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Top beaches in Ireland
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The top ten beaches to visit during your trip to Ireland

Ireland is an island on the Atlantic ocean to the left of Great Britain. Ireland is basically split into two – Northern Ireland and the Southern one. The southern part is now the Republic of Ireland with Dublin as its capital city and northern Ireland is still in association with the United Kingdom. This place has some of the stunning beaches in the world. Since it is an island the whole boundary of the country is full of beaches. It is also known for its castles that were built back in the days.

We look at their wild beaches as another opportunity for people to love the place. Without further due let’s take a look at the 10 best beaches in Ireland that are featured in many Ireland itineraries.

With a 3200 kilometres of Coastline, Ireland boasts it’s variety in the kind of beach experience that one can get on their vacation to Ireland. This is a collation of 10 beaches with covering pretty much all the unique experiences.

  • Bundoran Beach
  • Killiney Strand
  • Coumeenole Beach
  • Silver Strand Beach
  • Inchydoney Beach
  • Keem Beach
  • Black Sand Beach
  • Portsalon Beach
  • Inch Beach
  • Murlough Beach

1. Bundoran Beach

Bundoran Beach
Source: Google Images

This beach is located in the famous town of Bundoran in the Donegal County of Ireland. This is a short weekend replacing getaway for the locals. you have the service of some good quality resorts in this place. For all the people who love surfing, this was one of the surfing sites in the top 20 surf sites across the world by the famous media platform National geography.

Should I say any more about the beauty of this place? Apart from this, music festivals take place at a particular time of the year.

2. Killiney Strand Beach

Killiney Strand beach can be easily accessed by a train from Central Dublin to south Dublin. The beaches are filled with stones yet you have some spots for an excellent swim. If not you can spend the day by walking up Killiney Hill and get yourself blown away by some Panoramic views. There is another mountain called Wicklow Mountains nearby. If you are fortunate enough and the weather plays well you can get a sight of Wales.

3. Coumeenole Beach

This is a place which might make you feel like you are in a dream. The Coumeenole beach is located in a place called Dingle. This place was named as ‘one of the gorgeous places on earth’ by lonely planet. Though this place might seem beautiful to the eyes, the intensity of waves in this beach is quite high than usual. So it is not advisable to swim here. Not to worry, you can still climb up the surrounding cliff and get the panoramic views of the ocean in front

4. Silver Strand Beach

Silver strand beach
Source: Google Images

This is a very small beach yet unique. Located on Central Galway is the stunning Silver Strand beach. It is surrounded by rocky cliffs on both sides. The sand is gold in colour and it is smooth and silky as well. The water in this place is towards the cooler side. You can swim here unless you are too sensitive to cold. This place regularly doesn’t attract a large crowd. So you can pretty much have the beach for yourself. Apart from this other activity that one can try are Jet Skiing, Swimming, Surfing and bodyboarding.

5. Inchydoney Beach

Inchydoney beach is located on Inchydoney Island. This place has received numerous awards for three consecutive years. It is adorned due to its cleanliness and picnic kind of atmosphere. When the tides are low in the day, the water doesn’t even reach the shores. What more can be ideal than this for a beach getaway? In terms of activities, Kiteboarding, swimming and windsurfing are the picks of the lot.

6. Keem Beach

Keem Beach
Source: Google Images

This place is aesthetically symmetric due to its horseshoe-shaped shoreline and is located in the Achill Island of Ireland. This is another beach surrounded by cliffs more like silver strand beach. You can get some astonishing views from this place. people can access this beach through the Croaghaun mountain road, which has one of the tallest cliffs in Ireland. Scuba diving and snorkelling are the two major activities here. Apart from this trekking to a few of the cliffs can be done.

7. Black Sand Beach

As the name suggests, this beach has beautiful black sand, which isn’t common in this place. To see the white glittering water in combination with this black sand at the time of sunset would be a sight of the highest beauty. This is located in the White Park Bay of Northern Island. Among the locals, this place is famous for shooting wedding pictures. On a windy day, the waves can be powerful and deadly in this part of Ireland. In terms of activities, this place is just about strolling.

8. Portsalon Beach

This golden sand carpeted beach is located on the banks of Lough Swilly. With the views of the vast Atlantic ocean, this place amazes crowd all over the world. Just a few metres inside the shoreline, the whole place is covered with lush green natural turf. Enhancing the golfing experience, which is one of the famous activities here. This is a peaceful calm place for you to take a nice stroll along the sand. This is one of the best beaches in Donegal.

9. Inch Beach

Inch Beach
Source: Google Images

Located on Dingle peninsula is Inch Beach, which extends its shoreline for about 3 miles. People travel from the east to the peninsula to get some stunning panoramic views in this place. This is an ideal place for surfing. If you want to learn surfing, you can take lessons in the centres out there.

10. Murlough Beach

The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland houses this beautiful beach. Its is a sandy beach with a 2m wide pebble hill. Few parts of the beach are classified as National nature reserve as well. Bird watching and Dundrum are the two best activities you can do here. In addition to that at particular times of the year, you have Kite surfing and windsurfing going on.

As you would have understood by now about the variety that Ireland can provide in terms of beaches. Want to plan your next Ireland vacation with us? Head straight to

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