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Day Trip from Toronto for Perfect Canada Vacation

Toronto, the capital city of Cannada located in southern Ontario is just a couple of hours from pristine nature, quaint towns and local culture and lifestyle. Toronto is a colourful, vibrant city with a rich history. The city is filled with parks, museums, gardens and also beaches. No wonder Toronto is an amazing city but It has also beautiful places in and around it for a one-day short vacation. In this article, we will explore the options available for a day trip from Toronto while also focusing on means of commuting to these attractions.

Day Trips from Toronto
Credits: Pixabay

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Day Trip from Toronto

  • Niagara Falls
  • Niagara Winery tour
  • Blue Mountain Village
  • Muskoka
  • Ferris Provincial Park
  • Rattlesnake Point
  • Caledon

Niagara Falls

One of the most famous waterfalls is just 130 Kilometers away from Toronto. The waterfall is known for its magnificent views and a must-visit destination for everyone visiting Toronto. There are two things we advise you to do on your trip to Niagara falls,

  • Experience the Hornblower Boat Tour, one unique experience to watch the falls up close.
  • Dine-in restaurants with Niagara in the backdrop: Surely an experience that will last a lifetime and pictures here can make insta followers envious.
Niagara Falls
Credits: Pixabay

Niagara is easily accessible from Toronto. You either catch a train, a bus – the most economical way to commute to Niagara, Car hire/Taxi – the fastest way to reach Niagara.

Niagara can be visited anytime throughout the year. However, summer offers a better view of the waterfall when the discharge is at full flow. Surely one of the best day trip from Toronto you would want to miss.

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Niagara Winery tour

If you are interested in tasting some authentic wines of Ontario region, then Niagara Winery tour is a good activity to consider. There are 20 valleys producing distinct wines and exclusive only this part of the globe. This tour is an enlightening and gives us a glimpse into the process of winemaking, the stellar, the kitchen and also about the life of the winegrower.

The tour costs roughly around 100 USD per person, this includes chocolate and cheese tasting as well. Most of the operators start this tour from Niagara falls, hence you can combine these tour while you visit the Majestic Niagara falls.

Blue Mountain Village

Blue Mountain Village is located on the southern region of Ontario. Set on the Escarpments of Niagara falls, the village promises stunning views of surrounding landscapes. For adventure enthusiast, this would be an ideal day trip. The village is also known to host fun events ideal for families. During the summers there are plenty of activities available that includes mountain roller coasters, rock climbing, caving, hiking etc. While winters you can find activities like skiing, ice skating. In a nutshell, Blue Mountain village is one of the best day trips from Toronto be it be any season.

Blue Village
Credits: Pixabay

They are regular shuttles available from Toronto to the Blue Mountains and it will take just over two hours to reach the Blue Mountain Village.

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Muskoka is a beautiful set of villages on the Ontario coast. All villages are unique and distinctly beautiful. The villages are known for its beautiful cottages where you relax on the deck and enjoying the sweeping views and skyline. A visit Muskoka is never without the boat ride/cruise ride on the scenic lakes. However, if you are carving for more adventure you can try paddling and enjoy the scenery at your own pace. There are a lot less explored hiking trails almost in any corner of the village, you can hike around freely and capture awe-inspiring views of surrounding valleys. With lakefront promenade and restaurants, Muskoka can be the perfect place to re-energise yourself.

Credits: Pixabay

Trains, Buses and taxi are available at regular intervals, But taxis are convenient and also an economical way of reaching Muskoka.

Ferris Provincial Park

Ferris Park is a park full of adventure and unadulterated nature. Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge tops the list of attractions in Ferris park. Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is also part the longest recreational trail, The Great Trail. Take a walk across the bridge and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. You have to endure a short hike before you reach the bridge and get amazed by the picturesque setting.

The park is open throughout the year and irrespective of the season, hike on these lands will surely leave you awe-struck. The best way to reach Ferris park is through self-drive, as you witness amazing Canadian countryside and you hike at your pace without fear of missing your transport.

Rattlesnake Point

If you are looking for some rock climbing adventure, Rattlesnake point is a perfect destination. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will able to find locations that will suit your difficulty level. However, the location may be bit crowded owing to its proximity from Toronto. In case if you are feeling weary, there are enough locations rest for a while and enjoy the picturesque views.

Rattlesnake Point is just an hour drive from Toronto and can be easily accessed by taxis.

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Caledon is a small town in the Ontario region of Canada. One of the best days trip from Toronto to enjoy the Canadian countryside. The town is known to produce the best cider in the country as the town is filled with Apple orchids. You can wander around the apple orchids pick your own apples and enjoy the calm and peaceful ambience. However, the town is also famous for delicious, hence make time to explore the local food as well.

Caledon is just 60 Kilometers away from Toronto and an ideal destination for relaxing day trip from Toronto.

Toronto is one of the easily accessible destinations in Canada and is blessed with rich culture and nightlife along with equally refreshing parks and gardens. Hope this article has given a fair idea of what you can expect from Toronto, If you planning a vacation to Canada, log on to Pickyourtrail and build your own customised itinerary. However, if you need expert guidance you can reach out us on chat or through Whatsapp. You can also check out packages pages for exciting itineraries to other international destinations.

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