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sunrise in the tiger hill
Written by Shamanthika on July 3, 2020 Share on

Say ‘Good Morning!’ to the Sun at the Tiger Hill in Darjeeling

Wake up early in the morn,
oh, so lazy with a yawn,
climb the Tiger hill and Hang on,
to see the dawn, the beautiful dawn!

Anybody who climbs upon the Tiger Hill in Darjeeling becomes a poet. Visit the Hill, right before the time of Sunrise, the sight will be just adorable. As the sun slowly rises up from the horizon, the sky becomes vibrantly coloured illuminating the peaks. Get lost in the sight at the Tiger Hill, which cannot be comprehended in words. Although the event lasts only for a few minutes, it will be the favourite memory, a memory of a lifetime. Stand facing the eastern side and wait for the clouds to get brighter and brighter. The Sky changes its colours from purple to pink to orange. As the sun rises from the mist-clad hills, the peaks of Kanchenjunga and Everest glimmers happily. The bright ball of fire slowly emerges through the hill, and tourists will cheer aloud, ‘A very Good Morning’ ?

The beautiful sunrise will keep the whole day warm. Discover this beautiful moment at the Tiger Hill by having your loved one near you. You should consider visiting Darjeeling in 2020, as the town is ready to welcome tourists from July 1. Being the most favourite Hillstation closest to the city of Kolkata, the town is the best option for a weekend getaway. When you are in the quaint little town of Darjeeling, down the Himalayan foothills, ensure that you don’t miss the rise of the sun at Tiger Hill.

Sun rise from the Hill
Image Credit: Google

Location and Accessibility

The Tiger Hill is located 11 km away from the Darjeeling town, in the state of West Bengal. It lies at an altitude of 2590 metres offering breathtaking views of the sunrise. From the town, it takes at least one hour to reach the Hill. The Hill has a panoramic view of Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest, which makes the visit so special. You can also spot local men and women selling hot cups of coffee/tea and you can grab a drink on the way. The snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga with the illumination by the rays of the sun is just a heart-warming sight to see! The sun paints the sky in different colours, like in fairy-tale!

Since only a one-way road connects to the hill, you can expect traffic all the time. Being a popular tourist attraction, several vehicles line up on the road, there can be a delay in parking as well. The easiest way to reach the attraction is to take a cab. The cab driver parks the car below the top and you can walk uphill to save time.

Snow capped peaks
Image Credit: Google

Perks of arriving early at the Hill

? Get the prime spot

Being a very popular attraction in Darjeeling, the Tiger Hill pulls a lot of tourists in the morning. So, get the bonus point by arriving early to the spot, between 03:15 and 03:30. You’ll get enough time to climb up till the summit and keep your cameras, binoculars ready, wait for the ethereal moment.

? Park your car safe

If it is a great season in Darjeeling with a high number of tourists, ensure that you start early to the Tiger Hill. Because several cabs will queue up on the road, below the top. This makes parking really difficult. Arriving early at the spot, let’s you park your car at the safe place and walk uphill. Hence, the best option is to hire a cab, because the driver takes care of the parking while you climb uphill.

?️ Enjoy the scenic views

They say, ‘The journey is more important than the destination’ and yes, the drive towards the Tiger hill is so breathtaking. Simply, you get to enjoy the drive as the roads get steep and narrow, surprising you every minute. From the narrow Hill Cart road to the steep Senchal road, the ride will be amazing. As you move towards the mist-clad hill, you will see the lovely meadow. Enjoy all this only by starting early because, if you are late, you know the consequences.

Sunrise in Tiger Hill
Image Credit: Google

Visitor Information

The Tiger Hill remains open from early morning till sunset. You can buy tickets directly at the site. The authorities at the entrance issue tickets based on the levels you choose to view the sunrise. There are chairs available in the Observatory tower. The Ticket price depends on the comfort level you choose in the tower.

the observatory tower
Image Credit: Google

From the Darjeeling city centre, there are several cabs, jeeps available for drop and pickup. There are private cabs and shared cabs options to choose from. Ensure that you reserve a cab the previous night itself and go easy in the morning.

Best time to visit the Tiger Hill

Since this celestial event is totally nature-based, a ‘best time’ to visit is not predictable. But when you plan a vacation to Darjeeling, ensure that you don’t plan it at the time of Monsoon. In the Monsoon months (mid-June to end September) rains are expected and hence the possibility to spot the sun at its best is not guaranteed. Even during peak winters, mist and fog can block the view. Clear sky promises a fantastic view of the sunrise. Hence, choose October to May to plan a fantastic vacation to Darjeeling.

Don’t miss this glorious spectacle when you are in Darjeeling. If you are on a Honeymoon vacation to Darjeeling, get a great spot on the Tiger Hill and witness this enthralling moment. If you travel with your family, the kids will love to see the vibrant colours and etch this memory in their hearts. So, why wait, Plan a holiday to the Darjeeling city. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and customize your vacation. Drop a Whatsapp message and our travel experts will be happy to answer your queries. Also, check out the uber-cool Pickyourtrail app, and Unwrap Darjeeling with Pickyourtrail!

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