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5 things to do in Sri Lanka on your honeymoon

Sri Lanka, a droplet with an untold romanticism. Do you know this teeny weeny country is blessed with one of the most diverse arrays of romantic destinations – from beaches, national parks, picturesque train rides to historical landmarks, and serene mountains. The myriad of wedding festivities and an embark for the couples new beginnings. It is a balance of drained overwhelm with heart-rending Bon temps making it an ideal destination for the honeymooners. Amidst the lovey-dovey, Sri Lanka is a fairy tale with the taste of beaches and green wilderness

The newly married couples in need of quiet serene environs to celebrate their honeymoon in budget-friendly destinations do come under the shelter of the droplet, Sri Lanka.

Amongst the countless drifts of the SriLankan randy spots the never to miss honeymoon props are only a few. To make it easy, here are the top picks of places for honeymooners. And if you are looking for the ultimate guide for a honeymoon in Srilanka – Click here

  1. Ella
  2. Mirissa
  3. Nuwara Eliya
  4. Tangalle
  5. Central highlands

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Ella, the dainty once located amidst the Sri Lankan mountain ranges to the east of Colombo brings out the flavor of greeneries touched barring through the monsoon. It is a train ride away from Kandy which is one of the most scenic delights. And the journey is the one to have a note on, it is a toy train. Yeah, I do know, do toy trains still exist? Yes, and Srilanka has one of the eye-catching toy train experiences amidst the greeny curves.

A peaceful escapade for nature lovers with a mist of fresh tea drifting through the falls with the boost of events to accompany your honeymoon making it an unforgettable experience. Well, Ella is an intimate hideout through the jungle canopies with a sip of tea-mptaions, making it the most exciting space for the newbies to start their life. Though Ella is an all-year-round destination, the best time one could visit is by April. Ain’t you tea-mpted ?

Best things to do:

  • A hike to the Little Adams Peak and Ella Rock
  • The cycling tour 
  • Gist of tea plantations with a taste of fresh tea-mptation
  • A visit to viaduct bridge, the Nine Arch 
  • Peak through the drizzling Ravana Fall
Toy train, Srilanka
credits – Unsplash

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An extremely exotic getaway to the tropical aesthetics of the Sri Lankan holiday is what this place in words looks like. Mirissa, with tranquil-shaped beaches in the shape of the curves of the moon, they offer the same tranquility and the views are equally soothing to witness. From the sun rising to set amongst the glistening waves of the Sri Lankan waters, it is one of a kind of a romantic moment to spend time in the tropical paradise of Mirissa. The boat tours, the beautiful beach bars, and The fireworks display making it a stunning mix of adventure and romanticism making it a must-try!

Best things to do:

  • Feast one’s eyes on Dolphin and Whale watching 
  • Humor yourself with Water Sports like surfing, snorkeling and a boat safari
  • Mesmerize with the scrumptious seafood
Dolphin and whale watching
Credits – Unsplash


An illuminative city of Sri Lankan beauty – Nuwara Eliya emblazoned itself in a beautiful verbal meaning of “City Of Lights” and visually appealing to every spectator and visitor with its appeasing and pleasant calmness with its weather. The British tainted village paints a picture of dusky romantic calmness. Relax with your special one in the calm yet jiggling drizzling rain with a whole lot of eye refreshing panorama surrounding you.

Nuwara is referred to as ‘Little England’, which is known for its beautiful highlands and colonial villages making it a countryside coupling place creating a fondness for the honeymooners. Rolling hills and pretty tea gardens welcome you here and offer much-needed privacy and seclusion.

Best Things to do

  • Play golf on the endless green yards
  • Hike on the not so exhausting and soothing Sri Lankan Slopes
  • Watch the colorful wings of exotic birds that sway in the blue abyss
  • Scrumptious delights over the restaurants
Nuwara Eliya
Credits – Unsplash

4. Tangalle

Arranged on the edges of the Yala wilderness, this lovely area is honored with colorful bays and sounds that are tucked easily into an impressive picturesque visual. From Lavish inns to unwind to hurl a heartfelt energy in the estates and the smoothie sandy beaches to have romantic walks on, this spot has a ton of extravaganza to bring to the table for couples.

Best Things to Do

  • Surfboard on the waves of the Hiriketiya beach that is near to the town
  • Watch the whales whirl in the waters
  • Experience Giant Turtles flapping their way on the beaches to lay eggs
Credits – Unsplash

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5. Central Highlands

An elevation of nothing but sheer purity of lush greenery spanning as far as the eye can see- The panoramic heights of nature’s Pyke perched above at a height of a few thousand feet and allow you to peer down the surprisingly vast tea estates spread down endlessly like a sheet of green perfection and the Horton’s Plains and World’s End are just a cherry on the cake. It belongs to one of the top places to be visited in Srilanka.

Best things to do

  • Explore the Flora and Fauna
  • Witness the tallest waterfall of the country 
  • Visit the National park
Central Highlands
Credits – Unsplash

It is never pretty much about it, but yeah these are the few best handpicks for the honeymooners looking for a fondness of love through the greens. Planning a trip anytime soon? Well, don’t forget to log onto and check out some of the best Sri Lanka tour packages. Although your travel plans might have gone for a toss due to the pandemic, crossing Sri Lanka off your bucket list is bound to happen soon enough. Feel free to reach out to experts from Pickyourtrail and get ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime with your loved ones!

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