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Places to Visit near Kota for an Unforgettable Experience

Situated on the banks of Chambal river, Kota is also known as ‘Jewel of Chambal’. The city had an important role to play in Rajput and Indian history as a whole. In addition to lots of places in the city, you can also look forward to places to visit near Kota. Also, you can look forward to visiting some historical spots and experience some local culture

Kota has a rich tradition and an exciting array of heritage sites that you can look forward to visiting. It is home to Doria craft, the famous square check pattern in the fabric. Also, the city has recently got its name as an educational hub, due to its many coaching centres.

Regarding places to visit near Kota, there are many that you can visit in 3-5 hours from the city. There is an exciting mix of sites combining nature, heritage and cultural hotspots that you can look forward to covering. By our curated list, discover an authentic part of Rajasthan like never before.

6 Best Places to Visit Near Kota

  • Pushkar – The sacred getaway
  • Chittorgarh – The historical wonder
  • Ranthambore – Home of the big cats
  • Bundi – Cradle of Rajputana culture
  • Kishangarh – Of the art and architecture
  • Jhalawar – Basked in history

1. Pushkar – The sacred getaway

Pushkar lake places to visit near Kota
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most sacred places to visit near Kota, the holy city of Pushkar is famous for the Pushkar Mela held at the start of winters. You will find over 400 temples and more than 50 ghats around the lake. Some noteworthy temples you can look forward to visiting are Brahma, Varaha, Aptaeshwar and Savitri temples.

The holy Pushkar lake that is at the heart of the city has an interesting legend behind its origin. Lord Vishnu killed the demon Vajra Nabh by a lotus, and one petal of it formed the Pushkar lake. Consequently, the lake became a famous pilgrimage as millions of people take a dip in it. As per popular belief, a dip in this lake takes you on a path of salvation.

Best time to visit: Nov to Feb
Distance from Kota: 230 km (5 hrs)

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2. Chittorgarh – The historical wonder

Chittorgarh fort
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A walk through the glorious past, Chittorgarh is famous for its incredible display of heritage palaces, temples and forts. Inevitably, the prime attraction, Chittorgarh Fort, presents a magnificent show of the by-gone era. Also, if you are a history buff, you will admire the display of Mauryan and Gupta dynasty artefacts in the Archaeological Museum. And for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, look forward to visiting Bassi wildlife sanctuary.

If you are fond of visiting temples and places of religious interest Sanwariaji, Jogniya Mata Ji and Tujia Bhawani temple are most popular. In addition to spirituality, you will also appreciate the marvellous architecture of the structures. All these make it a popular getaway among places to visit near Kota.

Best time to visit: Nov to Feb
Distance from Kota: 170 km (3 hrs)

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3. Ranthambore – Home of the big cats

Ranthambore fort amazing places to visit near Kota
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A place which will get you closer to nature and among the big cats, Ranthambore is an ideal wildlife getaway. In addition to being a Tiger reserve, this place is naturally endowed with a wide range of flora and fauna. Also, you can spot leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, sambars during a jeep safari which is a must-do.

A tiger in Ranthambore national park
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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Ranthambore is also famous for several of its lakes namely Padam Talao, Surwal lake, Malik Talao. Padam Talao lies inside the national park and is a surreal spot to catch a glimpse of some wild animals. Also, the Fort established in 944 A.D is a popular place to visit. The Fort played a significant part in shaping up history of the Rajputs and is considered a shrine for bravery and gallantry of Rajputs.

With pristine landscapes, swift streams and dense forests, this place sure brings you into the laps of nature. A place to rejuvenate and discover, this is a must-visit among places to visit near Kota and in Rajasthan.

Best time to visit: Oct to April (Can be visited all around the year)
Distance from Kota: 138 km (3 hrs)

4. Bundi – Cradle of Rajputana culture

A place indeed frozen in time, Bundi is home to picture-perfect palaces, elaborate forts all enshrined in typical Rajputana style of Architecture. Also, the region is endowed with clear lakes, gushy rivers and breathtaking waterfalls.

This hamlet due to its pristine beauty was a source of inspiration for many authors and painters. Among them, Rudyard Kipling was also there, finding inspiration for his creation ‘Kim’. One of the best places to visit near Kota, the major attractions in Bundi are Raniji ki Baori (Queen’s Stepwell), Taragarh Fort, Bundi Palace. These all form the panorama of the town, and you are bound to feel the spirit of Rajputana culture here.

Best time to visit: Oct to April
Distance from Kota: 38 km (1 hr)

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5. Kishangarh – Of the art and architecture

The famous Kishangarh fort near Kota
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A dive into the magical era, Kishangarh is famously known as the Marble city of India. Also, it is home to some intricate building and also a popular form of painting style. Along with serving as a wholesale market for red chillies, granite and marble trade is also a mainstay business.

A long drive from Kota, this is one of the best offbeat places to visit near Kota to experience the authentic local culture. You can walk and admire the intricate Kishangarh style of paintings and various marble and granite work all over the city.

Best time to visit: Oct to April
Distance from Kota: 236 km (5.5 hr)

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6. Jhalawar – Basked in history

A buddhist stupa in Jhalawar best places to visit near Kota
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A culturally and aesthetically relevant site, Jhalawar is famous for its intricately built temples and forts. Also, you can visit some Buddhist caves and stupas and admire the artwork left behind.

The Jhalawar Fort is undoubtedly the highlight which is also known as Garh Palace. It has a 100 ft high Surya or Sun temple which is considered a unique piece of sculpture. Also, you will find much magnificently carved stonework on the whole premises. It is undoubtedly a must-visit among places to visit near Kota.

The city is located on the banks of River Chandrabhaga and is also home to many 6th-14th century temples. Of them, Dwarkadhish and Padmanath Temple and Shantinath Jain Temple are worth a visit. Also, you can visit Bhimsagar Dam for a scenic natural break and Government museum, for a glimpse into local history.

Best time to visit: Oct to April
Distance from Kota: 88 km (2 hr)

The immense beauty and topography make Rajasthan a tourist hotspot for people around the world. We hope that you plan these places to visit near Kota, next time when you are planning for a vacation to these beautiful lands. For such amazing experiences and to plan your trip, we at pickyourtrail are always at your service.

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