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Dubai Entertainment Places – Discover The Fun Side Of Dubai

Haven’t you seen the real fun side of Dubai yet? Then you are surely missing out on something in life. And, especially when you are an avid fun lover, you must try visiting Dubai and enjoy all the fun things that this fun city has for you. Being home to a large number of sightseeing places, mosques, museums, Christmas markets, stunning beaches, many cafes and restaurants to chill out and exciting nightlife, you will never fall short of entertainment places in Dubai.

Entertainment places in Dubai

But, how do you keep yourself entertained when you are in Dubai? Here we are to suggest the top fun things to do to make your Dubai holiday memorable. Now, check out these Dubai entertainment places.

Table of contents
1. The nightlife
2. Malls in Dubai
3. Family-friendly destinations
4. Kid-friendly destinations
5. Water Parks in Dubai

1. The nightlife

Nightlife in Dubai is the most popular entertainment thing to do. With this beautiful city shining more beautifully in lights and you sitting in the middle of lights, having dinner and enjoying music or finding yourself in a party club surrounded by all friendly people, having a drink and enjoying music, is everything about how one can spend nights in Dubai.

  • Dhow cruise in Dubai Water Canal
  • Dubai night clubs

Dhow cruise in Dubai Water Canal

One of the most fun things to do is taking a Dhow cruise along the most beautifully lit path which would let you witness the entirely different views of the city along with Tanura dance show, puppets shows, dinner, music and many more. As you sail, you will realise how beautiful it is to see Dubai in lights. One of the places where you can take a Dhow cruise is the Dubai Water Canal.

Photo by Pranav Madhu on Unsplash

Dubai night clubs

Enjoy a little nightlife in Dubai nightclubs and stay awake all night until the sun shows up the next day. Partying in Dubai is so fun like no other. And, Dubai is indeed filled with a big list of nightclubs such as Armani Nightclub, Cavalli Club, Club 360, White Dubai Nightclub and many others.

2. Malls in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai is just unavoidable entertainment. It is more exciting and fun than you can ever imagine. Also here, don’t restrict yourself to just shopping as they are many more things that you can do to pass your time. Be it shopping for real or just window shopping or having fun or catching a movie, Dubai has the best malls to offer.

  • The Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Festival City Mall

The Dubai Mall

Here comes one of the largest malls in the world which attracts millions of visitors every year which is The Dubai Mall. It would almost be impossible to find an itinerary without Dubai Mall included. Not just among tourists but even the locals find it really fun to shop and also enjoy the ice skating rink, KidZania, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo or just a movie at the cinemas.

The Dubai Mall
Photo by Ali Rizvi on Unsplash

Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall, located along the banks of the Dubai creek, is a place where you can enjoy shopping at its best. Even the street it is located is filled with an array of cafes and restaurants for you to chill out. And, inside the mall, you can shop in the best branded-retails or just grab of cup of coffee or a meal and spend your evening.

3. Family-friendly destinations

On a Dubai holiday with family? Confused on where to visit with family? Sightseeing and Burj Khalifa are the best that we would suggest. There are other things that you must check out here.

  • Beaches
  • Desert safari


Dubai, apart from being a place for some sky touching buildings and amazing resorts, stands as home to some of the best beaches in the whole of UAE. Here, you need not worry about the cleanliness as the beaches are neatly maintained and absolutely fun-packed. Some of the best beaches that you can visit are Al Mamzar Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina, Mercato Beach and many more.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one of the people’s favourite activities and one of the best Dubai entertainment things. Here, you can enjoy adrenaline-rush activities with the perfect vibe of the desert. Some of the best things here are Stargazing Safari, Arabian dinner, Camel ride, Hot-air ballooning and many more.

Desert Safari
Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

4. Kid-friendly destinations

Kids are themselves fun, aren’t they? But how do we keep them stay entertained and enthusiastic? After all, we don’t want to give them some boring trip memories in childhood, right? So, take them to these kid-friendly destinations which they would absolutely fall in love with.

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • Ski Dubai

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Do you know that Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is World’s second-largest aquarium? Yes, that’s true. This place holds a breathtaking view of marine life with 140 species in a 10-million-litre aquarium tank. Not just about this but you can also enjoy several activities like shark-cage diving, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Photo by Moon on Unsplash

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is located in The Mall of Emirates which is a theme park that’s absolutely kid-friendly. This place is also said to be the world’s largest indoor ski and has a snow park area filled with many snow rides and activities. Also, don’t miss the Penguin show while you visit.

5. Water Parks in Dubai

Okay. You are visiting a hot city like Dubai which is not its seasonal weather but stays hot all year round. What could be your possible escape? Water, right? And especially when one can’t spend all their time in Dubai beaches or already have had enough of beach breeze, don’t you think it’s time for something more fun and exciting? That’s exactly why water parks in Dubai are extremely popular with kids and adults alike.

  • Aquaventure Water Park
  • Splash ‘n’ Party

Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Water Park is Dubai’s largest waterpark and stands as home to some thrilling and fun water rides and slides like Aquaconda, spin on the Torrent River, the tower of Neptune and many more. Forget swimming and diving for a while. The park also offers zip-lining which is yet another fun thing that you can do here.

Splash 'n' Party
Image Credits: Google Images

Splash ‘n’ Party

As the name speaks for itself, here you can enjoy waters and also do parties. Yes, you heard it right. This water park is pretty much beyond just the waters. So, if you are here for a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries, surprise the person by throwing a party and even host it for them.

Isn’t Dubai really a fun city? Are you planning for some entertainment places to take a break from city life? Then these places would have surely given you a hint of where to head to. So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit these places and realize why Dubai entertainment is all hyped. What next?

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