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Enjoy Short Getaways With The List of Best Day Trips From Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a beautiful city to visit, but it’s also a strong base for travelling across the Southwest. You can take a day trips from Phoenix to some of the most beautiful places in Arizona.

Phoenix excursions can range from a full-day Grand Canyon ride to a half-day scenic drive to a nearby town for lunch.

1. Apache Trail

Once used by the Apache Indians, the trail links the edge of the Greater Phoenix Region, or the Apache Junction, with Theodore Roosevelt Lake, after winding through the Superstition Mountains and the Tonto National Forest. Running over 64 kilometres (40 miles) of a steep, winding, mostly unpaved path, the trail is not for the faint of heart — but it is worth taking the day trips to Phoenix to visit Apache trail. On your trip, you can see majestic igneous mountains, thick saguaros and Ferocactus trees, and many stunning blue lakes.

Apache Trail, Phoenix
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2. Lake Pleasant

Travel through the water at breakneck speeds at Lake Nice. Great for powerboats and fishing trips alike, Lake Fun attracts outdoors every year and every summer. Join the fun and load all your water sports toys for the time of your life on 4,000 hectares (10,000 acres) of pristine waters. You’ll never get bored with 185 kilometres (116 miles) perfect for hikes, picnics, beaches and camping. At Lake Friendly, family fun is a must, and taking a day trips from phoenix is conveniently located less than an hour, you’ll want to come back again and again.

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Lake, Phoenix
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3. Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Casa Grande or “Great Home” taking day trips from phoenix is just as it is surrounded by mystery and wonder as little is known about the ruins. Standing above its surroundings, proud and strong, Casa Grande is appropriately called. Although tourists seriously damaged the structure while looking for souvenirs to take home. Today ruins are protected not only from visitors but also from direct weather.

Ruins National Monument, Day Trips from Phoenix
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4. Tombstone, AZ

Visit Tombstone, Arizona for the Old West experience. In 1881, Tombstone hosted a gunfight between lawmakers and a party of outlaws called the “cowboys” who kept Tombstone on the map almost 150 years later. With many iconic structures like the Bird Cage Theater still standing — and still in use — you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time. While in town, explore the Old West by riding a horse-drawn stagecoach, watching the reenactments of the famous gunfight, and hanging out with locals in 19th-century clothing. Where history never dies, Tombstone is a cool, interactive destination. Day trips from Phoenix to Tombstone is about 2 hours drive.

5. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the most visited natural attraction in the southwestern United States and one of the world’s seven natural wonders. If you’ve just got time for a day trip from Phoenix and you haven’t seen it before, you should certainly have time to visit the Grand Canyon.

Day trips from Phoenix, by car, this trip takes a full day, but the drive is amazing. You can do this as a fast ride back and forth along the interstates or schedule a few detours and turn the journey into a loop.

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Grand Canyon, Day Trips from Phoenix
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6. Sedona

One of the most popular easy days trips from Phoenix to Sedona. It is surrounded by striking red rock mountains, cut through the meandering Oak Creek, and said to contain vortexes, Sedona is one of the most scenic and fascinating towns in the Southwest.

The main street consists mostly of tourist shops and restaurants. Also, home to crystal vendors, fortune tellers, and other exclusive retail outlets that you can’t find elsewhere. Including places to purchase mystical gifts or get aura images and aura readings.

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Sedona, Day Trips from Phoenix
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7. Jerome

Day trips from Phoenix to Jerome, perched on the hillside, overlooking the valley below and the distant mountains is the former mining town of Jerome. Abandoned and left to become a ghost town, Jerome finds a new life through tourism.

The winding road that passes through the city. It is a mixture of rustic and renovated buildings that have been turned into small shops. The town has been revamped enough to make it fun for visitors, but still retains some of the charms of the Old West.

Jerome, Day Trips from Phoenix
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8. Saguaro National Park, Tucson

Hikers and anyone who loves saguaros and desert scenery can enjoy a day trips from Phoenix to the Saguaro National Park, near Tucson. 

Scenic drives through the park offer breathtaking views of the cactus-covered mountains. Also, hiking trails provide a chance to get out into the serenity of the desert and see some of the wildlife and plants in close proximity.

9. Montezuma Castle National Monument

This native American Cliffe is one of the most impressive in the region of Phoenix. You can’t go inside the buildings, but you can see it from almost immediately below. Also,  it’s not far up the wall, you can get very close.

It’s extremely easy to navigate, too. The site is located just off Interstate 17, about 1.5 hours north of central Phoenix and worth taking a day trips to Phoenix. The park has a visitor centre and a picnic area with large trees that provide plenty of shade.

Montezuma Castle, Day Trips from Phoenix
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10. Missions of San Xavier del Bac

If you’re in love with Spanish culture. Learning about history or looking to get in touch with your Catholic roots. Then San Xavier Mission is a must-see piece of 18th-century architecture. Established in 1692 as a Catholic mission by Father Eusebio Kino. Also, the new building around the originals did not begin until 1783 and is now a national historic landmark. Inside, the church is made of two different colours of stone, which gives life to the intricate stonework carved on the face of the building.

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San Xavier, Day Trips from Phoenix
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11. Pima Air and Space Museum

While being on a road trip, it is completely important to avoid talking about the innovation that reinvented travel forever. At The Pima Air & Space Museum, you’ll hear about the flight history of over 300 aircraft.

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