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spanish steps, where to shop in Italy
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Spanish Steps in Rome

Scalinata di Trinità Dei Monti, also known as the Spanish Steps in Rome is a unique and distinctive model of architecture that has inspired a multitude of poets, painters and artists over the years. With 135 Steps overlooking a quiet promenade, this has now become a popular spot for tourists to relax and admire the cobbled streets of Rome.

spanish steps, where to shop in Italy
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History of Spanish Steps

The history of these Steps dates back to 1723 when people still had an initial idea of planning the city. Its sole purpose was to connect the Piazza Trinità Dei Monti and Piazza di Spagna. The scenery is also dominated by the Trinità Dei Monti church which is located at the top. The flight of 135 monumental Steps has seen a number of changes over the years and has become part of Rome’s rich history which started off from just being a wooden bridge between two regions to one of the central attractions of Rome.

These Steps are also a beautiful example of traditional European art and sculpture. It’s a combination of straight flights, curves, terraces, and vistas which make the Spanish Steps unique and one of a kind. Multiple renovations were done over the years, including the latest one in the year 1995 to create the current aura of these Steps.

Facts about the Spanish Steps

Here are some interesting facts about the Spanish Steps and what makes them so unique to the city of Rome.

  1. It’s called Spanish Steps, because of its proximity to the original embassy of Spain.
  2. The Spanish Steps are a popular spot for movie shoots like Roman Holiday, Everybody Loves Raymond and The Man from U.N.C.L.E
  3. These stairs are known to be some of the longest and widest.

Attractions near the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps can be found on the easternmost side of the old town centre. A number of designer shops can be found right at the base of the Steps. If you ever feel like getting yourself a portrait then this is the place to be as there are multiple portrait painters across the Steps. Because of its central location, you get easy access to a plethora of other attractions.
Located at the right corner near the base is the John Keats museum, this is where the great poet John Keats lived and died. His house was converted to a museum in his memory. Presently, a number of mementos of the English-romance generation can be seen in this museum.

At the Southern end of the stairs is the elegant baroque fountain, Fontana Della Barcaccia, also known as the Fountain of the Old Boat. Created by the famous Pietro Bernini in 1623, the fountain takes the shape of a sinking ship based on an old folktale. According to legend, a fishing boat was carried to this spot due to a massive flood in the Tiber River in the 16th century.

Shopping in the Spanish Steps

If there was a street that captured the dreams of shopaholics and foodies, Via Dei Condotti is the one. With endless boutique designer shops right by the Steps, you can shop for brands like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Prada and Armani. This area also boasts a great range of bars and restaurants and is one of the busiest and richest parts of Italy.

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