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Maldives: Surfers’ Paradise

Ever imagined yourself in the middle of nowhere surrounded by crystal clear water with nothing but a surfboard? Conquer the waves like no other and the best place to do that would be none other than the beautiful islands of Maldives. A cluster of islands situated in the Indian Ocean makes the Maldives the smallest Asian country. As a destination, it can be visited all round the year, but for the Things to do in Maldives, the season is usually during the summer months from April to October.

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If you have always wanted to explore the surfer within you, Maldives is the place to be. Surf spots at the Maldives cater to beginners as well as professionals and one can always brace for the best surfing experience. Region-wise, all the atolls of Maldives have distinct surfing experiences to offer. Here are some of the unmissable surfing hotspots:

North Male Atoll

The North Male Atoll is the most popular one and frequently visited by surfers. With an ideal formation of waves and an enjoyable stay at the premier resorts, it is considered to be every surfer’s go-to place.

South Male Atoll

The South Male Atolls offer a really unique experience. Surrounded by the jaw-dropping coral reefs, what else would be an ideal location to surf? Not to mention the connecting channel between the North and South Male Atolls which offer a plethora of experiences for you.

For the adventurous lot who prefer a surfing experience that is one of a kind, the Central and Southern Atolls are their calling.

Central Atolls

Although this region is not as well known as the North Male Atolls, there are surfing spots that people visit. The Atolls in this region are well known and are ideal for people who love their solitude and prefer being away from the crowd.

Southern Atolls

The Southern Atolls are the untouched region of Maldives and can, in fact, be considered as one of the best-kept secrets which when explored will unravel every surfer’s dream. Blue Bowls, Love Charms, Tiger Stripes are some of the unexplored hotspots.

Image source: Unsplash

Some of the other hotel resorts which offer great surfing experiences include the Niyama Resort, Hudhuranfushi Resort, Kandooma Resort to mention a few. These resorts serve as the perfect honeymoon getaways as well.

How to reach Maldives surf resorts?

Most resorts in the Maldives are easily accessible from Male International Airport via speedboat or a seaplane transfer. In some cases, a domestic flight plus a speedboat option is given for certain resorts that are farther away from the airport. The transfer via these modes is an experience by itself since you get to be in no man’s land and treat your eyes to the clear blue waters around you.

Timings and Entrance fees

The ideal timings to go surfing is definitely in the morning till early evening as the wave consistency is perfect at this time. Some resorts offer windsurfing as a honeymoon inclusion, but for hardcore surfing, the cost varies from resort to resort. It is recommended that a professional guides you if you are a first-time surfer. After all, what is a perfect honeymoon without a perfect surfing experience!

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