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How to reach Lakshadweep from Bangalore
Written by Akshaya Manoharan on January 17, 2024 Share on

How to reach Lakshadweep from Bangalore? A comprehensive travel guide

Lakshadweep is a stunning group of islands in the Arabian Sea that are the perfect destination for anyone looking for a peaceful and exotic vacation. Even though the islands are far away, traveling by air and sea to get to Lakshadweep from Bangalore is an exciting adventure.

Bangalore to Lakshadweep: A Step-by-Step Transportation Plan

Step 1: Bangalore to Kochi:

Traveling by plane from Bangalore to Kochi, the entry point to Lakshadweep, is the first part of the trip. Between Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) in Bangalore and Cochin International Airport (COK) in Kochi, there are numerous flights every day. Given that the flight lasts for about two hours, it is a practical and efficient choice.

Step 2: Connecting flights to Agatti Island:

One of the inhabited islands of Lakshadweep, Agatti Island, can only be reached by connecting flight from Kochi. The Lakshadweep Administration is in charge of these restricted flights. Travelers can enjoy breathtaking aerial views of the turquoise waters and coral reefs during the 1.5 to 2 hour flight from Kochi to Agatti.

Step 3: Ship services from Agatti:

After arriving in Agatti, guests can use the ship services offered to explore more Lakshadweep islands. Regular ship services between Agatti and other islands like Bangaram, Kavaratti, and Kalpeni are run by the Lakshadweep Administration. The Arabian Sea’s captivating beauty can be seen by passengers on these ships, which provide a singular and immersive experience.

Step 4: Island Hopping and Exploration:

Every island in Lakshadweep is unique, with immaculate beaches, colorful coral reefs, and a wealth of cultural experiences to offer. If you want to fully experience the region’s varied landscapes and distinctive customs, island hopping is a must. Every island has something unique to offer, whether it is participating in water sports in Bangaram or touring the historical sites in Kavaratti.

Important Tips for Travelers

  • Documentation and Permits: Before visiting the islands, visitors must obtain the required permits from the Lakshadweep Administration. These permits, which are necessary for both Indian and foreign nationals, can be acquired through accredited travel agencies.
  • Weather Considerations: Before making travel plans to Lakshadweep, it is imperative to check the local weather. The dry season, which runs from October to March, is the ideal time to visit the islands because of the nice weather and calm sea.
  • Reservations for Lodging: It is advisable to book accommodations well in advance because there are not many spots available on the islands. There are plenty of options, from guesthouses to beach resorts, to suit a variety of preferences and price ranges.

In summary, even though getting to Lakshadweep from Bangalore requires a combination of air and sea travel, the trip itself is a big part of the experience. For travelers looking for a serene and unusual vacation spot, Lakshadweep is a hidden gem that is well worth discovering because of the islands’ exotic beauty and distinctive cultural offerings.


How far is Lakshadweep from Bangalore by plane?

The aerial distance between Lakshadweep and Bangalore is 604 Kilometers.

How much does it cost to go to Lakshadweep from Bangalore?

Airfare from Bangalore to Lakshadweep via Kochi would cost around Rs.15,000/- to Rs.18,000/-.

Does Lakshadweep have an airport?

Yes, the Agatti Aerodrome which is situated on Agatti Island in Lakshadweep.

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