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Laitlum Canyon – A Unique Glimpse of the beauty of Shillong

Laitlum Canyon, Shillong will strongly remind you of the Scottish Highlands. Laitlum Canyon, Shillong is also referred to as the “Sit Valley” just from Shillong right there on the Mizoram highway, Laitlum Canyon is an hour’s drive away. Laitlum Canyons literally does justice to its name meaning “end of hills”. The flow of tourists to this spectacular place is relatively less but the beauty of the place has managed to remain unspoilt. 

Laitlum Grand Canyon
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Things to do at Laitlum Canyon, Shillong 

Most of the time, the canyons are shrouded in fog and that adds to their ethereal beauty and also the perfect site for a long hike or a short 2 km mini hike. There is a trail that ends up in a steep flight of steps and then down to reach a small local village if local Meghalaya life fascinates you. This village is Ra Song which has 300 odd inhabitants. The stairway that leads to Ra Song has close to 3000 steps and you will pass through bamboo plantations and wild orchid groves on the way. Incidentally, this rather arduous path is the only way villagers can go to the nearest market. The villagers physically carry out their crops to the nearby market, If the pulley is out of order and bring in food and other commodities in traditional large baskets. The main crop at Ra Song is broom plants. 

Otherwise, there is a multitude of trails which will lead up to tiny slate-roofed homes that are perched at dizzying heights of the canyon. Another option is to trek to the Smit Village (6 km away from canyons) which has a historical attraction, the Ling Shaad, a traditional house. The Long Shaad is the powerhouse of the Hima Khyrim (the ruling tribe of Khasis) and the house is believed to be more than a century old. You can catch a bus back to Shillong from Smit Village. Don’t miss out on the beautiful Laitlum stream that lies under an ancient-looking wooden bridge. The perfect place to stand and stare at nature, a 270-degree viewpoint that will present you with the view of the 4 nearby waterfalls. Climb up to the flattish grass filled hilltop that overlooks the valley for a surreal experience. In the recent Bollywood film ‘Rock on 2’, the beauty of the canyons has been explored.

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When to visit 

The Best time to visit Laitlum Canyon, Shillong is before 5 pm.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach 

From Shillong, you need to turn eastwards on MDR32 towards the Laitumkhrah point and then turn right at Dempsey long Bus Stop and then take a couple of left turns till you reach Sawlad Bus Stop. Turn right to reach Smit Road and then drive on straight to Jongsha Mawkynrew road, continue straight till you reach an unnamed road which is the last motorable point before the canyons. 23 km is the distance between the canyons and Shillong. If you take a taxi, the fare should be between 1200 INR to 1400 INR. If you are returning from Cherrapunji to Shillong then don’t take NH 206 and instead opt for the road that passes Smit Village (this is a longer picturesque road). 

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Fancy a holiday away from people for a change? A place where nobody is there to interrupt your thoughts, not even hordes of tourists? Laitlum Canyon in Shillong is a perfect choice and one of the places to visit in Shillong offering a unique glimpse of the beauty of Shillong. Oh now that you might be interested to plan a vacation, Check some of the best Shillong holiday packages and book your trip now with Pickyourtrail and “leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.” install the best travel app from Play store and IOS. In the meantime have a look at some of our International tour packages for a great vacation.

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