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Fitzroy Island, Australia
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Best Day Trips From Cairns: Experience The Best Of Australia

Cairns is excellently located on the eastern coastline of Australia. The city is set in the north of Queensland state. Hence, it faces the picturesque marine life of the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical experience of the Daintree Rainforest. Cairns is where the reef meets the rainforest. The city is the largest at the top end of the state. Hence, it’s an excellent base from which to examine the special natural scenery that straight on the doorstep of Cairns. There are plenty of day trip options you can take from Cairns. Catch a cruise to the Outer Barrier Reef and snorkel into the distinct and lively coral of one of the most iconic views in the universe, before going inland to explore the humid wilderness of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree. There are waterfalls to chase, hikes to take and adventures to experience. Find out the best day trips from Cairns below.

Best Day Trips From Cairns

1. Great Barrier Reef

Best Day Trips From Cairns: Great barrier reef
Credits: Unsplash

Anyone visiting Cairns has to take the one in a lifetime trip to the great barrier reef. In fact, the reef starts hundreds of miles to the south and stretches on along the coast far away to the north, but Cairns is one of the top locations in Queensland from which to head out to explore this marine wonder. There are many specialised travel companies leaving from the city and out into the coral cays and islands of the reef through the dry season. The boats provide snorkelling, scuba diving and even tours in submersible means during their day trips into the encompassing waters. Different boats move out to various areas, and you could keep turning day after day to see more and more of this outdoor wonder.

2. Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island
Credits: Unsplash

Fitzroy is an island which is a short ride away from Cairns and is one of the best day trips from Cairns. The island is encircled by white sand beaches and some of the greatest coral in the barrier reef. Hence, making this an attractive place to hit if you want to experience the reef if you want to avoid spending on a boat.

The Fitzroy resort is also where you can hire snorkelling equipment and undertake scuba diving trips. The turtle park gives an insight into the vast rehabilitation work being done here to support save one of the reef’s endangered kinds.

3. Green Island National Park

Green Island is a stunning coral cay that’s found stored away in the Great Barrier Reef. It is protected as a national park and provides guests from Cairns a fabulous escape into the marine world. Furthermore, with excellent snorkelling sites to be discovered all around the island.

You can take a glass-bottom boat tour if you would rather stay dry while also exploring the corals. Hence, Green Island is an ideal day trip from Cairns. Furthermore, there’s also a high-end hotel here too for those looking to spend the evening in luxury’s lap.

4. Kuranda

Kuranda is a little town that’s located in the mountains just outside of the city. Hence, it makes for a fabulous place to tour to escape the tropical humidity and enjoy as one of the best day trips from Cairns. The trip to Kuranda is a journey in itself. Although you can drive up to the town, many people prefer to take either the magnificent scenic railway or the fun cable car ride that takes you above the rainforest under. Kuranda is home to some of the area’s top markets, and there are lots of chances to try local foods and to appreciate the lively local life.

5. Barron Falls

Barron falls is Queensland’s most dramatic waterfall and is located near Kuranda. The Falls is an absolutely unbelievable sight to observe. As the large waterfall has various tiers that cascade over tumbling rocks and within the rainforest. You can take a short walk through the rainforest to a scenic outlook. While the falls can be just a trickle by the top of the dry season, visit just after it’s rained and you can encounter what becomes one of the greatest waterfalls in Australia.

6. Port Douglas

Port Douglas
Credits: Unsplash

Port Douglas is 60 minutes north of Cairns, and this seaside town is a magnificent place to visit as a day trip from Cairns to enjoy the incredible beaches and relaxing lifestyle. There are some excellent harbourside eateries and bars facing the marina. Furthermore, the trekking routes from town lead directly to Four Mile Beach. Although, there are safety nets to acknowledge swimming and bathing in relief.

Many people will tour Port Douglas in order to make excursions out to the Barrier Reef, in particular to the remote parts of the reef, as from here it can be much quicker and more convenient to get to the forgotten regions in comparison to stepping out from Cairns.

7. Cape Tribulation

cape tribulation:
Credits: Unsplash

Cape Tribulation is located at the northern edge of the Daintree National Park. Hence, It’s an isolated, private and completely magnificent place to visit.

To get here, you must pass the Daintree River by ferry, before driving through the rainforest, along the powdery beaches and ultimately, to Cape Tribulation. Named by Captain Cook when he sailed onward the coast and had to beach here to fix his ship when it was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s wild and pure. Hence, one of the best day trips to make from Cairns.

8. Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge is located within the Daintree National Park and is a very amazing place to encounter the wealth of natural beauty that’s seen in the rainforest.

There are many little walking paths that point to the gorge, and it’s immersive and a humid place to hike.

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