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Townsville Marina
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Top 6 Attractions in Townsville – Experience the Sunshine Coast

If you would blindly pick one destination to travel what would it be? I would with all my heart choose the beautiful and incredible Australia. Because Australia is an all in one destination where you can explore all unique experiences. The cities and towns add more beauty to Australia as a whole as they all coexist with nature. The ecosystem present in Australian land is just mesmerizing and rich. Various unique species of flora and fauna are present here. On the other hand, the beaches are very much popular here. Speaking of beaches, Townsville is a town in Queensland is a famous sunshine coast in Australia. A very beautiful place, that also offers many unique experiences in Queensland to the tourists visiting here. Let us look at the top 6 attractions in Townsville. These activities are selected to give you the best experience in this town.

Sydney, Australia
Image Credits: Jamie Davies on Unsplash

Top 6 Attractions in Townsville

The relaxing coasts and the nuzzling colourful street would bring upon cheer and joy to any traveller. This is the Sunshine Coast, Townsville. The Townsville is the largest tropical town of Australia. This is a wonderful town which has more than 320 days of sunshine. This is a perfect getaway destination to get off from your boring and monotonous life. So here are the top 6 attractions in Townville:

Top 6 Attractions in Townsville
Image Credits: Robert Waghorn from Pixabay

Reef Headquarters Aquarium

You can view one of the best marine lives here in this aquarium. This is the largest living coral aquarium in the world. There in the aquarium happens an informative guided tour. In this tour, they give talks about the awareness about the protection of marine life and also the coral reefs. Apart from the stunning corals, the aquarium has an exquisite collection of turtle, manta ray, stingray, and also huge sharks. Along with this collection, there are several other fishes too.

Address: 2-68 Flinders St, Townsville, Queensland 4810, Australia
Ticket Rates: Child under 5 – Free | Child till 16 years – $14 | Adult – $28
Opening time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Manta rays in the Reef headquarters aquarium.
Image Credits: Max Gotts on Unsplash

The Strand

The Strand is one of the most visited places in the whole of Townsville. It is a seaside foreshore that has many cafes and restaurants with great ambience. You can sit and enjoy the evening coffee or a delicious lunch and also enjoy the cold sea breeze of the Strand. This shore also gives us a very pleasant look of the magnificent Magnetic Island and also the Townsville’s port. There is a very famous Strand water park that is the best place to take your kids to and also to spend quality family time. There are many activities that you can do at the Strand. Swim, Picnic or even take a romantic walk at the shore. These are the few reasons why this place is one amongst the top attractions in Townsville.

Address: 37-43 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia
Opening: 24 hours

Rock pool in the Strand, one of most beautiful attraction of Townsville.
Image Credits: Google images

Billabong Sanctuary

The Billabong Sanctuary is a vast land of 11 hectares. This is a paradise for all animal lovers. This place offers many interactive experiences with animals. This includes holding a koala, holding a snake and also feeding the kangaroos. Tourists who enter this place will surely never have a dull moment even for a minute. The place takes at least 4 hours to be totally explored. This 4 hour is to explore the place nicely and to etch your memory with this wonderful experience. Immerse yourself in this world-class experience and rejuvenate yourself.

Address: 11 Country Rd, Nome QLD 4816, Australia
Entrance fees: Child below 4: Free| Child till 16 years: $25 | Adult: $38
Opening time: 9 AM – 5 PM

Spotting Koala Bears in the Billabong Sanctuary
Image Credits: Google Images

The Magnetic Island

The magnetic island is close to Townville and it is one of the most sought after activity places by many travellers. It is just 8 km away from the Townsville. This is a 25-minute ferry ride from the Townsville port. This is merely a getaway spot for the ones who want an out from their boring normal life. The blissful and serene beaches and also the tropical climate on this island makes this a perfect place to go and relax. If you want some great experiences, you can either snorkel or dive or you can just lay back and stretch away from your stress in one of the beachside villas. Make sure that you stop here while visiting Townsville.

Magnetic Islands, QLD, Australia
Image Credits: Patrick Untersee on Unsplash

Castle Hill

Ever wondered what the whole city view of Townsville is like. Well here is a chance to experience that too. The Castle hill stands right in the centre of Townsville. The Castle Hill is a 290-metre high pink monolith granite stone that gives you a panoramic view of the city from the top of the hill. This is one of the most prominent landmarks of Townsville. The locals use the walking tracks of the hill to hike from top to bottom as a part of their daily exercise. From the top, you can even view the magnificent Magnetic Islands. The world war II observatory deck at one side of the hill is one spot that the tourists visit often. It is a place which tells the significance of this town in the war and also their vast military history. Make a stop at Castle hill to be surprised, Yet again.

The panoramic view of Townsville with Castle hill on the right centre.
Image Credits: Google Images

Maritime Museum Of Townsville

One fantastic place to learn about marine history and instruments is the Maritime Museum of Townsville. This museum has stored many photos, exhibits, models and also navigation instruments to learn from. The heritage of the Sea of Townsville is known from the tour inside the museum. This is one of the best places for those who love information as this is one of the best places for them to learn about different marine instruments and ships. Queue up for this museum to learn about the rich history of Australia in a unique fashion.

Fresnel Lenses from the Maritime Museum Of Townsville
Image Credits: Google Images

As you have read above, Townsvile is one place where you can very leisurely experience unique attractions and activities. Visit the town and you too will fall in love with it. Add Townsville as a part of your itinerary and check out the various Australia holiday packages which are customisable with the Pickyourtrail website. Keep track of the website’s blog contents for more travel information.

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