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9 Top Things to Do in Rome, Italy for the History Buffs

“When in Rome do as the Romans do”

And what is that exactly? Here to shatter all your doubts, we bring to a list of places and activities that absolutely must feature on your Roman holiday. Now, to blow your mind away, here are some of the top things to do in Rome.

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#1 Colosseum

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One of the most iconic landmarks of the world, Rome is almost synonymous with the Colosseum. Constructed between 70 and 80 C.E it was used for holding games, gladiator tournaments, and had the capacity of hosting upto 80,000 spectators at once.

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#2 St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica
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Opulent and radiating with power, the basilica is held in the highest regard as one of the holiest shrines by Christians world over. Designed by both Michelangelo and Bernini, the beautiful handiwork on the dome speaks volumes. Even inside the Basilica, spend some time awe-ing at the intricate architecture.


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#3 Pantheon

One of ancient Rome’s best-preserved artefact, the Pantheon was actually the burial ground for kings and other prominent members of royalty. Visitors are welcome with the familiar sight of huge columns lining up. With the impressively designed dome inside, it is no surprise that the Pantheon has been christened the most architecturally perfect building in the world.

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#4 Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain
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Lavish and decadent with intricately carved sculptures, there is nothing like the iconic Trevi Fountain anywhere in the world. Paying tribute to the Roman God Oceanus, the fountain sits pretty close to the Pantheon. It is pretty common to throw coins into the fountain for good luck.

Tip: Visit during early morning or late night hours when there are not many to no crowds near the fountain.

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#5 Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps
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Remember Rocky Balboa’s victory song after making it to the top of  Philadelphia Museum of Art? Play your own victory song once you make it to the top of the steep flight of Spanish Steps. Leading you to the Trinita dei Monti church, the Spanish Steps connect the famous square of Piazza di Spagna to the church.

Note: If you are feeling particularly ambitious, climb further to Villa Medici to catch stunning views of the Centro Storico.

#6 Roman Forum

Roman Forum
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Literally a page from the past, the Roman Forum is what remains of the temples, fountains and buildings built in 500 B.C.E. Today the only relics that stand intact are arches, building foundations, walls and columns that stood the test of time. Once the centre of Roman public and political life, the ruins promise an interesting story spanning over years, empires and rulers.

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#7 Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel
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Part of the Vatican complex, the revered chapel sits inside the Apostolic Palace. Originally known as Cape Magna, it is known for its intricately designed ceiling by Michelangelo. The paintings on the ceiling represent scenes borrowed from the Book of Genesis. Sistine Chapel is like an open book and just getting here will leave you in awe and wanting more.

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#8 Palatine Hill

Views from Palantine Hill
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Want a slice of Rome’s history but the museums and galleries just don’t cut it for you? Standing over the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill is the most ancient part of Rome. Sitting right next to Colosseum, don’t skip this while you are in Rome. Home to houses of emperors and temples, the Palatine Hill is the flesh remnant of ancient history. While you are in Rome and trying to get some solitude, remember the Palatine.

#9 Centro Storico

Centro Storico
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The historical center of Rome, Centro Storico is a labyrinth of piazzas, columns, relics, churches, winding cobblestone alleys and vibrant squares teeming with artists, hawkers and crowds.Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and other Roman ruins are just a walk away.

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Best views: Known as the city with 7 hills, for the best views of Rome, head to Gianicolo or Janiculum for panoramic views of not just Rome but the Vatican city and the Trastevere neighbourhood, too.

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