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Hallstatt in Winter
Written by Krishna Teja on June 4, 2020 Share on

Hallstatt in Winter: A Visit to the Snowy Fairytale Town

Hallstatt turns into a fairy tale destination in the winter. Being delightful and exciting at once, Hallstatt in Winter is something that you should not miss to Travel while on Vacation to Austria. You are guaranteed of a magical world loaded up with beautiful nature around, Hallstatt will leave you stunned with its snowy alps and superb views. Despite you have for a long while been wanting to see snow-clad wooden houses or a glass-like lake surrounded by mountains, Hallstatt in Winter is the best thing you would ever experience. As you enter Hallstatt in winter, you will discover light sparkling, refreshing cafes, etc. Even though Hallstatt is best delighted in when you stay, for the time being, a day trip will not be much sufficient.

Things to Know before your Winter Hallstatt Vacation 

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  • This is the best ways to reach Hallstatt, You can either get an Austrian National OEBB train to Attnang-Puchheim from where you should get the nearby REX train that will take you to Hallstatt. 
  • Being a beautiful lake town in Austria, Hallstatt is known for its stunning scenes and celebrated places, for example, Hallstatt Lake, Bone House, Cathedral Church, Salt Mines, etc. Hallstatt is a UNESCO Heritage Site too. 
  • Also If you are visiting Hallstatt during the months of December till March, you will require comfortable garments including gloves, scarf, cap, and coat. You can also wear light fleece to beat the winter in Hallstatt.
  • If you are visiting Hallstatt from Salzburg, Vienna or Munich, you can come here for a day trip. 

Things to Do in Hallstatt during Winter

1. Visit The World Heritage Museum 

World heritage museum in Hallstatt
Image Credits: Google Images

Situated in Hallstatt town of upper Austria, the World Heritage Museum is one of the most visited place in Hallstatt. It is probably the best activity in Hallstatt during Winter The exhibition hall decorates itself with a huge collection from the neighbourhood salt mine and the burial grounds. Situated on the mountainside, this exhibition hall is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site which also involves the salt mines, and Dachstein ice gives in here. Starting from 2002, the World Heritage Museum shows objects gathered from the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna. Today the exhibition hall shows a wide collection of items including bronze containers, situla, blades, weapons, earthenware, and Roman remains. 

Where is it? Seestraße 56, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria.
The Best Experience: Visit history as you run over the items from the nearby salt mine and the burial grounds. 

2. Visit The Beautiful Catholic Church in Hallstatt 

Catholic Church in Hallstatt
Image Credits: Google Images

Another incredible activity in winter in Hallstatt Austria is to visit the pleasant Catholic Church. Situated in the World Cultural Heritage town, this Church was built in 1811. Both salt miners and salt mine masters used to visit this Church. This church began being kept up by the neighbourhood little church network since 1939 and was redesigned in 2002. It is considered to the most relaxing activity in Hallstatt.

Where is it? The catholic ward church in Hallstatt, Katholische Pfarre Hallstatt, Kirchenweg 40, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria 

Best Experience: Get to know the history behind the excellent Catholic Church. 

3. Visit The Charnel House 

Your winter in Hallstatt won’t be finished without visiting the Charnel House, which is also called the Bone House. Being one of the most visited puts in Hallstatt, the Bone House is known for its collection of painted skulls. The is situated underground of the Church of Saint Michael, this place draws in anthropologists who come here to examine cranial qualities. Well, The history of this place goes like this. This Bone House appeared as burial grounds began getting full, and there was a lousy situation for burying individuals. To forestall this, the specialists chose to bring back the skulls following 10-12 years of death, clean them, paint and put in plain view. 

Where is it? Kirchenweg 40, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria 
Best Experience: Visit painted skulls at the Charnel House. 

4. Draw near To History at Altaussee Salt Mine 

If you are thinking about what to do in Hallstatt, what should top your list is visiting the Altaussee Salt Mine. Being one of the most established salt mines, this salt mine appeared as two Aussee diggers challenged the Nazi system. Everything began during the mid-twelfth century. During this guided tour, you will get an opportunity to know all these quick and sloppy subtleties. The salt mine began delivering 10,000 tons of salt each year, starting in 1906. While visiting this salt mine, focus on your guide since it is here where you will become knowledgeable with how two excavators found artistic treasures situated inside the salt mine. Try not to miss the Bombing Michelangelo show which actually returns you to history. This salt mine is roughly 20 minutes from Hallstatt. This is perhaps the best action to do in winter in Hallstatt. 

Where is it? Lichtersberg 25, 8992 Altaussee, Austria. 
Best Experience: Experience the honour winning Bombing Michelangelo show to know the historical backdrop of Altaussee Salt Mine. 

5. Go For Winter Hiking At Hallstatt Lake 

Hiking in Hallstatt

If you need to enjoy outside activities despite the chinng winter in Hallstatt, the best thing to do would be to go for a climb on the Hallstatt Lake. You have the chance to catch the snowy mountains and also will end up in an enchanted winter wonderland? The new winter air will, without a doubt leave you refreshed. Apart from Hallstatt Lake, you can also go climbing in Bad Goisern and Gosau. In this climb, you will head out from Gosaubach to Vordertal to Hinterthal. If you wish it to be a little adventurous, you should go for snowshoeing in the World Heritage site. This will the open door for you to enjoy the serene nature away from the hustle-clamour. Well, While in Hallstatt during winter, this should be in your bucket list. 

Where is it? Hallstatt Lake, Salzkammergut, Austria.
Best Experience: Find yourself in an otherworldly winter wonderland at Hallstatt Lake. 

If you are eager for the Offbeat, you should visit Hallstatt. This will unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail to enjoy the serene nature away from the hustle-clamour to spend a magical winter in Hallstatt on your vacation to Austria. Have a great journey peep!

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