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Kurumba: The Fortress of Watersports

The Maldives is a secluded independent island country situated not long from the southwest coast of the Indian ocean. Whoever visits this place is mesmerized by its beauty and is engulfed into the dreamy atmosphere. When all one sees around is only water, the immediate thought that comes to one’s mind is that of indulging in watersports. Kurumba Maldives resort is one such place where adventure seekers can quench their thirst for water sports.

Jet ski ride
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Kurumba Maldives Resort offers a range of water sport activities like jet ski ride, parasailing, surfing, and the list is endless. The following watersports are sure to fulfill your much-required dose of adrenaline.


This is pretty much self-explanatory and who wouldn’t want to conquer the waves like a pro on a surfboard! The Kurumba resort is located on the North Male Atoll which is the perfect place to surf given the consistency of the waves is on point. So what are you waiting for? Get on that surfboard for an exciting experience!

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Jet-ski ride

Well, we all love bike rides, don’t we? How about the same bike ride in the waters? A Jet-ski ride is sure to be a winner amongst the wide range of watersports at Kurumba, especially if you are on your honeymoon. A major take away from these rides is the fact they enable you to access certain unexplored locations on the sea and you are sure to unravel mysteries of the Maldivian waters.


An aerial view of the Maldivian islands is a visual we can only imagine. But Parasailing gives you a chance to soar up to the sky like a bird and get the panoramic view of the islands in reality. Sounds unreal but it is possible at Kurumba Maldives. So plan that Maldives vacation soon to experience this enthralling adventure.

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How to book and pay for water sports

The water sports are generally to be taken up once you reach the resort and cannot be booked in advance due to uncertainty in weather conditions. In most cases, if you are a honeymoon couple, non-motorized water sports are given as a Maldives honeymoon package inclusion and can be availed directly at the resort by producing a copy of your wedding card. For other water sports, you may have a look at the rate cards at the hotel’s reception while checking in. These can be taken up with or without an instructor and if you are a first-timer it is recommended to take the help of a professional at the resort.

How to reach

The most common way of reaching the Kurumba Maldives Resort is by domestic flight plus speedboat or a seaplane transfer. The resort is situated in close proximity to the Male International Airport. The transfer from the airport to the island resort itself is an experience that is one of a kind as you get to be in the middle of nowhere until you reach the resort. Pretty much prepares you for the water sports bonanza ahead of you!


The timings for the water sports are during the day time and a thorough check on the weather conditions is done before permitting you to take up any of the sports.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and brace yourselves for a memorable vacation at the world’s water paradise. Water sports at Kurumba await you and Pickyourtrail recommends that you give them all a shot! Check out some of the best Maldives packages and log onto for further details.

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