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Ganga Talao
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Ganga Talao: A Spiritual Journey in Mauritius Awaits!

If you are looking for beachside or an island destination there are so many to visit. Right from Thailand to Bali there are so many island destinations in the world. Out of all these seaside destinations, Mauritius is one of the most extraordinary island destinations that should certainly add to your bucket list. This island destination has so diverse attractions and the island is well known for its various customs and belief.  Mauritius is a charming seaside destination that has a unique history. This white sandy beach destination is not just famous for its water sports activities and beach resorts, it has rich traditional importance. The country is filled with so many temples, caves, religious shrine. The places near this beautiful and quaint island are amazing in terms of charm and the historical lineage they carry. Moreover, these things make it an ideal vacation for every traveler and explorer.

Ganga Talao
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One of the best ways to connect with this astounding island is to go on an island tour. By this way, you can witness the nature connected surroundings and the traditions of Mauritius. Out of all the important sites in Mauritius, Ganga Talao is the place you should explore first during your vacation. Before heading to this wonderful place, this is what you should know about Ganga Talao in Mauritius.

Ganga Talao: Sacred river of Mauritius

Located approximately 550m above sea level, Ganga Talao is said to have a depth of 18m, its waters teeming with an abundance of fish and eels. The sacred lake sits in the mountainous southwest region of Savanne in Mauritius. Also, this sacred lake is believed to have a connection with the holy river Ganges in India. If you wish to meditate, chant or make offerings significant you can definitely do in this vibrant Hindu sites in Mauritius. The temple here serves as a hotspot for people who love celebrating Maha Shivaratri. This sacred lake is open to all who would like to take in its natural splendour, enjoy a (possible) sighting of the monkeys that frequently visit the lake.

Ganga Talao
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Ganga Talao will give you the best experience

Ganga Talao lake
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One of the most unimaginable experience is being a part of the Maha Shivaratri festival. This is when you can witness thousands of tourists from all around the world offering special pujas to the god. This place is lit up with lights and the place is filled with people from different countries. It is the most significant festival that happens in Ganga Talao. However, if you couldn’t make to the festival then ensure that you at least visit the Ganga Talao while you are in Mauritius. Ganga Talao can be accessed by people of all religion. The lake will amaze you with its pathway perfect for you to have a leisurely walk around the perimeter of the lake.

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The area will certainly mesmerize you by its unbelievable and calm environment. Get amazed at this Hindu temples holding vibrant and old stone carved statues. You will be left in agape in amazement by seeing the 34-metre high statue of god Shiva. This tall statue was erected in 2007 and also one of the tallest statues in the whole Mauritius. Ganga Talao will definitely be a splendid and mind-blowing experience. Even if you are literally staying on the other end of the island, heading to Ganga Talao in Mauritius is truly worth the trek.

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Also when you make a visit to this lake in Mauritius, head to the nearby beautiful and significant National Park and unveil the wonders of Chamarel. If you wish to make the most out of the day, hit to the east direction and perform enthralling shots at the Avalon Golf and visit the Bois Cheri Tea Plantation to taste some amazing Mauritian styled Tea. Mauritius in short an ideal place to do unique things and definitely it will not disappoint you!

Mauritius is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and must be experienced with your partner and loved ones. Book your trip to Mauritius through Pickyourtrail’s Mauritius Tour Packages to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

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