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A picture with my husband at the beach
Written by Amirthavarshini on August 4, 2020 Share on

Our Staycation experience in Dubai – How we unlocked safe travel with Pickyourtrail

This article is all about how my husband and I enjoyed a beautiful Staycation at the DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island in Dubai. We are hardcore travel lovers. We believed that the best gift that we could give each other was a lifetime of adventures. Unfortunately, the trip we planned in April was hampered due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus. And, we were stuck at home. Being cooped up in the house was getting stressful. So we decided to take a Dubai staycation with Pickyourtrail. 

Pic with my husband during Dubai Staycation

Planning and booking a Staycation with Pickyourtrail

We are repeat customers of Pickyourtrail. Initially, we had travelled to places like Vietnam, Cambodia and other parts of the world with them. Every time we booked a holiday with Pickyourtrail, we had a hassle-free experience. One day, I got to know about their Dubai staycations idea through their e-mail campaigns. One of their employees contacted me and advised a staycation deal for us. For someone who missed a vacation due to COVID, this was a huge treat. So, without any second thought, I confirmed the deal. I always admire their professionalism and passion to craft holidays. We had a support group on Whatsapp and their proactive team made our lives easier.

TV monitor in our room

Why Dubai?

We decided to choose a Staycation in Dubai since the country relaxed their lockdown rules after the numbers started going down. Also, Dubai being an outrageous and extravagant country, it always had a special place in our hearts. So why not? We checked for the staycation options in Pickyourtrail’s website and picked the best one. And Voila, we were all set to kick off Corona and make beautiful memories in Dubai!

The Beautiful Stay

The property we chose to stay was simply awesome. It had all modern amenities and most importantly the best views right outside our room window. Everything was so clean and well-maintained. Swimming in the resort rejuvenated us, it gave us incomparable joy and happiness. We spent most of the time swimming in the pool that was right next to the beach. To sum up, we lived the most beautiful days of our lives in a perfect sanitised place.

The view of swimming pool and beach

Safety factor at the property

The room which we chose was so clean and comfortable with all modern amenities. Restaurant staff and others maintained proper social distancing. Guests were made to sit in the alternative tables and the count of diners was literally halved. Proper COVID-19 checks aligned with the protocol were made at the tourist attractions on a daily basis by the Government. We underwent multiple temperature checks and were provided with sanitizers in all the places. Thus, our Dubai Staycation was totally safe and we enjoyed our stay without any fear of the virus.

luxurious room during Dubai Staycation

The Pickyourtrail Surprise

On the day we arrived, Pickyourtrail us delighted in all possible ways. They gave us a complimentary room upgrade to a Deluxe sea view room. In an amazingly beautiful room with unbelievable views, we found the true colours of happiness. Additionally, they surprised us with a chocolate hamper which we never expected. That was indeed a sweet gesture by the team.

the delicious chocolate hamper

Finally, at the end of the trip, it hit our hearts that it doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you. Although our international travel plan was spoiled by the pandemic, the staycation at Dubai by Pickyoutrail was a lovely treat for us. There was never a point where we doubted regarding our safety. Everything was taken care of so well, that we enjoyed a peaceful, hassle-free vacation.

Worrying about your cancelled holiday? Bored being at home? Staycations are indeed safe-vacations. Wanna book your own staycation and enjoy? Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your COVID-free staycation right away. Connect with us directly via Whatsapp and we will help answer your queries. Alternatively, Sign up here for members-only access to the super staycation deals near you!

#UnlockSafeTravel with Pickyourtrail.