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Boston In Winter 2024: A Guide To The Oldest City In Massachusetts

Imagine how good it would be if the weather around you changes every five minutes! The weather in Boston gets as cold as it can during winter and everything tops in the city, making it one of the best cities in America. So, if you are planning a getaway to Boston during winter, we suggest you pack the warmest and cosiest of your clothes. Plan a holiday to Boston and make many best moments by visiting the following amazing places in the city! Let’s start the tour, shall we?

City of Boston
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Must-visit places in Boston during winter

1. Skywalk Observatory

The first place suggested by both the locals and the tourists is the Skywalk Observatory. The observatory gives a mesmerizing view of the whole city from about fifty stories above the street! The Skywalk Observatory is at the top of the Prudential Centre and gives you a glimpse of Boston’s history and culture. The Observatory is a sky-high vantage point that comes with an audio tour and provides a 360° view of Boston.

2. Museum

Boston is home to many museums that display the city’s deep history and culture. Visit some of the famous museums in Boston, including the Museum of fine arts, the Harvard Museum of natural history, and the John F Kennedy presidential library and museum to get a taste of the city’s history. If you are an art lover, don’t miss the famous Institute of Contemporary Art! If you are bringing along your kids on this trip, do visit the Children’s Museum of Boston that offers experimental learning, rare exhibits, and much more to make your kid jump in joy! 

3. The Taza Chocolate Factory

Everyone loves chocolate, so who would say no to an all-round tour of the Taza chocolate factory, where you can also taste-test their amazing creations? When in Boston, do visit the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville to get a glimpse of their stone grinding chocolate techniques and a quick guided tour of the factory. Try their dark chocolate bars, Mexican discs, and chocolate-covered nuts or regret it later!

Things to do in Boston during winter

Are you confused about how to make the best out of your quick getaway to Boston? Read to find out!

1. L.A Burdick

Boston is a heaven for chocolate lovers, as you would have guessed by now. Satiate the chocolate lover in you by stopping at the L.A Burdick cafe and taking a sip of their hot chocolate!  This place is the favourite hangout spot for both locals and tourists alike, so don’t forget to treat your taste buds! What’s better than a cup of hot chocolate to cosy up with your loved one in the winter at the Boston?!

2. Boston Sailing Centre

Boston Sailing Centre
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Now, this might sound crazy, but what’s more adventurous than frostbite sailing in winter in Boston? The Boston Sailing Centre is one of the city’s famous winter attractions, attracting tourists from all over the world. You can zip along, sailing across the city and take in Boston’s cityscape from the water! You can also meet fellow sailors, take sailing lessons, and enjoy your time in the city!

3. Prudential Centre

Shopaholics, are you ready for some retail therapy?! The Prudential Center features over 75 shops, restaurants, and cafes. You will find many luxury stores like Gucci, Dior, and much more. You can also find many budget-friendly stores like Sephora and Zara. This place is the perfect spot to spend a relaxed shopping day with your family. The markets here have colourful lights during Christmas, so by visiting the city in winter, you will get to indulge in the city’s festive cheer along with the locals!

4. Brattle Theatre

The brattle theatre is an 18 minutes drive from the city and is at the Harvard square. This theatre is known for its uniqueness, as it still uses a rear-projection system to screen independent, foreign, and classic films. So, do visit the Brattle theatre, and sit back in the vintage seating arrangement to watch a movie to get the authentic Old Boston experience!

5. Boston Common Frog Pond

You will find snow everywhere during winter in Boston. What is more synonymous with snow than ice-skating? Visit the Boston Common Frog Pond to indulge in some fun ice skating! The pond also conducts various events in winter and also has free Wi-fi. If you are looking forward to meeting and making friends with some locals, the Boston Common Frog Pond is the best!

6. Breweries

Image Source: Unsplash

Spend your evenings in Boston cosying up with your loved one while sipping some authentic Boston beer at any one of the city’s famous breweries like the Cambridge Brewing Co or the Harpoon Brewery! Get a glimpse of the city’s nightlife and spend your time in the city like a local by visiting these famous breweries. Book your trip today at USA Holiday packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How cold does it get in Boston?

The climate in Boston during winter can get extremely cold. The average temperature can drop up to the freezing temperature (0°C or 32 °F), and blizzards are very common here during winter.

2. What is there to do in Boston in December?

There’s a lot to do in Boston in December. You can visit the Quincy Market, walk around Back Bay in the snow, ride the Holiday Lights Trolley, watch The Nutcracker at the Boston Opera House, visit the Stone Zoo, or be part of the various famous winter festivals in Boston.

3. What are the famous things in Boston?

Boston is known for its famous baked beans, The Boston Marathon, chocolates, hot chocolate drinks, beer, and a lot more.

4. Is Boston colder than New York?

Yes, Boston tends to be colder than New York in the peak of winter, with an average difference of 3-4 degrees.

5. Which is the coldest month in Boston?

January is the coldest month in Boston, with the average daily temperature going below 0 degrees Celsius.

6. How long would I need to spend in Boston to get the best out of my trip?

You would need a minimum of four days and three nights to get the best out of your trip to Boston, as the city has many attractions and tourist places to visit. There’s always something to explore, so stay as long as you could!

Snow covered road
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