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A beautiful couple posing at the Kruger National Park in South Africa
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Everything About How We Fueled The Souls With Our Honeymoon Trip To South Africa

South Africa is a place that can give you a vibe of an adventurous trip. Whether you are looking for usual tourist places that every itinerary will have or many off-beat places for self-exploration that people hardly consider, you will instantly fall in love with this exciting country. Here is a beautiful couple, Soumya and Prasun who went on a honeymoon trip to South Africa in February.

A picture of a woman posing in the beach

Let’s start reading about their beautiful experience and how they self-explored South Africa.

Tell us about the planning

We decided to fly to South Africa for our honeymoon. As soon as we decided, there came the confusion of searching for the perfect trip planner. We started looking out for the best trip planners and their ratings on google. That’s when we came to know about Pickyourtrail. The first thing that impressed us about Pickyourtrail was their rating. With that, we reached out to the Pickyourtrail team to know more about how the trip planning and execution would be. Since their ideas and thoughts were interesting, we went ahead with the plan.

A picture of a woman on her trip to South Africa

The only fear I had at the time of planning was how the trip was going to be. As my husband left it completely to my choice, I wanted to choose the best. I definitely didn’t want to spoil our first trip after marriage, so after spending hours on researching and checking reviews, I chose Pickyourtrail. The agents I spoke to were very helpful that made me go ahead with the booking.

Can you add a few points about your itinerary?

We started planning for the trip in the month of December to fly in the month of February. We planned it to be short yet exciting. So it was a 5 nights trip to South Africa with no activities pre-planned. The reason we planned it that way was to visit more off-beat places rather than doing ordinary things. It was planned from the 8th of February to the 14th of February. The cities that we planned to visit were Johannesburg, Hoedspruit and Cape Town.

My husband loves wildlife and I love beaches so, on this trip, we included both. Kruger for wildlife and Capetown for beaches <3

A picture of a man posing with the beach as the backdrop

How did you spend your Days in South Africa?

We set our foot on the beautiful land of South Africa on the 9th of February. From there, we collected our rental car and drove to Hoedspruit, the next day. We spent 2 nights there with one activity to Kruger National Park planned which is one of the best things about our trip. After which, we drove back to Johannesburg and flew to Cape Town. We had planned 3 nights in Cape Town with two self-exploration activities planned. And finally, on the 15th of February, we reached India with a heart full of happy memories.

How was interacting with the people in South Africa?

The local Africans? They were lovely! We shopped a few things from them. Their bright smiles just filled our day with happy vibes. We captured the memory too 🙂

A picture of a lady posing with the local Africans on their trip to South Africa

The friendly guide provided by the hotel for the activity to Kruger National Park!

A picture of a couple with the guide of the activity

How was driving in South Africa?

Driving in South Africa can be one of the best experiences you will ever get. We had booked two rental cars, one in Johannesburg and the other one in Cape Town. Both the cars that Pickyourtrail booked for us were awesome and comfortable enough. We were initially a bit worried about driving in South Africa for the entire trip as we were new to the place. Even when the team suggested self-driving to us, we at first, hesitated but everything went smooth. At the end of the trip, we realised that it was the best decision taken by the team of Pickyourtrail.

Tell us about your hotel stay in South Africa

All the three hotels that Pickyourtrail suggested and booked us with were awesome. Pickyourtrail never gave us the chance to contact them on any inconvenience. It was really comfortable and well maintained. Even the hotel people and the hospitality they provided were also amazing which I think is the most needed while staying in a new place.

Your favourite activity?

The activity that we liked the most was the Game Drives. This was booked for us directly from the hotel. On our 2nd day in Hoedspruit, we were picked up along with a guide to the Kruger National Park. It was more than awesome as we saw too many animals and felt like we have got what we came for. It was an experience for life.

Sharing a few awesome pictures taken at the Kruger National Park

A picture of a Zebra that was taken at the Kruger National Park
An amazing picture of a white lion in South Africa
An amazing picture that was taken at the Game Drives activity

What were the amazing things that happened on the trip?

There were many amazing things about visiting South Africa. But what always stands at the top is the Wildlife experience it has to offer. This is said to be the main reason for anyone to visit South Africa. My husband always wanted to have this experience, hence we chose this destination. Seeing so many animals was nothing short of amazing and exactly what we expected. Also, I couldn’t resist myself from talking about Boulders Beach in Cape Town.

We could still remember how amazed we were to see the sight of too many Penguins together in one place. Check out the below image’s background to see some 🙂

An amazing picture of a couple that was taken at Boulders Beach with Penguins in the background

Why Pickyourtrail?

The support that we received from Pickyourtrail was just awesome. We always had a person from the team available over the chat, helping us with all our queries throughout the entire journey. And, I really want to mention how helpful the Pickyourtrial application was. It gave us all the necessary information in a single source. Right from providing suggestions to having the next day’s plan updated to having the vouchers uploaded, it was just everything that we needed. Even when we had a doubt, the Pickyourtrail application had an option where we could contact the team to clarify our doubts.

This happy I was during the entire trip 😀

An awesome picture of a woman posing at the beach on her honeymoon trip to South Africa

Where to next?

I really liked the way Pickyourtrail handled my first vacation with them to South Africa. I am very sure to plan my next trip also with Pickyourtrail. If you ask me where I am travelling next, it would surely be Europe as it is one of the beautiful places on earth. We can’t wait for the corona pandemic to end to travel again.

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What amazing place South Africa is! It is so tempting to visit South Africa tourism and experience the most amazing wildlife safaris it is known for. Ready to witness the beauty? We will make it happen for you. Visit the website of Pickyourtrail and check out the exciting honeymoon packages to South Africa. If you think it needs customization, let us know your choices so that we will help you frame the itinerary exactly the way you want. Also, make sure you have the Pickyourtrail application downloaded throughout your stay for 24*7 support. We are only a ping away!

Experience the best of Wildlife in South Africa with Pickyourtrail! 🙂

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