia nightlife has to offer. The basement is the best spot for the Rock music addicts and retro fans, while the ground floor plays to relax and the first floor resonates with hip-hop music and RnB. Each floor has a different vibe to bring out the vibe in you. Enjoying here could be perhaps the best thing in Croatia. 

Where is it? Preradovićeva ul. 12, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia 
When? 7AM-4AM (Mon-Sat), 9AM-12AM (Sunday)

6. Academia Club Ghetto, Split: With Bohemian Room Decor

When in Split, The nightlife allures all wild partiers to visit this one of a kind club meant to resemble an underground waterhole with its bohemian room style offering you an absolute party environment. Excellent staff, the incredible choice of music, less priced beverages, superb mixed drinks and benevolent vibes make this club stand separated from others. You can appreciate unrecorded music past 10 pm at this crazy, refined club and section along at the cosy move region. 

Where is it? Dosud Ulica 10, 21000, Split, Croatia
When? 9AM-1AM (Sun-Thurs); 10AM-2AM (Fri-Sat)

7. Banje Beach Restaurant and Nightclub, Dubrovnik: A Chilled Out Club 

Banje Beach Restaurant in Dubrovnik
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is one of the best chilled out place on the beach in Dubrovnik which magically changes to an ultra-stylish night club before sunset where you steps with some famous people. You can taste the best Croatian cuisine here. Situated by the Dubrovnik beach, the rooftop bar is the best place for entrancing views and cocktails. The exciting is a place where DJs set the floor on fire and the night takes off before you know it. This cut of Dubrovnik’s Croatian nightlife must not be missed at any expense. 

Where is it? Frana Supila 10A, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia 
When? Daily, 10 am-5 am 

8. Kiva Bar: For A Great Experience 

This comfortable stone bar is jam-pressed with party swarms on most days of the week. It is a phenomenal encounter of Croatian nightlife where the young and the old moves like nobody’s looking. The euphoric air, extraordinary music and friendly vibes of Kiva Bar make it an incredible hit among local people and to the visitors as well. Kiva offers awesome beverage choices and music that gets the groups hurrying people to the dance floors every night. 

Where is it? Croatia, Fabrika 26, 21450, Hvar, Croatia 
When? 9PM-2:30AM (Summer); 9AM-2:30AM (Winter, Mon-Fri) 

9. Carpe Diem: For Fantastic Outdoor Seating 

A ferry from the city takes you this marvellous club with has a unique view on the marina with a fabulous open-air setting. As night falls, House music, the party vibes and beverages to take you to a cheerful spot where dance till you sweat till the beats drop. The chicest bar in Hvar that likewise is the most happening club around evening time visited by celebrities, Carpe Diem is probably the best spot for Hvar Croatia nightlife. 

Where is it? Riva 32, 21450, Hvar, Croatia 
When? Daily, 9 am-2 am 


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