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Philippines islands
Written by Subramanya on May 22, 2020 Share on

Philippines in June: A slice of paradise

Every tourist Dreams of a destination that has varied experiences to offer. If you are one such traveller looking for diverse experiences on a tropical Island Vacation, then the Philippines is the destination.
Ranging from camping in tents to luxury accommodations, exploring the depths of oceans to conquering the highest peak, Crowded Metropolis to unexplored Islands, Phillippines has it all.
Let’s have look at the weather and the best places to visit in the Philippines in June.

The weather in the Philippines in June

June is considered one of the wettest months in most regions of the Philippines. The precipitation level reaches up to 250 mm. The temperature ranges from 20- 33 degrees Celsius across the country. While heavy rainfalls are common during June in central and northern regions, there are certain regions that experience relatively less rainfall. The beautiful Islands of Cebu and Siargao on the southern front of the country are relatively dry.

There are certain environmental occurrences due to consistent rains which make the Islands a shade prettier. The rice terraces in Banaue region turn greener than ever make it even more picturesque. The chocolate hills of Bohol transforms into a greener version of itself, a visual you can only find during monsoons. The overall humidity level of the country drops down hence ambience will be windy and gloomy.

Top places to visit in the Philippines in June


The Beach Capital of the Philippines has a pleasant climate in June. Boracay is known for its powdery white sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, and outdoor adventure activities. Boracay is well connected to all major cities in the Philippines either through flights or ferries, hence commuting to this island isn’t a problem. The Average temperature of Boracay in June is 28-degree celsius. Hence, the Island is relatively warm compared to island regions in Luzon and Mindanao.
Things to do Boracay:
1. Island hopping experience
2. Cliff jumping from Ariel’s point
3. Prawn Sailing
4. Helmet Diving
5. Paddleboard by the beach

Philippines in June
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Province of Bohol is situated in the country’s central region – Visayas. Bohol Island is primarily preferred by tourists to explore its geographical formations and amazing corals. The temperature ranges from 24 degrees to 31 degrees, and rainfall is expected for 9 days on average. Considering the wet seasons begin only in June and peaks in August, Visiting Bohol in June still a safe bet to be considered.
Bohol is a large Island, Hence there is a high chance that you may not be able to cover the entire Island. Hence, let us have a look at the top things to do in Bohol. Ideal Duration for a stay in Bohol would be 4-5 nights.
Things to do in Bohol
1. The Chocolate Hills of Bohol
2. Cliff Jumping in Dimaio Twin falls.
3. Can – Umantad Falls and Candigay Rice terraces.
4. Tarsier Sanctuary – visit the world’s Smallest Primates
5. Cabagnow Cave pool
6. Visit the Anda Land Bridge
7. Danicop Ticugan Spring to enjoy swimming and diving in the emerald waters

Bohol Chocolate Hills
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The province of Cebu is Mapped on the central region of Visayas and is a cluster of Cebu Island and over 150 smaller islands and islets. Cebu has remains of Spanish Culture owing to its Spanish colonial past. Cebu has the Best connectivity to International destinations after Manila. Cebu is well connected to major cities with the Philippines through flights and nearby islands via ferry.
Cebu is generally humid and warm throughout the year. The average temperature of Cebu in June is 28 degrees, the lowest and highest temperatures are 25 and 31 degrees respectively. Ideal Duration would be 3-4 nights to experience the best of Cebu.
Things to Do Cebu:
1. A day trip to Oslob to enjoy Whale watching
2. Canyoneering in Badian
3. Snorkelling among sea turtles in Moalboal
4. Cliff Jumping in Kabutangan falls
5. Kawasan waterfalls

Kawasan Falls
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Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princes is situated on the western end of the country on Palawan island. Puerto Princesa known for its limestone caves and underground rivers is a delight for explorers. Puerto Princesa is also home to some of the best scuba spots and scarce aquatic species.
Puerto Princesa has direct flight connectivity from Manila and Cebu making one of the preferred destinations by tourists. With Monsoon setting from May end, Puerto Princesa is a good place to consider for June, as the city is relatively dry and humid and only experiences peak Monsoon only from August-end and September. The temperature drops to 24 degrees and peaks to 32 degrees in June.
Things to do In Puerto Princes
1. Boat trip to the Famous limestone Caves
2. Day trip to Subterranean River National Park
3. A Visit to Mangrove ecotourism and wildlife park to enjoy Firefly tour
4. Rent a boat in Honday bay to explore nearby islets.

Puerto Princes
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Cultural Showcase in the Philippines in June

While the Philippines is known as the land of adventure, they are Plenty of Celebrated Cultural festivals and Landmarks you can’t afford to miss out if you are visiting the Philippines in June.
These festivals hold a special place in the hearts of locals as it is their way of offering prayers and tribute to the predecessor and also a medium of passing the on belief and cultures to the coming generations.

Must-Visit Cultural Fest:

1.Pintados- Kasadyaan Festival on 29th of June
2. Piat Sambali Festival held on last week of June from 25th -30th
3. Naliyagan Festival held on 17th June.
4.  Pinyasan Festival spanning over a period of 10 days from 15th – 24th June

The above list is a mere glimpse of what you can expect on your next visit to the Philippines in June. They are still innumerable adventure to experience and paradisiacal places to visit. log on to Pickyourtrail to create and customize your own Philippines holiday packages with expert assistance.

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