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Top things to do in Galway – Guide to the City of tribes

Galway, often known as the City of Tribes, is a harbour city in western Ireland. Galway has a lot to offer its travellers, from its ancient past to its calming music, street theatre, and spending the night in the city’s busiest clubs, and plenty of other things. This city never lets its tourists down. Continue reading this blog till the end if you wish to see Galway in 1000 words.

The nicest thing about Galway for visitors is that you can walk anywhere. Enjoy a stroll through the downtown streets as soon as you arrive. There are bustling pubs, small stores, and meandering cobblestone lanes packed with students, artists, musicians, and artisans. The ocean air and the magnificent beauty will make you feel revived when you return. When you arrive in Galway, here are the greatest and must-see attractions.

1. Visit The Galway City Museum

This contemporary, large structure, which overlooks the Spanish Arch, is the go-to location for anything related to Galway’s history and traditions. Explore the prehistoric and mediaeval Galway collections, as well as parts of Galway’s social history. Do you want to learn more about Galway and its designation as a UNESCO City of Film? Likewise, what did the city look like in the late 1800s? This is the location to visit.

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2. Check out the Local Market

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Galway’s happy-go-lucky atmosphere is best experienced during its weekend market. In the shadow of St Nicholas Medieval Church, there’s a lot of chatting, a lot of colourful booths, and a lot of delicious flavours. Also, the best place to explore the local culture. Global influences may be found in curries, sushi, and Mediterranean favourites, in addition to local cheeses and charcuterie. Pick up your picnic items and pack a basket. You’ll discover prepared meals like crepes and local handicrafts in addition to fresh fruit and flowers.

3. Explore Galway Cathedral

image source: unsplash

Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes Galway Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Galway, Ireland, and one of the city’s largest and most spectacular monuments. It is also known as Claimed into Heaven and St Nicholas. You can stroll inside the cathedral at your leisure or listen to the choir at the 11 a.m. Sunday service. In July and August, the cathedral hosts a series of free summer concerts at 8 p.m. and its open to public.

4. Dunguaire Castle

image source : unsplash

Dunguaire Castle is located in western Ireland, approximately north of Kinvara, on a small island of Galway Bay. Guaire’s descendants constructed the castle in 1520 as one of their strongholds. It was one among at least nine fortresses constructed in the area. Although visitors must pay admission to enter the castle, it is well worth seeing from the outside. The castle, which overlooks Galway Bay, provides a great photo opportunity.

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5. Taste the local flavours

image source: Unsplash

Galway’s food options are overflowing with great cafés, bistros, and fine-dining restaurants that are knocking it out of the park. The Michelin-starred Loam and Aniar combine the finest of local ingredients with creative techniques to great success, Dough Bros provides the best Irish-style pizza, Ard Bia blends rustic elegance with hearty meals, and McDonagh’s serves classic fish & chips, which is a local and tourist favourite. Galway Food Tours may even take you on a gourmet walking tour, where you’ll meet the passionate producers, brewers, chocolatiers, and entrepreneurs that help to make this city such a culinary gem.


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6. Galway’s traditional music

image source: Unsplash

Galway has to be one of the greatest spots to go for traditional music on the island. From the bustling street buskers to the countless traditional sessions all around town, this is a place that lives and breathes music. Step into a traditional music pub and you’re ready for a memorable evening. The city takes pride in its music and they just love it, and witnessing it in real is just amazing.

7. Take a day trip

Some of Ireland’s most breathtaking views are right outside Galway’s door. Just a few examples are the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, the Aran Islands, and Connemara’s untamed beauty. You may visit some of these lovely locations on day excursions or board the Corrib Princess for a leisurely ride the Corrib River to Lake Corrib. Love for nature is unrelatable and visiting these places is a must when your in Galway.

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8. The Summer festivals

image credits: Unsplash

When you visit Galway during a festival, you’ll understand why the city has a reputation for being a party town. This western traveller comes alive every summer with events that attract the finest of local and international artists. Some famous festivals are Galway Oyster & Seafood Festival, the Galway international arts festival and the Galway Races. Never miss this vibe.

9. Walk the Salthill Promenade

Galway has a strong connection with the water due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean. This is particularly evident in Salthill, a little beach neighbourhood. Locals go to the 2km-long promenade for beach strolls and, if they’re feeling adventurous, a dip in the sea. if you don’t want to kick the wall at the end of the promenade for good luck, get some fish and chips and relax on the beach and watch the light shift over the Atlantic.

10. Connemara National Park

image source: Unsplash

Connemara National Park is one of Ireland’s six national parks. The Visitor Centre for the National Park is very adjacent to Letterfrack Village. The National Park is open to the public for free. You will be stunned by the park’s stunning magnificence when you first see it, which is guarded by Diamond Hill, a cone-shaped peak. Visit the picnic area, children’s playground, and tea cafe, as well as the Connemara landscape exhibit, multimedia presentation, and Connemara horses.


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11. Eyre Square

Galway’s Eyre Square is a fun park. This piece of land was officially handed to the city by Mayor Edward Eyre in 1710. It’s still a favourite hangout spot for visitors and locals alike, and the grassy park is frequently crowded on sunny days. A playground is also available, and seasonal markets are held throughout the year. With 70 stores, Eyre Square City Centre boasts the largest retail mall in the city.

You now know what the most popular attraction in Galway is. We hope we’ve made things as simple as possible for you. When you’re in Galway, you’ll know where to go for a stroll. Check out Pickyourtrail to create your own tour packages and have a stress-free vacation.

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