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Aerial view of sydney
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Amazing one-day trips from Sydney

Australia is a beautiful country to travel. With famous landmarks, diversity in culture, stunning skyscrapers and amazing views, the place should be on everyone’s bucket list. An interesting fact about Australia is that, Australia’s seasons are reverse with other major tourist destinations like Asia and Europe as it is present entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. So make sure to check the weather or temperature before planning a trip. The country has got beautiful cities with amazing places to while away your time. One such city is Sydney, home to the famous opera house, the city has got some fine dinings, great parks and incredible bridges.  The city is filled with amazing places in and around making it possible to have some of the best one-day trips from Sydney.

Sydney is the largest city in the whole of Australia and the capital city of New South Wales. With the fantastic beaches, vibrant nightlife, international culture, the city has got it all. The city offers everything for people looking for luxury and comfort and to people who travel on a budget and to everyone in between. 

One day trips from Sydney

1. Blue Mountains

Blue mountain
Image source: Unsplash

Blue mountain is a surreal and the most beautiful place to travel to. About 90-minute drive from the city of Sydney is the mountain that gets its name from the blue air due to the thousands of eucalyptus plants releasing the scented oil into the air. The place has been the most popular getaway from Sydney. You can also visit the Scenic world & Three sisters – a spectacular landmark located at the echo point, a rock formation. The legend has it that three sisters were turned into stones. The three sisters are well lit in the night at 11 PM making it a pleasant view with a dark background. Go on hiking trails and get a glimpse of the eucalyptus forest and rock paintings. 

2. Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley
Image Source: Unsplash

One of the many wine regions in Australia is the Hunter Valley, a two-hour drive from Sydney. Take a wine tour, taste the cheese, oils, wines that are freshly and locally produced. There are many tours of Hunter valley by different routes. We recommend you to select a tour instead of self-drive since you can taste the wines and not worry about drinking and driving. While chilling at the vineyard, take a sip of your wine and go play with koalas and kangaroos nearby in their natural habitat.

3. Manly Beach

Manly Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

Don’t let the name fool you, Manly beach can be visited by all genders. Feast on yummy fishes and chips at the beach cafe and get to know the taste of Australian cuisine. Located 30 minute ferry ride from the city, enjoy the sun in golden sands. Visit the Sealife sanctuary from there to take a look at the tropical fishes, sharks and even sea turtles. The beach has also got excellent beachfront cafes and stores for you to shop and surf the tides of Australia. Psst, stick out your tongues and take some funny pictures on the ferry with the famous Sydney Opera house as a backdrop. 

4. Royal National Park

Royal National Park
Image Source: Unsplash

Royal National Park, the second-largest park in the world, is known as the “Nasho” by the locals and it is about an hour drive from Sydney CBD. The park is located on a plateau, deep inside a valley. It sits near the Hacking river allowing the visitors plenty of opportunity to go fishing and boating. The park also provides you access to hiking trails, lets you look at the array of wildlife and 239 different species of birds. The park, the beach nearby, and the waterfall inside the park can easily keep you occupied for an entire day. When you are at the park, try having a picnic, reminiscing the old memories.

5. Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley
Image Source: Unsplash

A two-hour drive from Sydney, Kangaroo Valley is snuggled between the mountains, is a perfect place for a day trip from Sydney. You can also choose to take a train if you like travelling by train. The valley is a perfect spot for picnics and fun making it one of the best one-day trips to do with your family from Sydney. You can go horse riding or kayaking on the kangaroo river. It is a small yet calm and soothing town filled with art stores, crafts and cafes. If you are visiting the place during October, plan your trip accordingly so that you can visit the annual Kangaroo Folk Festival.

6. Byron Bay

Bryon Bay
Image Source: Unsplash

Byron Bay is a coastal town of Southeastern Australia in the state of New South Wales. It is one of the most popular holiday districts and has interesting water sports as leisure activities. Byron Bay is a magical place for the Australians. Lovely white sands and high tides make it perfect to go surfing, a favourite past time to the Australians. If you are not up for water sports, sit on the white sand beaches and enjoy the sunset with your friends or loved ones.

7. Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island
Image Source: Unsplash

Cockatoo Island is one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The island is famous for its cafe and glamping. For those who don’t know what’s glamping – it’s a glamorous way of camping in the woods or anywhere else. There are several guided tours organised by the locals that give you an idea of what the island is all about. Get your Indiana Jones hat and rediscover the island in an adventurous way. If you are unsure of what to do and where to go, head to the island’s visitor centre and grab a pamphlet.

8. Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves
Image Source: Unsplash

The Jenolan caves are situated in the heart of Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve. These caves have existed for thousands of years and take visitors on a trip down the history lane. The caves are roughly 40 km deep in and have multiple passages with every passage leading to a different path, to a different unique story. There are over 300 entrances to the cave which are also closeby to the Jenolan River. The caves have been a part of history to the Gundungurra and Wiradjuri tribes. It is also believed by the tribal people that the river waters have special healing powers. So why not take a dip and get yourself treated. 

These are the short trips that you can go from Sydney on your next visit to Australia. Australia is known to be a gracious host for tourists of different backgrounds. Without further adieu, Start planning your trip to Australia with our Australia Tour Packages. Visit amazing Australia and its famous landmarks by booking your very own trip with Pickyourtrail and have an amazing experience. The best part of travelling with Pickyourtrail is that you can customize your own itineraries. Happy Travelling!

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