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Delhi to Maldives
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How to Reach Maldives from Delhi in 2024

When the ocean calls, never say never to travel. The journey of a thousand miles will surely pay off when you keep your footprints on the sandy beaches of the Maldives. Yes. This article is all about the journey to the magical land of blistering beaches, swaying palms and unconditional love. If you are a newlywed going on a honeymoon from Delhi to Maldives, here is all that you need to know before you leave. The Maldives is connected to major parts of the world by air. However, the beautiful country can be reached by other means as well. Curious to know more about these modes? Continue reading the article for more exciting information!

Delhi To Maldives – Transportation

Having confirmed on your final destination, what next? You should look for different ways to reach the land of love. Out of various ways, find how to reach the Maldives from Delhi in the easiest possible way:

Water villas in Maldives
Image credits: Unsplash

By Flight from Delhi to the Maldives:

Ibrahim Nasir Airport is the key airport of the Maldives which connects all the flights landing from Delhi International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport. Major airlines including Air India, Aeroflot, Air Asia, Spice Jet, and Bangkok Airways provide comfortable flights for travelling from Delhi to the Maldives. Also, it one it is advised to keep track of the time in the Maldives which is just thirty minutes behind the time in Delhi. So when a traveller books a flight, it is good if he knows the expected reaching time in the Maldives.

Also, you will be amused to know that there are around 27 to 30 flights fly between Delhi and Maldives. So, you will never fall short of a flight and hence booking a flight is not an issue. However, the last flight from Delhi to Maldives is at 11:45 PM and the earliest flight is at 12:30 AM.

By Road from Delhi to Maldives:

Since the Maldives is surrounded by ocean in all the sides, it is impossible to reach the island by road. However, the Island is blessed with well-constructed and easily accessible roads. So, once you reach the airport, from Delhi to the Maldives, you can jump into any kinds of roadways such as buses, taxis, cars, and much more. Since the airport is huge, one will also require a taxi or car for exiting the airport and covering the distance between runway and gateway.

By Train:

Since the Maldives is a beach nation, there is no rail connection between Maldives and Delhi. In fact, there are no rail networks in the Maldives at all. However, one can opt for boats and ships that can act as a cheaper replacement instead of the rails though.

By Boat from Delhi to the Maldives:

The Maldives is surrounded by 99% water and consists of around 1190 islands, water transportation dominates in the country. You can easily avail boats, ferries, and ships that operate in the waters of Maldives. The only challenge is that most of the boats are unscheduled and run only after the arrival of passengers.

Delhi to Maldives by boat
Image credits: Unsplash

It’s time to Make the most of your honeymoon by sinking into the golden sands and enjoying in the turquoise beaches. The Maldives is hands down one of the best destinations for a romantic holiday trip. So without any second thoughts, check out maldives tour packages or maldives honeymoon package and pack your bags and book your tickets. The tides are eagerly waiting to drench your foot and play the catch game with you. Aren’t you excited already? Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip from Delhi to the Maldives right away.

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