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Shopping in rome
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Shopping In Rome: Where And What To Shop

What more do you want than strolling along with the culture embedded streets with shopping bags with the highest of quality clothes in one hand and a favourite drink in another hand? Does it not sound dreamy? Well, this capital city of Italy is no less than a Mecca for the shopping addicts out there. You have everything from vintage shops to High street brands and more.

If you are planning for a vacation to Italy, then make sure to have a day separate for shopping alone. The day is not just for shopping but also to understand the variety of options that the city can amaze you with. So this shopping guide would be very helpful for you to maximise the experience and also not to miss out on the Marque places to shop. Without further delay let’s roll down the list of places for you to get the best shopping experience in Rome.

Top 10 Places For Shopping In Rome

  • Via Dei Condotti
  • Via Del Corso
  • La Rinascente
  • Via Cola Di Rienzo
  • Via Dei Coronari
  • Via Del Governo Vecchio
  • Via Margutta
  • Castel Romano
  • Chez Dede
  • Artisanal Cornucopia

1. Via Dei Condotti

Via Dei Condotti
Source: Google Images

Looking for some best designer outlet shopping in Rome? The head straight to the popular street of Via Dei Condotti. This street is known for the shops featuring top brands like Gucci, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and more. You might have to revisit your bank balance once before shopping in this place. You won’t get enough of it until your purse is empty. And this place is best known for the branded Italian leather bags as well.

2. Via Del Corso

Via del Corso in Rome is another street that is filled with international brand showrooms like Zara, H&M and more. This is more on the fancy clothing fashion and not the accessory collection that you have in Condotti. Ever been fond of some fancy clothes, that you might have seen some rappers owing? Well, you can buy one for yourself here but they are expensive. But you still have clothes priced at reasonable prices which sure will exceed your expectations.

3. La Rinascente

La Rinascente
Source: Google Images

la Rinascente is an all-rounder when it comes to shopping. Unlike the top two in the list, this doesn’t specialise a single aspect of shopping. This is a place where you get to feel the actual luxury shopping. This place is home to a multi-brand luxury store, where you can get all under one roof, from cosmetic to even home decor.

4. Via Cola Di Rienzo

This place is slightly off from the city centre. If you want to take some time while shopping and don’t want the crowd while shopping, this is where you should be headed to. This place offers a well-balanced mix of Italian and other international brands. This is very popular among the locals. You can shop at our own pace. Everything that you see here is of affordable price so you don’t have to be concerned about the rates as the previous ones. It is more of a street shopping kind.

5. Via Dei Coronari

This is considered as one of the older streets in Rome, known for its vintage article shopping markets. This is where you get the exemplary antiques of the best quality in the whole of Italy. You can see the traces of Roman culture embedded in every single antique that you buy here. This is located in a place called Navona in Pantheon.

6. Via Del Governo Vecchio

Via Del Governo Vecchio
Source: Google Images

This street is situated just behind the famous Piazza Navona. And this is another place where you can buy high-quality Italian brands. You can find all sorts of souvenirs of extraordinary quality. You can check out the vintage shops as well in this street. You can find everything here that you might not be able to see anywhere else in the whole of Rome.

7. Via Margutta

Want to see some of the best handcrafts from Rome? Via Margutta is the place. It is a small street yet very beautiful with hanging plants and art galleries. The small shops with hand made artworks bring most of the crowd to this place. Everything that you see here is as affordable as it gets. Apart from the shops, you have some brilliant art galleries, where you can spend some time with your family.

8. Castel Romano

Castel Romano
Source: Google Images

Castel Romano offers most of the mid-range brands like Micheal Kors, Roberto Cavalli and high range brands like Nike and much more. You can expect a 30% to 70% discount on particular brands all throughout the year. And this street has some beautiful restaurants and cafes, where you can spend the rest of the evening after getting done with the shopping.

9. Chez Dede

It is an independent boutique kind of shopping place with some galleries and workshops as well. This place has a retro vibe to it and kind of Featuring a funky and retro vibe, has some designer scarves designed bu Baria Reina and Andrea Ferolla. You can also find some best-branded fragrance with a vintage touch to it.

10. Artisanal Cornucopia

Once you are done with the street shopping, you can head straight to one of the famous boutique shopping place in Rome. You will surely feel the worth of visiting that place even if you don’t buy anything. If you are fortunate enough, You can get to see some famous artists checking out their own collections in the shops. You can have a nice friendly chat with the shop owners to understand how the clothing culture works in this place. You can take some suggestions from them as well on choosing a designer cloth for yourself.

By now you would have made your picks from the list. Not sure how to go about planning a vacation with all these suggestions? Head straight to pickyourtrail. Want to know more about the destination? Check out our Guides page? We at Picyourtrail help travellers with customized itineraries to all their dream destinations. Get your next Italy vacation properly curated with the suggestion from our destination experts.

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