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Khongjom war memorial
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Khongjom War Memorial Complex – The best place for history lovers

A place of wonders. A spectacular journey. Spiritual espionage. A country that has it all. This is not enough for us to describe Incredible India. There is a reason as to why India is referred to as Incredible. From snowy mountains in the north to the driest deserts, to the wettest lands in the world and also to one of the best tropical places, India truly has it all. Not only that, but it is also multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and also muli-lingual. This means that this gives the tourists a varies experience for every place that they are going to be visiting. Out of these amazing places, Manipur is a gem to have a watch at. This northeastern state has a place that all historians would crave for. So now let us look about the Khongjom War Memorial Complex.

The aesthetic beauty of Manipur
Image Credits: Image by Somnath Chatterjee from Pixabay

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Khongjom War Memorial Complex

Manipur is one of the many beautiful places found in India. Adding a gem on the top of India, this northeastern state has some of the best scenic locations. It’s aesthetic beauty and its curvy landscapes make it a must-visit for the visitors. This is a place where one can enjoy the fresh breath of oxygen along with the chilly climate. You will get some of the eye-pleasing sights that you would have never watched in your lifetime and also feel calm and composed. The environment around you will just soothe your stressed mind relax you. This state is home to the Khongjom War Memorial Complex. Located 36 km from the capital of Manipur, Imphal, this complex has its own historical significance. Let us now have a deeper look into it.

The night view of the Khongjom War Memorial Complex
Image Credits: Google Images


Located in the Thombul district, this complex is a very popular place among tourists. This is a reminder to the tourists about the war that happened between the Manipur locals and the British Army. Out of this, Major Brajabashi is to be remembered as he showed great valour and courage against the east India invasion during the year 1891. Other than the Khongjom war, the memorial also celebrates other brave soldiers who have fought for their native land Manipur showcasing great valour. Visit the Complex on the 23rd of April every year to view the Khongjom day celebration. The beautiful surroundings make this a very beautiful location to visit. The memorial is a popular photoshoot location too. This is because of the lush green gardens around it and the clear crystal-like water surrounding the Memorial.

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This memorial also celebrates the heroes of the Great Khongjom war which was the greatest Anglo-Manipur war. This memorial hails the warriors as heroes. Celebrated in this Memorial are the Manipuri warriors who lost their lives. The memorial is open 24/7 to the public. The entry to this memorial is also free of cost.

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The Khongjom war memorial Complex.
Image Credits: Google Images

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