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When in Rome – A Shopping Tale

Do you ever wonder how Meryl Streep looks so suave in The Devil Wears Prada? Do you think fashion and vanity only favour Audrey Hepburn? If you do not visit Rome, you’ll never know the answers to these questions. Step in and emerge a star. With a hundred brands to choose from, Rome is where fashion began, and where million-dollar designers created the firsts of their masterpieces. If you’re a guy reading this, know that there is always a good chance of your girl getting lost in those streets so hold on to her as she shops. Girls, come to get lost in the eternal city and feel as grand as Audrey Hepburn herself did.

While window shopping is at its highest rate, affordable fashion also accounts for the number of travellers that flock to Rome. The city shines brighter than the sun with gleaming fountains, huge cathedrals, terraces of plantations and magnificent markets and shopping avenues. Make your Roman Holiday happen.  Here are some dream lands that you could delve into and fill your heart with –

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Via Condotti:

Via Condotti
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Located near the Spanish Steps, this street is a buzzing spot paved out for the busy shoppers of Rome. Everywhere you go you’ll find shops full of apparel. Whatever is new in fashion comes to the famous Via Condotti first and then goes out into the world. Rock patterned roads are adorned with sparkling storefronts.

The smell of roses and tomato sauce welcome you. Each boutique looks like a plump glass of champagne and that ladies and gentlemen, is what living the Italian life in Rome is. These facades lure you in and what’s inside is a world of every girl’s dreams. Personal shoppers await you; so do the products of Bulgari, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Battistoni, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton Burberry and the much sought after Prada.


Via dei Condotti, 00187 Roma RM, Italy.

Roma Store Profumi and Campomariazo70:

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If you could shrink Christmas, put it in a glass vial and smell it, you would get the perfumes of Campomariazo70 and Roma store, Profumi. Campomariazo70 has three branches, each with the finest and exquisite perfumeries. The one near Pantheon is a cute little shop with the best of their signature scents.

Roma store Profumi is the most famous of all the perfume shops in Rome. Niche perfumes that come in tiny bottles made of love are a wonderful gift (even to yourself). The store enchants you from the moment you enter and will continue to intoxicate you with each sniff. Look out for their Floris, Fou d’ Absinthe, Rose Noir, Etro and Ligne St. Barth products.


Via della Lungaretta, 63, 00153 Roma RM, Italy.

 Piazza di Spagna:

Piazza Spagna
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I’m sure you would have heard legends about shopping in Piazza di Spagna or The Spanish Steps. It runs right into to Via Condotti, its twin via. By now you would have figured out what ‘via’ is. Yes, it means street. The streets we talk about in this post are endless walks of shops, boutiques and restaurants. They are made up of everything Rome’s shopping has stood for, for centuries. Let me tell you why The Spanish Steps will continue to stand tall among these bustling streets.

Stone stairs encased by pink bougainvillaea plants with imposing white towers at the end of them. Pristine fountains from the 17th century. Boutiques rising up on the right, left and centre. People wandering aimlessly with gelato in their hands. Doesn’t it seem like the best place to shop in the world? With several major streets emptying out into the piazza, it houses major flagship stores and is one of the classiest and most expensive streets in the world. You could also step up to Piazza del Popolo for a change of atmosphere.


Piazza di Spagna, 00187 Roma RM, Italy.


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Located in Via del Corso, Kiko is a cosmetic store that brings together everything a girl needs in a foreign country. You have to try out every product before you buy it and that’s the beauty of it! It is a cut shop with great fragrances that hang in the air. They also have a wide range of skin care and organic products. Kiko is Italy’s answer to MAC. Kiko betters other beauty lines with its affordable makeup.


 Via Nazionale, 74/75, 00184 Roma RM, Italy.

Via Cola di Rienzo/ the Prati neighbourhood:

Via Cola di Rienzo
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Via Cola di Rienzo is a typical Roman neighbourhood cut out and placed in the middle of urban Rome. As opposed to the rest of the city, this area has more inexpensive, reasonable shops. You will not find designer boutiques here. The area has evolved into a more bohemian teenager hub. Tiny stores, unique stalls and cheap roadside jewellery frequent this place. The shops in Via Cola di Rienzo sell the kind of clothes Kylie and Kendall would #OoTD on Instagram.


Via Cola di Rienzo, Prati, 00192 Roma RM, Italy.

Franchi Gastronomia:

Spaghetti in tomato sauce
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If you decide to go looking for Italian water (spaghetti sauce) and seasoning (every kind of cheese), Franchi is the place for you. You get buckets of yummy Italian food wonders here if you wanna take some home. All different kinds of pasta and bread are available to be eaten or bought. All you have to do is stand ten feet from the shop and let the odours waft up through your olfactory system. Next thing you know you are neck deep in white sauce. Trust me, there’s no better place to do this.


Via Cola di Rienzo, 200, 00192 Roma RM, Italy.

Via del Corso:

Via del Corso
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This shopping lane is lined with many historically significant buildings on both sides. You will always find people taking walks at any given time of the day. The vibrant atmosphere here makes shopping a pleasant experience. Filled with chain shops and roadside stalls that sell everything from clothes to sunglasses, this place is well connected to other main shopping avenues.

So if you get bored you could always step out and go to Piazza Spagna or Piazza del Popolo! You can also find mini-malls here. Baroque statues and murals frame either side of the street walk at regular intervals.


Via del Corso, 00186 Roma RM, Italy.

Rome’s Ai Monastery:

Handmade soaps
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Nuns from the Ai Monastery, situated near Pantheon, make soaps, candles, handwashes, lotions and other homemade essentials, and chocolate. These items smell and feel as if they were dropped from the heaven. The people who made them did so with so much love and care that you can feel it when you use them. All the materials used are natural and locally-procured. The shop is warm and full of rich aromas. This is a must-visit if you are into affordable body care products and chocolate!


Corso Rinascimento, 72, oo186 Roma RM, Italy.

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