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Take a trip to Shillong – The Scottish Highlands of India

A part of the famous Seven Sisters Of India (seven states), Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya situated in the northeast region of the country. Located at a height of 4,990-feet above sea level, it brings in a perfect fusion of unique culture and unparalleled natural heritage. If you want to see the real magic of north-eastern India, then a trip to Shillong should definitely be on your list.

Best Time To Visit Shillong

Shillong is a place which can be visited all round the year as the weather continues to be pleasant and welcoming throughout, besides the monsoon period which begins from June and settles in August. Nevertheless, you can always experience the waterfalls in its full splendour throughout the monsoons. Most guests arrive here starting from September and the crowd remains until the end of June or the first weeks of July.

Best Places To Visit in Shillong

Having said this, there are certainly many natural connections between Shillong and Scotland, and hence the popular line goes – Shillong is the Scotland of India. To verify the truth behind the naming let us go on a virtual tour between the two places and understand for ourselves if the statement really holds true!

Although, we understand that each of these destinations has their own unique charm, let’s just have some fun rambling around the similarities between these two places!

1. The striking similarity between landscapes

landscapes of Shillong
Courtesy: Unsplash

Shillong’s landscape is adorned with rolling and sky-touching hills blessed with lush greenery. You can keep the pictures of both these destinations right next to each other and you will be puzzled to choose which photograph belongs to which destination. Well, on a hazy day, the mist-laden plains look nothing less than heaven.

2. The wandering roads amidst valleys

roads of Shillong
Courtesy: Unsplash

If you’re planning for a Scottish road trip in Shillong then the curvaceous route of Mawlynong and Cherrapunji will surely take you on a crazy ride. Jump on your window seat and with open hair let the cool Himalayan breeze brush through your face. Surely, it would be one of the best feelings on Earth!

3.Fun cultural extravaganza

Shillong culture
Courtesy: Unsplash

The vibrant, colourful culture of Shillong is what makes it stand out. Just the Scottish people, the tribes in Shillong take pride in presenting their culture through various folk performances, acts and music celebration. So, either sit back and enjoy or participate in their traditional acts, but make sure you’re not spoiling the show for others.

If not for the performances, you’ll be enthralled by their handiworks, tribal costumes, and of course the ancient traditions. To deep dive into their culture, choose to stay in one of their homes on your trip to Shillong, not only will you get an insight into the local lifestyle but also you will be welcomed with an open heart.

4. Roaring waterfalls between the hills

Shillong waterfalls
Courtesy: Unsplash

Another thing common between the Scottish Highlands and the hills of Shillong is the gorgeous waterfalls. While you’re travelling through the valleys of Scotland and Shillong, be ready to be treated with random glistening waterfalls, particularly if you’re touring in the monsoon period.

5. The similarity between the lakes

Shillong lakes
Courtesy: Unsplash

Besides the rumbling falls, Shillong and Scotland home many lakes that are surrounded by rolling mountains. Enjoy some peaceful time across the banks or maybe go boating admit the beautiful nature. Though you might be fascinated by the incredible beauty around, make sure you leave aside your cameras for a while and simply inhale the fresh air from all around.

6. Offbeat place away from the crowds

Courtesy: Unsplash

Even though Shillong being the capital city of Meghalaya and is a major tourist spot in Northeast India, you will come many hidden lands unperturbed by the heavy tourist crowd. There are many places in this region where you can pitch your tent, have a goodnight’s sleep and wake up to a splendid beauty all around.

7. The vibrant music festivals

Shillong music fest
Courtesy: Unsplash

Scotland might be entertaining its folks with some great music festivals, but believe me, Shillong is no less. The NH7 Weekender that happens in Shilling is fest which is one of India’s most awaited performances. Renowned musicians like A.R Rahman, Steven Wilson, Fear Factory and Farhan Akhtar have performed in the festival. You are ought to have your jaws drop after witnessing one of them!

Well, that the end, but we can come up with many more similarities justifying Shillong as the Scotland of India however the serenity and beauty of an Indian hill-station is one-of-a-kind and cannot be matched by any other country across the globe. So, reach out to us at Pickyourtrail to help you plan your upcoming trip to the North East.

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