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Halong Bay cruise
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Honeymoon in Vietnam

With a rich number of gorgeous beaches, sparkling bays, historical structures, stunning landscapes, and colourful culture, Vietnam is a very underrated and unexplored destination by romantic couples. And why not! Unexplored beaches, UNESCO- listed sites, vibrant culture and tradition, a bustling nightlife in cities, mouth-watering cuisine- Name it and you have it here. Not convinced yet? Let’s deep dive into some of the top attractions for Honeymoon in Vietnam.

Reasons To Go for a Honeymoon in Vietnam

Vietnam addresses most of the pain points faced by a couple on their romantic honeymoon vacation. You have a perfect mix of history and culture, ancient architecture, romantic cruises, unexplored islands and beaches, and finally some of the finest local cuisines. Meanwhile, here are some other reasons to consider Vietnam for your honeymoon vacation.

1. Budget – Pocket-friendly Luxurious destination

Aspiring for a budget-friendly international vacation without compromising on the experience- Vietnam is “The Place”. You have fairly economical hotels and restaurants, cheaper flight fares, and well-connected cities with low-cost transfers. It provides you with a flawless experience and is considered one of the budget honeymoon destinations in Asia comparable to its luxurious counterparts.

2. People – Friendly and Hospitable Locals

The locals treat and greet the tourists in the nicest way possible. Their hospitality is highly commendable. You can reach out to any of these people and they wouldn’t shy away from helping or guiding. Likewise, the country is also very safe for all kinds of travellers.

3. Food – The Exquisite Vietnamese Cuisine

A perfect blend of spicy, sweet, sour, & hot flavours, the Vietnamese cuisine offers some mouthwatering dishes. It has a wide range of local dishes for one to experience and these directly find the way to your heart. Vietnamese cuisine features a combination of five fundamental tastes which makes it a wholesome experience.

Vietnam food
Credits: Unsplash

4. Scenic Beauty – Romantic Locations

From the limestone mountains of Halong Bay cruise to the valley of love in Dalat, Vietnam has a lot of places which annually attracts millions of honeymooners. You have various experiences here from a luxury cruise, to stay in a sand villa and rejoice the untouched parts of the country to shop in the famous floating markets. It’s truly a treat to visit all these places.

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Top Attractions for Honeymoon in Vietnam

Honeymooners can experience a perfect balance during their romantic Vietnam tour package. You have luxurious resorts, sunset dinner cruise, adventurous treks, well-renowned architecture, and rich culture in Vietnam. Here are some must-visit top attractions for your honeymoon in Vietnam.

Halong Bay: Luxury cruise experience

Halong bay cruise
Credits: Unsplash

Halong Bay is home to many sumptuous cruise options that are basically luxury hotels floating on water. Attracting more than 10 million visitors a year, these nail-like mountain islands emerging right out of the blue-green waters finds its mention in the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. You can choose from various cruises which operates here from 6 hours to 2 nights 3 days itinerary. A pocket-friendly 1 night 2 days cruise would cost you around 150-200 USD per person.

Cruise past the limestone islands, swim in the glittering waters, or enjoy a private dinner in the limestone caves. Halong Bay, one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam has it all and making it a must-visit for a romantic Honeymoon in Vietnam.

Dalat: The Valley Of Love

Datanla waterfall
Credits: Unsplash

Lying 1500 m above the sea level, Dalat is a beautiful valley in the south-central highlands of Vietnam. It is known for its eternal spring and the soothing Datanla waterfall. In addition to this, you can also experience the swan-shaped paddle boats in Xuan Huong Lake, walk hand-in-hand through various flower gardens and explore the raw form of nature here. Don’t miss out to visit the valley of love!

SaPa: The Rice Roof Of Indochina

Sapa valley
Paradise on earth, Credits: Unsplash

The majestic valley of SaPa Valley is, for sure among the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam. This colourful destination of terraced rice fields, flowing streams, and 3143-meter high Mount Fansipan is truly a paradise on earth. Sa Pa is a quiet mountain town and home to a great cultural diversity of various ethnicity.

Apart from being known for its beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and rice fields, you should not miss the speciality food here. Sapa cuisine truly reflects the country’s cultural and ethnic diversity. In 2014, Sa Pa was ranked as the number nine in the top 10 rice terrace destinations of the world!


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Phu Quoc: The Largest Island In Vietnam

Phu Quoc in Vietnam
Credits: Unsplash

One of the newly added honeymoon destinations in Vietnam, Phu Quoc boasts a rich marine life and untouched remote beaches. Half of the island is part of Phu Quoc National Park, featuring mountains and dense tropical jungle. You can just walk along the white sandy beaches with your loved ones and embrace some stunning sunsets.

Accommodation in this island are slightly expensive when compared to other cities. Most importantly, you can also go on jungle or mountain hikes, or dive into the ocean to explore the rich corals. Phu Quoc is a must in your honeymoon itinerary to Vietnam!

Mui Ne: Desert By The Sea

Mui Ne
Credits: Google images

Mui Ne is a beach resort town along the sea in southern coasts in Vietnam. It has very recently transformed from a quiet fishing village into a major surf & beach destination. The red sand dunes formed due to the blowing of oceanic wind over the beaches create a very unique appeal of a desert by the sea. It is a popular weekend getaway from Ho Chi Minh City, where windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other water sports are the top things to do in here.

Finally, an ideal spot to spend your honeymoon in Vietnam would be in one of the authentic sand villas of the 10-km long beach. Do not miss out on this unique experience.

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