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Backwaters of Kerala
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on July 14, 2020 Share on

Explore the coastal town of Kerala, Kozhikode

Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a beautiful town located on the coastal regions of the state of Kerala. Known for its enchanting beauty of nature and beaches, the city will be surely something you will always remember. The city has a list of interesting things to do and places to visit. Below are a few places that you can visit while travelling to Kozhikode

Attractions in Kozhikode

  • Kozhikode Beach
  • Lion’s Park
  • Beypore Beach
  • Mananchira Square
  • Mishkal Mosque
  • Bhagavathy Temple
  • Thusharagiri Falls
  • Regional Science Centre

1. Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

Located on the coastal regions of Malabar in India is the beach of Kozhikode. Famously also known as the Calicut beach. The shores of this beach have experienced many historical moments such as battles and arrivals of ships from other closeby lands. Take a walk on the beach or simply sit and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. If you are lucky, you might even spot a dolphin or two during early mornings here. An ideal time to visit the beach would be during the months of October to March when the weather is pleasant and less humid.

2. Lion’s Park

Located right next to the beach is a popular kids park known as Lions Park maintained by Lions Club. The park sits right near the lighthouse and has got different rides and games to keep the kids involved and occupied with a beautiful front view with benches to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The park can be accessed by anyone for free of a cost.

3. Beypore Beach

Beypore is a small town located about 10 kilometres from Kozhikode. It is situated near the banks of Chaliyar River. Beypore was once known for its shipbuilding industry. Take a walk around the beach to find the boatyard and shipbreaking unit, away from the city in a place surrounded by calmness. Getting a public or local commute back from the beach might be a little difficult. So if you are planning to stay here longer, make sure you have your own mode of transport.

4. Mananchira Square

People in park
Image Source: Unsplash

Mananchira Square refers to a park surrounded by the man-made pond in Mananchira. The pond’s water here is as fresh as it can get. It receives water from a natural hot spring. The park is open to the public and functions like any other park. Enjoy the cold breeze in the evening and the colourful flowers that blossom in the park. The park has few sculptures that can make you wonder about its creation. Give it a thought and click some pictures to take some great memories as it is one of the picturesque places in Kerala.

5. Mishkal Mosque

The people of Kerala value tradition and culture more than anything. One such building that shows the importance of their heritage is the Mishkal Mosque. A glance at this building takes you back to the medieval era. The entire building is designed in medieval structure and each detailing in the structure talks about the culture followed by the people here.

6. Panniyankara Bhagavathy Temple

Located on the southern side of the Kallayi river, is the famous Bhagavathy Temple. Built around 200 years ago during the Chera period, the temple is said to be the foundation of the city. There are three different inscriptions representing different deities of the temple. The inscriptions on the temple wall are entirely written in old Malayalam language. This temple holds a special spot in the list of the amazing temples in Kerala.

7. Thusharagiri Falls

A beautiful waterfall located close to Chembukadavu Thusharagiri is the Thusharagiri Falls. A lovely fall with a charming view which will make you fall in love with nature at the very first sight. Go on a trek or climb rocks to reach the top of this fall. The fall is roughly about 50 kilometres from Kozhikode which is about an hour drive.

8. Regional Science Centre and Planetarium

Dark Sky
Image Source: Unsplash

The Regional Science Centre is run by the government of India under NCSM. The main objective of this centre is to monitor the dissemination activities happening in Kerala, especially in the regions of Malabar. Sitting in a heritage land, the centre organises interactive exhibition to keep the public noted about the dissemination activities. The centre consists of a planetarium, 3D theatre, science exhibitions and etcetera.

How to reach Kozhikode?

By Air

Kozhikode can be reached easily by taking a flight. There are several direct flights available throughout India flying to Kozhikode. However, there are some cities which do not have direct flights and in such case, you can book a connecting flight of your choice to reach the place at the earliest as you want. Make sure to book your tickets well in advance as the ticket prices tend to be cheaper.

By Train

Train travel is said to be the cheapest and comfiest travel one can experience. The Indian Railways are very well connected. Be it from north to south or east to west, there seems to be a train connecting the distance every day. Kozhikode has its own station, which means all you have to do is just book a ticket to Kozhikode and board the train.

By Road

Road travel is fun when travelling with the right crowd. You can either choose to self-drive and choose a bus. Either way, the national highways department has some of the best-constructed roads here. The route to Kozhikode is very scenic, that will make you question everything else that is surrounded by it.

Beach of Kozhikode
Image Source: Unsplash

Best time to visit Kozhikode

Summer in Kozhikode

The city of Kozhikode experiences summer between the months of April and July. The weather here during the summer reaches a maximum of 37-degree celsius making it just bearable for the residents and the locals. Summer here is the perfect time to go activity like bird spotting.

Monsoon in Kozhikode

The city experiences the monsoon season with a good amount of rainfall from July to September. Monsoon is one of the best and ideal time to visit Kozhikode where the beauty of nature enhances from the freshly poured rain. The weather here hits 22-degrees celsius bottom and goes up till 32-degree celsius.

Winter in Kozhikode

The city’s winter is neither too cold nor too hot. Next to the monsoon season, winter is said to be a good time to visit Kozhikode. The city is more pleasant to look at during this period.

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