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Top things to do in Deira, The Heart of Dubai

Dubai is well known for its Skyscrapers, luxury shopping, and audacious styles, it’s the ultra-modern city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this city will surely be more than your expectation, it’s a multifaceted city with ancient tradition and also some flashiness on the other side. Dubai is filled with so many attractions and there many things to do on your visit there. Deira is known as the heart of Dubai, also its called as the commercial centre of Dubai, it has some good metro connectivities with overhead and underground tracks and most importantly, Dubai’s airport is located here. Read on to know more about the top things that you can do there and everything about the place.

Traditional Emirati Meal

Try a traditional meal at Aseelah, one of the finest Emirati restaurants in Deira, they provide traditional and modern dishes, They normally use the famous local spice mix called Bezar. contains a blend of cumin, fennel, cinnamon, and dried chillies, which adds a unique flavour to the food.

Waterfront Market

Waterfront market, Deira
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is the apt place for those who want to buy Dubai’s famous perfumes, clothes, books, fish, meat and also this surely is the home to some famous bites Papa Johns, Costa, Dome cafe and etc

Shisha at QDs

Shisha image
Image Credits: unsplash

One of the best lounges where you get amazing Shisha and also you can order for your favourite cocktails, also they have a huge food menu, also if you are lucky you can even enjoy some good music played by the DJ and watch live sports in massive screen

Hamriya Park

You can walk around the family-friendly Hamria park, some green environment, and electric rides will surely be the best choice if you have elders and kids with you  

Deira City Centre shopping mall

Without any second thought, we can suggest this place to anyone who would like to enjoy the best dining and shopping experience, also this place has some amazing theatre screens

Souks in Deira

You can find two Souks in Deira, one is for gold and another one is for Spices, At gold Souq, you can buy any type of jewellery, you name it you will get it there, from costly Diamond crown to simple pearl bangles, on the other side, you will get famous spices if Dubai in the Spice Souk.

Museums in Deira

Women’s Museum, Naif Museum and the Museum of the Poet Al Oqaili, these are the three famous museums in Deira,
Women’s Museum – Gallery of well established and emerging artist
Naif Museum – History of Dubai cops Poet Al Oqaili – Just like its name it has the poems of Mubarak bin Hamad bin Mubarak Al Manea Al Oqaili.

Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach in Deira
Image Credits: Google Image

This is one of the best hangout spots if you’re planning a day out with your friends and family, this beach park is 106 Hectares, with manicured lawn, immaculate beach, and some palm trees, the entrance fee of the park is AED 5 to AED 30 per car, swimming pool is AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for kids, people with special needs and kids below 2 years are free of cost.

Sea Plane Tours

Dubai is famous for its birds-eye view adventures, this seaplane tour which is also called as Seawing activity will surely give you a glimpse of that, you can enjoy the flight take-off and land on the sea, you can also enjoy the breathtaking view of the desert with some amazing architectures


Dolphinarium is surely a must-visit place if you have planned your trip with kids below 15 years, it all about Dolphins and Seals, unlike other places you have a golden opportunity to interact with the mammals during the daily swimming session

Deira is surely a must-visit place for everyone as it has a mixture of giveaways for the shopaholics, nature lovers, historic place visitors and also for kids, next time when you plan a vacation for Dubai do remember to add Deira in your list, for tailor-made vacations you can always reach out to our destination experts and visit our Pickyourtrail to get to know some amazing tour packages to Dubai that are available to make your dream Dubai trip come true.

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