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Pinnacles In Western Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Western Australia’s Natural Wonder

You will arrive at this Western Australia’s iconic landmark when you travel around 200Km north of Perth. The Pinnacles are limestone formations situated on Australia’s Coral Coast. You will find these formations standing up to four metres in altitude when you enter into Nambing Park. These formations stand tall representing a collection of faces, shapes and sizes. Find below a guide on Pinnacles in Western Australia to make the most of this amazing day trip from Perth.

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History of The Pinnacles In Western Australia

Pinnacles In Western Australia
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The first sight is of thousands of huge limestone pillars standing tall under the shifting sand dunes. This was previously believed to be a lost city. The first reports of identification go back to the 1650s where the North and South Hummocks were travelled by the Dutch. Afterwards, there are no identified reports of the Pinnacles until 1820 by Philip Parker King. With the quite limited discovery, the Department of Lands and Surveys incorporated the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park (formed in 1956) in the 1960s, and it was through this embodiment that the desert became a famous address. After this, the park currently has up to 150,000 visitants per year.

The Pinnacles desert has been home to Aboriginal tribes for a long time now with artefacts discovered recording back 6,000 years. Additionally, it has come in Aboriginal Dreamtime for many ages. It was thought that the Yuart tribe just knew a life of peaceful happiness residing in this desert. Their life is to teach the children belonging the tribe to have high respect for the animals that live in the ‘land of crooked river’ (Nambung). Their adjacent tribe Mulbarrn was seen hunting on their land and therefore, the Lords of the Dreaming would punish them for their wrongdoings. Consequently, every year tribes who travelled to the Yuart‘s land were conquered. It is thought that each tall limestone succeeded each enemy who rested calmly on their land. All through the years, winds have changed the shapes of these formations but continue to be an affirmation to the tribe’s peace-loving culture now.

What To See & Do In Pinnacles In Western Australia

Pinnacles In Western Australia
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You can start off your tour of the Pinnacles from Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre. Here you can you learn about the natural and cultural heritage values this region still holds. Afterwards, you can jet off riding through the desert to tour this out of world landscape. Hence, you will have to take your car through the desert. Post which, you will come face to face with these huge masses of shapes and sizes mirroring everyday things and organisms. For example, The Turtle, Casper the Ghost, and a Sea Lion supporting a ball on its nose to name a few.

Nambung National Park does not hold just the pinnacles. Outside of the desert, there is so much more to explore. The broad sandy beach of Hangover Bay is the ideal point for water sports. Such as, windsurfing and surfing, snorkelling and swimming within the Jurien Bay Marine Par. However, Kangaroo Point is perfect for those wanting to do some fishing from the shore. If, Moreover, you’re looking at touring something more historical, a trip to Lake Thetis has to be a top priority. Produced by organisms too minute for the human eye to even spot, the Stromatolites sound at the lake is identified as ‘ancient living fossils’. It is a remarkable sight to see in Pinnacles in Western Australia.

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Spending time in the town of Cervantes is a must-do, but you must make sure you travel to the Thirsty Point Lookout that gives scenic views of the ocean and sand dunes from above. From here, if you have time to progress somewhat north, go down to Jurien Bay where you can come close to wild sea lions.

Where To Eat In Pinnacles In Western Australia

Lobster Shack

A lovely family-owned business is Lobster Shack. This is a beachfront restaurant in the Cervantes specialising in the Western Rock Lobster, their seafood-based menu attracts both locals and tourists alike.

Cervantes Bar & Bistro

Whether you’re halted by for lunch or a mighty dinner at the end of the day, Cervantes Bar & Bistro is a halt that should not be missed. This small business shows off tasty food to enjoy prior to playing a game of pool in the bar alongside.

Seashells Café

The relaxing cafe is a famous spot for tourists and locals alike. It offers breakfast and lunch, as well as evening snacks such as coffee and cake. With incredible views of the surrounding seaside setting, be sure to make space post your meal for their fresh handmade cakes and muffins.

Where To Stay In Pinnacles In Western Australia

Pinnacles Holiday Park

This space provides both powered and unpowered areas fitting for caravans, RVs, campervans and tents. The Pinnacles Holiday Park is absolute for anyone making a move on a budget. Its has a lovely location that gives an easy way to beach sites. Additionally, the well-desired Seashells Café is located on-site for easy access for meals.

Cervantes Pinnacles Motel

Established only a four minutes drive from the Cervantes Golf Course, this comfortable motel caters to the requirements of all travellers. The Cervantes Pinnacles Motel offers cosy rooms to settle for a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pinnacles Edge Resort

If you’re watching out for a roomy luxury apartment-style resort stay, the Cervantes’ Pinnacles Edge Resort is the number one choice for you. Located a quick eight-minute stroll from the beach, these self-contained apartments enable you to rest on your private deck, taking in the sunshine after a full day out enjoying the Pinnacles.

In conclusion, Pinnacles in Western Australia is one of a kind experience. You will feel like you’ve set foot on another planet altogether. It has much more to explore than just the desert as made clear in the above article. Book your trip to Australia and make sure to include this amazing day trip from Perth. Time to get packing and book one of  PickyourTrail‘s Australia holiday packages and find out the best-suited package for you.

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