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E Visa to Uzbekistan For Indians – Now Travel is Made Easier!

Uzbekistan followed UAE’s move to offer the 48-hour transit visa. This was majorly used to increase the footfall into the country. Tourists were seen to opt for longer transit time to avail of this amazing opportunity. Sometime back the E Visa to Uzbekistan was launched and this has been a boon to many travellers. The E Visa is extended to 51 countries including India. Apart from this, there is also another system called the 5-day transit visa. This can be taken up by any tourist who is travelling to a third destination connecting Uzbekistan.

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Get the E Visa to Uzbekistan to visit this amazing Architecture
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All you need to know about the E Visa

From when is the E Visa to Uzbekistan valid?

The Government has been issuing the E Visa to Uzbekistan from 15th July 2018. The validity of this is 30 days minimum and 90 days maximum.

How long does it take for the E Visa to be Approved?

The process of granting the E Visa to Uzbekistan involves filling the application form, registering and approval. Excluding the day of submission, it takes around 2 days for the application to be processed. The entire process takes around 3 working days. So it is recommended that E Visa to Uzbekistan be applied at least 3 days before the planned trip.

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Uzbekistan railway station
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How much does the E Visa to Uzbekistan cost?

The per-person cost for E Visa to Uzbekistan is around 20 USD. This includes the application form, processing and issuance of the E Visa.

What is the process to apply for E Visa to Uzbekistan?

You can log in to the official website – E-VISA.UZ to apply for your E Visa. The website is available in Uzbek, English, Russian, and other languages. The applicant can access the website to understand the status of the application. Each applicant will be given a unique identification number at the time of submitting the application. One can use this to get information regarding their E Visa.

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Group E Visa

The process of applying for group E Visa and individual E Visa is the same.

E Visa Rules for Minors

Any E Visa to Uzbekistan applicant who is 16 years or younger can enter the country with an accompanying adult. This adult needs to have a valid Visa for the next 90 days. The minor however should hold an international passport or a valid travel document. In scenarios where the minor turns 16 during his stay period in Uzbekistan, then the Migration and Citizenship Registration Office needs to issue an exit visa. This is as per the current norms in the country.

Uzbekistan flag
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Start Planning. Start Travelling!

We are sure you are as excited as us to explore the possibilities to visit Uzbekistan. The E Visa advantage has given the Uzbekistan tourism an edge. More folks are open to travel to the country owing to the less tedious work. This easy E visa process caters to many travellers interest. Uzbekistan can soon be the hotspot for tourists who are looking forward to exploring the famous silk route

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