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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on August 31, 2018 Share on

Attention Indian passport holders! Here are some new visa rules you should know about

Travel is becoming more and more convenient with an increasing number of countries opening up their lands for vacationing. Long queues have come to decrease, holidays have become more hassle-free too. Countries and tourism boards are now growing more and more conscious of the quality of their tourism and their travellers. South-East Asian countries that already have minimal visa requirements continue to broaden that freedom for applicants. Tight rules are being loosened too. Following the recent rumble around the new visa rules compilation for Indian passport holders, we at Pickyourtrail have decided to sum it up to make things simple.

  1. France has taken off mandatory Airport Transit Visa from its checklist. So no more worries when your aircraft decides to park in the country for a while.
  2. Now you could just drive into Myanmar. You just need an e-visa and you’re good to go.
  3. Saudi Arabia has now decided to let in female travellers without an assured male accompanist. Anyone above 25 is eligible for this. Considering the fact that this is a first of sorts, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is definitely doing well in breaking boundaries. This is also a good foot in the direction of expanding their tourism.
  4. Zimbabwe has taken up visa on arrival for 28 countries including India.
  5. Visa fees for Israel travellers have come from a margin of Rs.1700 to Rs. 1200, especially for Indians. This is with respect to the B2 visa category.
  6. UAE now offers a 10 year-long visa for prodigies, executives and specialists of their fields.
  7. Japan has substantially loosened it’s visa requirements lately. You no longer have to go through a hundred documents and wait for it to get approved. Employment certificates, request letters are no longer necessary. All you need is a visa form with a photograph and a few supporting documents and you will have a visa in your hand in no time.
  8. You could now get a free air transit visa in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a period of two days. You could easily extend it to four days with just a fee of Rs.930. That also means endless shopping and safari rides.
  9. A single entry e-visa is supplied after application and its valid for 30 days in Uzbekistan.
  10. Travelling through Kazakhstan in their national carriers will entitle you to a 72-hour transit visa for free. Free transit in such a beautiful country is such a blessing.
  11. Pay 20 Omani royal and buy yourself a month-long tourist visa, if you’re a resident of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan and the Schengen states.

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