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Five reasons to visit Tauranga during your New Zealand vacation in 2024

New Zealand is located in a quiet little corner of the world on the southern continent of Oceania. The neighbouring country of Australia and New Zealand are visited together by many people during their vacation. Home to the famous Waitomo glow worm caves and a hoard of different geothermal spas, New Zealand should be a must-visit in every travel enthusiast’s bucket list of destinations. From embarking on a wondrous trek over Mount Cook and stargazing to glory, to watching the whales in Kaikoura, there is nothing that you can’t expect from New Zealand.

If you crave a visit to an offbeat destination in New Zealand, you should totally add the city of Tauranga into your itinerary. The city of Tauranga is located on the North Island of New Zealand and is a harbourside spot. It is connected to the famous Mount Maunganui, yet again famous for thermal spas and a volcano. Better known to be located in the Bay of Plenty region, you should definitely add Tauranga as part of your vacation plans to New Zealand. Read on to find out more about this idyllic city.

Pristine beaches

The white sand beaches located in the city of Tauranga attract many tourists annually. Considering that Tauranga is a harbourside spot, you can imagine the kind of elongated coastline that you will be able to witness. Some of the well-known beaches include the Waihi Beach and Matakana Beach. If you are into beach sports, you can indulge in a good round of surfing and even kitesurfing amidst the waves. Even if you are not too inclined towards the water, you can always bask under the sun and spend some leisure time in the company of your loved ones.

Tauranga beach
Image source: Unsplash

Gyroplane rides

Have you always wanted to ride a plane and show off your skills for having conquered the skies? Well, you have your chance to do so while in Tauranga. The airport at Tauranga has a museum which contains various exhibits and provides information with regards to aviation and flying. For all the aviation enthusiasts out there, this place is your true calling! Starting from the year 2005, the Gyroplane rides have been gaining popularity for offering the flying activity for people. Tauranga is in fact, the first city in New Zealand to offer this experience for tourists and natives alike.

Gyroplane ride
Image source: Google Images

National Jazz Festival

As the name suggests, this festival celebrates the true culture of New Zealand. It is said that locals from all over the country visit Tauranga during the time of this festival as it is an ongoing tradition since the 1960s. This festival is considered to be one of the oldest festivals which has been gaining popularity over the years in the whole world. Renowned artistes perform acts related to Jazz during this festival on the streets of Tauranga and it sees thousands of visitors each year. You too can take part in this festival to delve into the authentic Jazz spirit!

National Jazz Festival
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Tauranga Art Gallery

This is one of the most famous art galleries opened in recent times across the globe. The Tauranga Art Gallery has to its credit an exhibit of around 22 pieces by the Graffiti artist Banksy which skyrocketed the fame of the gallery in the year 2017. Although this gallery is fairly new, it is known to have a quintessential atmosphere of contemporary artwork around the world as well as from New Zealand itself. While it is still in the initial stages of being called a premier art gallery, it has been credited every now and then with regards to having the perfect blend of historical and modern exhibits.

Tauranga Art Gallery
Image source: Unsplash

Maori Burial Site

Yes, you read that right! This is a real tourist attraction in Tauranga. It is better known as a set of connected burial caves which is a site beholding historic mysteries. Located in the Moturiki Island of Tauranga, once you take a guided tour around this area you will be able to unravel many untold facts of the Maori culture and also the occupation that the Maori people took up in the past. There is another settlement located in close proximity to the island which goes by the name Mount Maunganui Beach. This place will yet again give you useful insights into how the Maori people existed. If you are up for visiting unique attractions, the Maori Burial Site is your go-to place.

Mount Maunganui near Maori Burial Site
Image source: Unsplash

Apart from all these attractions, you can also look forward to breathtaking waterfalls, a bustling city centre, and mouth-watering cuisine in the local restaurants when you visit Tauranga. Speaking of visiting these attractions, have you planned your New Zealand vacation yet? Plan your vacation with the help of Pickyourtrail which offers customisable itineraries and on-trip support for the best experience! Start planning and have a great time exploring the offbeat city of Tauranga.

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